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  1. Which group did Sally from Dimepiece go? Or did she started solo career? Or is she doing something else? Can you help me please to find any information about her since she left Dimepiece? And if possible, give me links, please.

  2. Today, Dimepiece’s only active account, their Facebook, was deleted and it hasn’t been active since January 9th. All of the members have stopped mentioning Dimepiece on their Instagram’s and I believe YeaWhi, Soojung and the unknown member all left Dimepiece already in January. YeaWhi last mentioned Dimepiece on January 4th and, on January 9th, Dimepiece reset their Facebook page again, deleting all posts with YeaWhi, Soojung (except for group concepts for ‘Go Back Jump”) and the unknown member too. The only individual posts kept on the Facebook were of HaeLee’s and the header changed to the Dimepiece logo. Dimepiece has also done one event since their last full group one in January but only HaeLee performed by herself. All posts from YeaWhi since, also, have been about her private life and no longer about music. I think either Dimepiece will reform again (possibly unlikely now that their FB is gone) or it’s a sign they disbanded.

    Sorry for being so late on reporting that, I was just waiting to see if they were gonna add new members or not. It doesn’t look like it now..

    • It does appear they have disbanded – and that is probably a good thing for the girls – hopefully they can find a company that can manage them better. Plus the line-up changes were giving me kpop whiplash
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. Once again, Dimepiece had a line-up change. AeKyo left, here’s a picture of the new girl with Dimepiece from their header:

  4. Hae Lee also has an official Instagram at haelee_1010

    Idk if she still uses it, as I tried to follow it a week ago and she hasn’t approved me, she has it set to private for some reason but the photo is very recent, it’s her new hair style.

      • Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that’s gonna happen any time soon, as of today, yet another new member has joined Dimepiece. XD

        I think they’re trying to shoot for 4 members, not 100% sure on why they keep disappearing..

  5. This is quite embarrassing to have to comment yet again on Dimepiece, but it appears the newest girl left. In September, they revealed 2 new additions: AeKyo and CheRim, however, when promotions started up for “Get Up Mr.” (the b-side song), only AeKyo appeared with them and it’s been that way for weeks on TV appearances and stage performances. Today, they updated their Facebook again with only Hae Lee, Soojung and AeKyo and now CheRim’s not there anymore. :/ I swear, I feel like Dimepiece is slowly imploding..

    • We’ll get that updated – it is so common for small groups like this to have massive changes all the time. It is sadly not very unique to Dimepiece
      ~ Manwon^^

  6. A new member has joined Dimepiece, unfortunately I can’t tell what it says her name is because Google Translate didn’t work right and I unfortunately do not speak Korean. 😦 Also, Sally closed her Instagram and opened a new one, the new Instagram doesn’t mention Dimepiece at all and she has not appeared with them since shortly after the release of “Get Up Mr.”. It appears Sally has left Dimepiece as well.

    Also, CU was already out before the second single. The member s in the video are Hae Lee, Sally and Soojin. 🙂

      • They have and it’s weird to explain, but Sally and Si Yoo are not originals ether, they are in fact 2nd gen members! There was Hae Lee and two other girls in 2015, the single “Dimepiece’s Basecamp” with the first version of “Hello Hello” came out on December 17th, 2015, then after those two girls left, they re-recorded it in 2016 with Sally and Si Yoo. Idk their names yet, but they are also official members. They’re seen in a small YouTube show Dimepiece did at the time!

      • The song Dimepiece’s Basecamp is an OST to their program so we don’t count it for their discography and it’s not their debut so we don’t include the other two members you are refering to since they left before debut and only recorded an OST
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Hey, it’s ko.caspree

        Sorry, I meant to link you it before but it slipped my mind. ^-^”

    • We will get to that as soon as we can. As you may have noticed we have not been able to update over the last few weeks, and are just now getting time to work on the site. We will be going in order from oldest comebacks to most recent so we do ask for patience as we try to catch up. Hopefully it won’t take us too long. ~James

      • Hi again, a quick update! A fanpage mentioned that a new member is in the new single named Soojung and, from the looks of their official pages, this is correct. A new girl is appearing with two other members and the hashtags say “soojung”. CU is the missing member and she has removed Dimepiece from her Instagram, as Dimepiece has also unfollowed her as well. It appears the rumor of CU leaving Dimepiece is true. 😦 There may be an announcement post, I’ll keep an eye out for that. So far, she doesn’t appear to have an Instagram though.

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