Top 15 Favorite Groups (Male)

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 15 groups!!!!!

Guys it was that difficult to get our lists down to 10.



Why do I keep insisting on torturing myself by putting all things I love in k-pop in some sort of order.  You’ll notice some overlap between my Male biases and my favorite groups.   After my top 3-4 groups there is no real order in the rest of my favorite groups.


1. JYJ/Xia Junsu

Main Bias: Xia Junsu

Favorite Song(s):  JYJ – Letting Go, So So, In Heaven, Pierrot, Nine    Xia Junsu – Love You More, Incredible (Acousitic Ver), 11 AM, Silk Road, 가지마,  License To Love[Quite honestly there is not a single song that I do not love and have severe emotions and feels because of it]

So I kinda cheated with this one but both are equally deserving, and you can’t have JYJ without that second J.  JYJ has this incredibly ability to make me cry at the drop of a hat or stop me from crying just as quickly, (Unless I listen to “Nine” then I’m a blubbering mess).  While all three members are amazing singers, its Junsu who has my heart in this group.  His singing has this effect on me that when I hear his voice everything else just disappears and it is just me and him.