Favorite 2014 Debut Artists

Since 2014 has come to a close here is the guru’s picks for favorite new artists from 2014.


So I came up with a list of the 9.5 artists that debuted in 2014 that left the biggest impression on me.  For the most part this list is in order from most favorite on down, though towards the end the line gets blurred more and more.

1. Legend

Main Bias: Jae Hyuk

Favorite Song(s): Left Out, Lost, I Wanna Know [Basically every song the group has ever released.]

Legend originally found their way onto my radar before their debut due to the amount of support that they were getting from other groups.  Then once they debuted I was instantly hooked.  The group had so much talent and their song was so goosebump inducing.   They didn’t feel like a rookie group at all, and reminded me of the songs that first attracted me to K-Pop.  In time I think this group will work their way into my top 15 (if they aren’t there already some days)


2. High4

Main Bias: Baek Myung Han

Favorite Song(s): Day By Day, Not Spring Love Or Cherry Blossoms, A Little Closer

High4 is another group that really caught my attention right from the gate.  I love the blend of Myung Han and Sung Gu’s voices.  I can always pick out a High4 song when it plays on my iPad.  If I had liked Headache just a little bit more this group might have been my number 1 favorite rookie group.


3. Halo

Main Bias: Heecheon

Favorite Song(s): Fever, Surprise

My love of Halo and Heechon especially should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my weekly update posts.  I have been a rabid supporter of this group since I saw them perform at Dream Concert.  Fever especially is constantly running around my head, and every time they announce a new song I get crazy excited.


4. Atomic Kiz

Main Bias: JM (Sometimes Ye Hoon)

Favorite Song(s): Lovers, Wa

I love the style of music that Atomic Kiz has put out so far.  Its such a shame that they come from such a small company and their videos feel low budget compared to other songs from larger companies.    This is one of those groups that every time I see and interview for I have to watch it even if there are no subtitles.  (partially to see if Seongong keeps his promise to never do his dreaming dog imitation again).

Atomic Kiz

5. Winner

Main Bias: Mino

Favorite Song(s): Smile Again, Color Ring, Empty, I’m Him (Mino Solo)

Although I liked Winner’s singles I didn’t really get into the group until they were on Weekly Idol, then I very very very belatedly watched “WIN: Who Is Next” (Only a year and half late).  That was when I truly fell in love with the group.  I’m really looking forward to the next releases from Winner.


6. B.I.G

Main Bias: J-Hoon & Minpyo

Favorite Song(s): Hello

B.I.G has a very special place in my heart because of how awesome I feel that Hello is.  That song is seriously buckets of fun, especially in the Noraebang (Karaoke Room), when I sing it with Manwon^^.  This group however is more on this list because of the personalities of the members and not so much the songs.  I want to be best friends with every member of the group, and go out partying with them.



Main Bias: Hwasa

Favorite Song(s): Mr. Ambiguous

MAMAMOO is not only one of my favorite new groups but also one of my favorite girl groups.  I love their songs and videos, the groups has members that have personality out the wang.  I look forward to their next comeback.


8. 4Ten

Main Bias: TEM

Favorite Song(s): Tornado

I am obsessed with their debut song though their newest song didn’t really do much for me.  Again I love their personalities, especially TEM’s.  She seems like the sweetest girl ever and again I would love to be her friend.



Main Bias: Bumkey & Kanto

Favorite Song(s): Green Light

This group had me from the beginning and I adored their debut song.  I am obsessed with Bumkey’s vocals, and sincerely hope his scandal doesn’t damage the groups reputation.  Though I am really glad that Kanto is still everywhere.  I really hope the TROY (with or without Bumkey) can comeback strong.


10. E.Co

Main Bias: E.Co (Duh)

Favorite song(s): Anytime E.Co opens his mouth (or is on the screen)

I feel kinda sorry for JJCC, they had me with “At First” but haven’t really done anything for me since with the exception of E.Co.  Boy seriously runs circles around my head.  Want to distract me?  Show me E.Co (even standing in the background), have him speak (even if he isn’t on camera).  I will continue supporting JJCC purely because my love for E.Co is that intense.

JJCC's E.Co "Bing Bing Bing" promotional picture.


These will be my favorite debuts of the 2014 year ~ they are in no particular order after Legend…Legend owns my soul…ok let’s get started

1. Legend

Legend's "Trace" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Listen (closely followed by everyone else)

Favorite Song(s): irrelevant question, all their songs are my favorite

Legend is a group that caught my attention from the get-go ~ their debut song “Left Out” renewed my love for K-Pop and in a big way ~ Legend just took a really high place in my K-Pop group bias list ~ dare I say they are definitely in my top 10 favorite groups ever – granted time will tell for how solidly they stick to the top ten group list ~ but they are definitely up there.

2. Rex.D

Rex.D's "To Violet" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Rex.D when he’s doing pushups (though I won’t turn him down in any position)

Favorite Song(s): TO VIOLET, Shwaty Don’t Stop, Boys Be

Rex.D is an amazingly talented rapper, and not only that be he also is a rapper that takes his videos to a dark place.  I adore everything Rex.D has released, and he just puts me in awe with his talent.  I love his lyrics, and I love how he juxtaposes his videos with his lyrics.  He’s just an extremely talented, and thoughtful artist.  I adore him.

3. Winner

Winner's "2014 S/S" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Seung Yoon

Favorite Song(s): Don’t Flirt, Different, Go Up, Love is a Lie

Winner is one of those groups that took me a while to get into, just like James, it took me watching WIN to get me into this group ~ though I was always a Team A supporter, I only simply kept up with Winner, I never really got swept up as their fan ~ that was until I finally got around to watching WIN…then they won me over with their winning personalities.

4. Atomic Kiz

Atomic Kiz's "WA" promotional picture.

Main Bias: J.Per

Favorite Song(s): Lovers, WA

I loved their pre-debut song “Lovers” it was an amazingly beautiful song ~ and when I first heard it I fell in love with them ~ I only fell harder after learning that they wrote that song themselves ~ and that they have a sense of humor with their song writing too!  They are simply amazing, and extremely talented ~ now if only we could find them a new stylist…

5. Purfles

Purfles' "1,2,3" promotional picture.

Main Bias: I lack a bias in this group…I don’t even know the girls names

Favorite Song(s): 1.2.3

I take it as a testament to how much I like this group that I don’t know the individual members well, but I listen to their song all the time, and adore them enough to put them on this list.  I don’t know what it is about “1.2.3” but I just adore that song ~ and I can’t wait to hear more from this group.

6. B.I.G


Main Bias: J-Hoon, Heedo (sometimes Benji)

Favorite Song(s): Hello, Are You Ready?

Ok, I don’t have much to say about this group, beyond the fact that I love their personalities ~ having seen them on programs I just think they are too funny!  I can’t wait to hear more from them, and I look forward to seeing them find their own musical voice ~

7. Parc Jae Jung

Parc Jae Jung's "STEP 1" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Parc Jae Jung

Favorite Song(s): Stalker (At First Sight)

This dark single by Parc Jae Jung caught my attention right away ~ everything about “Stalker” was breathtaking ~ I simply loved it.  His second single didn’t get me in the same way, but I look forward to hearing more from him in the future!

8. Mamamoo

Mamamoo's "Mr. Ambiguous" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Moon Byul

Favorite Song(s): Mr.Ambiguous, Don’t Be Happy

This group just came in like a whirlwind, and won me over really quickly!  I adore their vocal style, and their concept of sexy while still classy ~ Mamamoo is definitely one of the most impressive rookie groups to come out of 2014 ~ I can’t wait to see more of they have to offer.

9. Eddy Kim