2016 New Debut Profiles

Here is a list to the 2016 Rookie group Debuts.  This list will be constantly updated for the 2016 Rookie groups.

Groups will be listed as such “Group Name [alternate spelling or name] – Debut date” in the order of their debut

**Profile information may be lacking for some groups.  Groups will only be added when debut appears fully set.**


CoCoSoRi – Jan 05

MADE (Mekid) – Jan 08

Owen Ovadoz – Jan 15

A.SOME – Jan 21

Hi.D – Jan 27

Imfact – Jan 27


Bloomy – Feb 01

Grace – Feb 05

Double B – Feb 17

Esbee – Feb 17

Wable – Feb 18

APL – Feb 23

Astro – Feb 23

Voisper – Feb 25

Cosmic Girls [WJSN] – Feb 25

March 2016

KNK – March 03

Mercury – March 7

Holics – March 15

Matilda – March 17

APRIL 2016

NCT U – April 9

Sam Kim – April 10

IMGL – April 13

Mintty – April 13

LookKing – April 20

Various – April 29

MAY 2016

Mixx – May 3

Sol-T – May 3

I.O.I – May 4

Red Sun – May 4

Moxie – May 9

McGree – May 18

New-A – May 18

AFOS – May 20

BolBBalgan4/Blushing Youth – May 22

JUNE 2016

Ela8te – June 15

o21 – June 22

A.De – June 23

IONE – June 24

Gugudan (Gx9) – June 28

JULY 2016

JooHee – July 5

C.I.V.A – July 8

Day Day – July 9

NCT 127 – July 10

Vromance – July 12

JYoung – July 13

Zetta – July 15

Five Run Strike – July 21

Han Seung Yeon – July 24

Lucky Girls – July 25

MyunDo – July 28


INX – Aug 2

Z:ON – Aug 6


Jero – Aug 11

New Town Boyz [N.T.B] – Aug 16

I.B.I – Aug 18

Circus Crazy – Aug 18

Masc – Aug 19

NCT Dream – Aug 27


Kim Ju Na – Sept 12

Cosmic Girl – Sept 19

AxisB – Sept 28

Movning – Sept 30

October 2016

Sixth Sense – Oct 4

SF9 – Oct 5

Pentagon – Oct 10

Kim Hyo Eun – Oct 13

Highteen – Oct 14

I’M – Oct 15

Oh!Bliss – Oct 17

Bulldok – Oct 20

Myteen – Oct

November 2016

Victon – Nov 9

December 2016


93 comments on “2016 New Debut Profiles

  1. Can you please separate the girl groups from the boy groups? Or put a gender next to the name? I only STAN boy groups and it’s hard because there’s so many girl groups

    • We only separate the female artists from the male artists when we move them to the main profiles section. Its that much more work for us to add that information and then remove it later, so for now we are going to leave the debut profiles the way they are. ~James

  2. I’m happy that I’ve fount groups on here!! I’ve fount APL and D.I.P and NCT and KNK and I fount my idol Lisa has joined Black Pink and I’m sooooo exited!!!! ❤️ I hope I find some more awsome bands!!! Thanks for sharing your page! -Lindzee

  3. There’s 11 members in D.I.P overall so whenever more info gets released about them please let me know. I’m really curious!😀

  4. Can a pure Filipina enter the Kpop industry? Does she have a chance? And if she is already 16 is there a chance for her to become a trainee, not only in SM Ent. But to all the entertainments in korea.

    • Just being a fan and an observer of the Kpop industry and Korean scociety, here is I what i have noticed. In general it is very hard to get into any company. Most trainees seem to start training around 14 or 15 years old so that they can debut around 16 or 17, though age tends to be less of a problem. As far as nationality goes, that is a lot tougher, because Korea is not the most open to foreigners especially in K-pop. Unfortunately the more Korean you look the higher your chances, though it is still very very very difficult to get into the industry as a non Korean. I wish I had more positive information for you. If you want to pursue a career in Kpop, just be aware that it will be a long hard road, but I wish you luck. ~James

    • Under Girl’s Generation. We don’t count solo debuts unless they are no longer part of their group. If they are still in a group they are always a “sub-unit” of the group they are in
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We are not affiliated with SM or any other company. If you are interested in auditioning for SM or any other company I suggest you visit the company websites and look for you answers there. ~James

    • I will be honest with you, while SM says they welcome all to apply they are primarily looking to hire those with Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese nationalities. You should always try for your dreams, just keep in mind that the Kpop industry, though expanding, is very exclusive – and SM is one of the most exclusive companies of there. I wish you luck in pursuing your dreams.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • If we had anything more than rumors there would already be a profile up for those groups – unfortunately it’s all only rumors and speculation, nothing has been officially announced
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We do plan on it. Unfortunately November / December are two of the busiest times of the year for us. Plus we want to enjoy the holiday season as well. We are doing the best we can to make our profiles especially for the Rookie groups but sometimes life happens. Please be patient and check back with us periodically! ~James

  5. Does someone know anything about ‘Mask’? I’ve seen (was it U-Kwon?) an instagram post with a teaser and I’m utterly confused xDD
    I’m hoping that someone can help me out bc they seemed pretty fine ^-^

    • We are already working on a profile for hotties. Thank you for letting us know about One O One. If you would like us to make a profile for them please post on our official requests page.

      • The starz has not been added because they are currently under Female Look Out Groups. As for the other groups if you would like for us to make a profile for them please post your request on the official Request page once comments are re-opened. We do not accept requests posted anywhere else. ~James

      • So is The Starz official debut on 8th of October or on the day the MV was released?
        Aren’t groups that are under Look Out Groups ones that didn’t debut yet (which doesn’t apply to The Starz and A-Daily)? I’m sorry, I’m just a lil confused here. ^^

      • Releasing music and an mv isn’t the same as debuting. Many small companies will release pre-debut mvs and albums, but the group doesn’t consider those releases their debut. The Starz has not debutef yet…so they are under look out groups.

    • They haven’t debuted yet, and as far as I can tell the only news that was released about them at all is that they performed at the Seoul Slide Festival. As of right now we won’t be making a profile on them, but if we find more about them, or if they make their debut – then we will make a profile for them.

  6. Fighting………..INSPIRIT go for the goal infinite is best kpop boy group in the world…….<3😉🙂

    • We would love to make a profile for them, but I can’t find them on naver or melon – do you have a song name? or a link? or a record label? something else beside the name to help us find them!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We would love to make a profile for them, but I can’t find them on naver or melon – do you have a song name? or a link? or a record label? something else beside the name to help us find them!
      ~ Manwon^^

    • As of right now we don’t know what will happen to Ladies Code – the members are taking time mourn and be with family right now, as soon as we know more we’ll update with information. All we can do is keep them in our thoughts.
      ~ Manwon^^

  7. You forgot Lapis Lazuli, Yery Band and Eve (not the rock band, the one who released a Mandarin single through CJ E&M).

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