5 comments on “MYNAME Just Tell Me Who’s Who

  1. Wah hahaha! They are doing their best. Their days will come for sure. I just hope that they never lost their charm.

  2. How on Earth did Gunwoo grow his hair out that quickly in that short amount of time, I will never know haha.
    Anyway, the song is really catchy and I can see MYNAME is changing their look a lot now. It’s more catchy pop music. Wasn’t fan of the music video, I felt awkward watching the girls grind on them. Haha.

    What are your guys thoughts?

    • It’s probably hair extensions or a wig. I also didn’t care for their music video too much (but enjoyed the song), which is odd cuz when U-Kiss released their super sexy MV I loved it. But My favorite song from MYNAME is “Baby I’m Sorry” and so far they have not released anything that has even come close to the amazingness of that song for me.

      • Baby, I’m Sorry was the song that got me into MYNAME, that song made me cry like a baby. Not many music videos made me feel like that.
        Gunwoo has such a powerful voice and Chaejin can sing really well, so I’m glad they are starting to give him more lines.

        By the way, you know the new mystery members of 24K I read somewhere that one is Chinese, but I can’t remember where the source was located. If I can find it, I’ll send you a link.

        And also what is your thought on Monsta X’s new video? Many people are saying it is similar to BTS No More Dream MV

        And are you excited that Seventeen is finally debuting around this summer time 😃

    • You are right. But I was enjoying it. Hahaha if I was the model ‘s place?. I will keep touching them, specially insoo oppa. I asking for opportunities. Hahaha? .bah!

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