Top 15 Favorite Groups (Male)

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 15 groups!!!!!

Guys it was that difficult to get our lists down to 10.



Why do I keep insisting on torturing myself by putting all things I love in k-pop in some sort of order.  You’ll notice some overlap between my Male biases and my favorite groups.   After my top 3-4 groups there is no real order in the rest of my favorite groups.


1. JYJ/Xia Junsu

Main Bias: Xia Junsu

Favorite Song(s):  JYJ – Letting Go, So So, In Heaven, Pierrot, Nine    Xia Junsu – Love You More, Incredible (Acousitic Ver), 11 AM, Silk Road, 가지마,  License To Love[Quite honestly there is not a single song that I do not love and have severe emotions and feels because of it]

So I kinda cheated with this one but both are equally deserving, and you can’t have JYJ without that second J.  JYJ has this incredibly ability to make me cry at the drop of a hat or stop me from crying just as quickly, (Unless I listen to “Nine” then I’m a blubbering mess).  While all three members are amazing singers, its Junsu who has my heart in this group.  His singing has this effect on me that when I hear his voice everything else just disappears and it is just me and him.

JYJ Group

2. MR.MR

Main Bias: Jin (Changjae and Doyeon are close seconds)

Favorite Song(s): My Everything, It’s You, Promise, My Girl

While this group doesn’t have the extensive discography that some other groups have, they have done one thing that no other group has been able to do.  They have reminded me of why I loved K-pop to begin with.  I first got into k-pop back in 2006 with TVXQ, and after they split up the world of K-pop did not seem the same.  MR.MR has brought back that feeling, and the songs that have the most of that feeling are those listed above.

MR.MR's "Out" promotional picture.

3. Teen Top

Main Bias: L.Joe

Favorite Song(s): Love U, Hello, Never Go Back, Angel, Crazy

I have been a fan of Teen Top since a few days after their debut, but I didn’t consider myself an Angel until they released “Crazy”, but I still didn’t admit how deeply my love for them ran until last year.  It’s funny that “Love U” and “Hello” are two of my favorite songs as L.Joe does not actually have a part in either song.  (At least he wrote “Love U”).  Chunji seriously gives me goosebumps when he sings, and CAP is an amazing rapper, and L.Joe is pure perfection as far as I’m concerned.

Teen Top Members


4. Topp Dogg

Main Bias: Hansol (Gohn [I don’t care that he left and Yano, and Jiwon are also pretty high up on that list)

Favorite Song(s): Arario, Cigarette, 귀여운 걸, 알어, Still Alive (Kidoh Solo)

Topp Dogg literally made me a fan they day they announced B-Joo as the first member of the group.  With each release I fall further and further into the spell that is Topp Dogg.  It must be the magic of the Wizard unit.  This group has amazing rappers, singers, dancers and producers.  I love that they mix music styles. On top of everything else, the group is incredibly friendly and super easy to talk to.  One thing though, PLEASE RELEASE SOMETHING IN KOREA WITH UNDERDOGG

Topp Dogg Members with underdogg

5. B.A.P

Main Bias: Jongup (Followed ever closely by Daehyun)

Favorite Song(s): Unbreakable, I Remember (Bang Yong Guk Solo), Save Me, 0 (zero), Blind

I have to give Manwon^^ a huge thank you for introducing me to B.A.P.  This is an amazingly talented group in every way possible.  B.A.P is one of those groups that I would consider true idols, in the sense that they should be aspired to.  I love when groups not only make great music but also stand by a great cause.  It was a very very dark year while they were gone.

BAP Group

6. BTS

Main Bias: Jungkook (Followed closely by J-Hope, Rap Monster, and occasionally V)

Favorite Song(s): Just One Day, Boy In Luv, N.O

Here is one way to get my attention, have a ridiculously awesome group name such as “Bulletproof Boyscouts”.  I was so intrigued by the group name that when it came time for them to finally debut how could I say “no”?  I love their hard style but I really want them to have a few more songs like Just One Day.

BTS (Bulletproof Boyscouts) Members

7. B1A4

Main Bias: Depending on the day Jinyoung and Gongchan

Favorite Song(s): You Are A Girl I Am A Boy, Beautiful Target, Baby I’m Sorry

B1A4 holds a very very special place in my heart.  This group was my very first concert when I came to Korea and I have tried to make sure I never missed a single one (stupid Amazing Store, you had to happen while I was vacationing).  Without this group I wonder where my friendship with Manwon^^ would actually be.  B1A4 bringing friends together since 2011

B1A4 "Sweet Girl" promotional picture.

8. iKON

Maing Bias: Donghyuk (But I also love Bobby, Yunhyung, Jinhwan, Chanwoo, B.I and Junhoe)

Favorite Song(s): Wait, Climax, M.U.P, My Type

Despite the fact that they technically just debuted, I have been dying for them to debut since WIN.  I have loved almost every song on their debut album, with the exception of maybe “Anthem” as I firmly believe that that song should not have been just Bobby and B.I.  I can’t wait to watch them continue to make music and I relish every time Chanwoo gets more than just “Na Nana Na Na Na Nana Na” even though that part is my favorite part of Rhythm Ta.

iKon's "My Type" promotional picture.



Main Bias: Ravi (N is a very close second)

Favorite Song(s): I Don’t Want To Be An Idol, Thank You For Being Born,  (UUUUU)

I first started listening to VIXX because of a K-pop game with my students, that had a short clip of “Rock UR Body”.  I cold not stop listening to the song and proceeded to buy all of their albums that were released up to On & On.  From there my love just kept growing, I then watched all of their episodes of Mydol and the first 50 MTV diaries, before life caught up to me.    And just a short 18 months later I am a fully fledged STARLIGHT.


10. Boyfriend

Main Bias: Minwoo (Kwangmin and Donghyun)

Favorite Song(s): IYAH, Janus, Witch

Another curse you Manwon^^ group, you had just had show me this stupid group.  It was hard to resit the charms of Boyfriend.  They have really matured as a group and I continue to love everything they have released.  Plus Minwoo gave me a chocolate, that I will treasure until eternity.

Boyfriend's "Boyfriend in WONDERLAND" promotional picture.

11. BTOB

Main Bias: BTOB – Minhyuk (Peniel, only because he is my homeboy)

Favorite Song(s): BTOB – Irrisistable Lips, Insane, WOW

BTOB is another one of those groups that Manwon^^ introduced me to and I’m so glad she did.  They are all amazingly talented and so much fun to watch.  This group of guys just light up my day every time I see them.

BTOB members


12. 2PM

Main Bias: Chansung (Nichkhun really likes to try and surprise me with feels)

Favorite Songs: Let It Rain (Nichkhun Solo), 10/10, Without U, A.D.T.O.Y , Don’t Stop Can’t Stop, 너에게 미쳤었다, Only You

I have been a 2PM fan since Without U, when they toured the States opening for the Wonder Girls.  Jun.K’s voice in that song just reached into my soul and the group has been a favorite of mine ever since.  I have a tendency to love a lot of the songs that the group does not like, but, lets face it no mater what the group always puts 150% into the song.

2PM Group pic

13. 2AM

Main Bias: Seulong (But really I love all of them an insane amount)

Favorite Songs: I Did Wrong, With Or Without U, Like Crazy, Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

When this list was just the top 10 this was one of the groups that really bothered me to cut, so I’m so happy  that we extended this list.  I don’t typically consider myself a fan of ballad singers (I like ballads but full discographies I have tended to shy away from).  2AM is a major exception to that.  They are so phenomenally talented that even just thinking about Changmin’s voice gives me goosebumps.

2AM Group


Main Bias: Mir (Though lately G.O has been climbing quite a bit)

Favorite Songs: Cry, Stay, Be A Man, Dress Up, Hello My Ex

One of my favorite things about MBLAQ is that every single song they release sounds like MBLAQ.  There has never been a time where I am listening to their songs and I have had to ask myself “Who is this”.  MBLAQ has a very distinct sound and while they change it a little with each release its never not them. My hope is without the two who I won’t name that MBLAQ will continue making music together.


15. Shinhwa

Main Bias: Shin Hye Sung

Favorite Songs: Breathin’ (Really every song on “The Return), Perfect Man, How Do I Say

Shinhwa is the only group on this list or probably even in the Top 50 groups I love that I have not been with for a majority of their careers.  After I got into K-pop I started listening to all kinds of music but “Perfect Man” and “How Do I Say” really stuck with me.  It wasn’t until I came to Korea and SHINHWA made their triumphant return to Kpop that I really became a SHINHWA fan.  There is something truly magical that happens when these guys all get together and start making music and performing.

Shinhwa Group

16. 100%

Main Bias: Rokhyun (Hyukjin and Jonghwan are pretty high up)

Favorite Song(s): Flavor, Still Again, Guy Like Me, You & I

I will admit I originally bought 100% first album because of their relationship to Teen Top.  Upon listening to their first album I was their fan in their own right.  The group is made up of great talent with personality for days.  I love watching them on music and variety programs.  Everytime they finish one promotion I become super anxious for their next release.  Even though Sanghoon has pretty much left the group and Minwoo is in the army they will always be apart of the 100% I first fell in love with.

100% members


I have no order to any of the groups here.  My list is very much like my other bias lists – I just have a favorite group at the moment of when they are in my face – so making this list felt almost impossible because every time I looked at a different group I wanted them to be on my list.  Also, a trend on this list is that many of my favorite groups are groups that I have followed since debut.

1. B.A.P

B.A.P's "Unplugged 2014" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Yongguk, Youngjae (and sneaky Himchan)

Favorite Song(s): Warrior, Unbreakable, 0 (Zero), I Remember (Yongguk solo)

B.A.P is a group that I have been with since Yongguk made his solo debut.  B.A.P has sort of become “my boys”.  They are so talented, I love their music style, and their ability to present different music styles and still sound like B.A.P.  Another thing I love about these guys is their philanthropy work too.  They use their voices for something.


MYNAME's "Day by Day" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Gunwoo

Favorite Song(s): Let Me Cry, In My Place, Baby I’m Sorry

I really love MYNAME, and I think they are a totally underrated group in the K-POP industry.  This is another group that I have been with since debut.  MYNAME is simply amazing – they are so talented, so funny, and just so deserving of more attention.  Simply, a talented group, who work hard, and play hard. ROCK AND ROLL! (other Mygirls will get that)

3. Infinite

Infinite's "Be Back" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Sunggyu

Favorite Song(s): BTD, Can U Smile (acoustic version), Only Tears, Nothings Over, 60 Seconds (Sunggyu solo)

Infinite is another group I have been listening to since debut.  They just amaze me with their dance ability, and with their voices.  I love that this group has rappers who can rap, and who can sing.  They had me from the beginning, but they really captured me with BTD – which was just so above an beyond.  Sunggyu’s solo album is one of my favorite K-POP albums ever.

4. SS501

SS501's "Destination" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Kyu Jong, Hyun Joong (though I hate the most recent news about him)

Favorite Song(s): Love Ya, Thank You (acoustic), Green Peas, A Song Calling For You

SS501 is one of the few groups on this list that I wasn’t with since debut, but I love them far too much.  I think I have literally watched everything and anything that any member of SS501 was in/on.  They are so amazing, and I hope beyond hope that some day they have a reunion – that would be the most amazing day ever.

5. Topp Dogg

topp dogg

Main Bias: Kidoh, B-Joo, Jenissi

Favorite Song(s): Arario, Cute Smile, Cigarette, Follow Me

Topp Dogg is simply fantastic.  This group debuted with such a powerhouse of a song I couldn’t help but be pulled in much farther than I ever thought I would have been.  I knew from the first teaser picture (B-Joo) that I was going to be following this group, I just didn’t realize how far my love would go.  Talent, and rawness – that is what this group brings to the table.

6. FT Island

FT.Island's "The Mood" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Jonghoon, Jaejin

Favorite Song(s): Love Love Love, I Hope, Bad Woman, Memory, Calluses Being Stuck

FT Island is another group I haven’t been with since debut, but they are simply fantastic.  I completely love this group and they are so amazing live!  I love their rocker attitudes, and just how much fun they try to have with everything they do ~ they are amazing musicians, and their talent really shines through on their ‘Thanks To’ album.

7. 2PM


Main Bias: Jun.K

Favorite Song(s): Like a Movie, Hot, I Can’t, Only You (acoustic), All Night Long, Electricity

2PM is just amazing.  Need I say more?

8. Bigstar

Bigstar's "Standing Alone" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Feeldog, Baram

Favorite Song(s): Eyes Closed, Run and Run, Standing Alone, I Got the Feeling

Bigstar has my heart fully.  They are a group that I was with since debut, but they weren’t a group that I completely loved right off the bat, it took some time.  Though, the more I learned about them the more I loved them – now they are a permanent fixture in my life.  Simply talented, fun loving guys.

9. BTS

BTS' "Dark & Wild" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Suga, Rap Monster

Favorite Song(s): We Are Bulletproof pt. 2, Boy in Luv, N.O, Rise of Bangtan

Yet another group that I have been following since debut – and unknowingly way before debut (they did a song with 2AM).  I just love these guys, and the attitude that they put forth.  They just bring it.  What I almost love even more though, is that they don’t match their tough images when they are just normally hanging out.  Talented, goof balls – totally lovable.

10. BTOB

BTOB's "Move" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Eunkwang, Hyunsik (sometimes Ilhoon baby)

Favorite BTOB Song(s): Wow, Monday to Sunday, Father, I Only Know Love

BTOB just captured me with ‘Father’ – I had watched ‘Insane’, and liked it, but ‘Father’ totally captured me.  Their just a group with plain talent, and it always shines.  I adore this group so fully, and completely it’s pretty crazy.

11. Vixx

Vixx' "Chained Up" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Leo, N

Favorite Song(s): Beautiful Liar (Vixx LR), Hyde, I Don’t Want to be an Idol

Vixx has always been a group I loved, and when I even first made this list I struggled with not putting this group on the list at first.  Now, they belong here completely!  They have such dark and amazing songs, and I love that, especially in a genre of pop where most groups go for ballad or really dance type of music.

12. B1A4

B1A4 "Sweet Girl" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Sandeul

Favorite Song(s): Only One (this is probably my favorite song in all of kpop), Beautiful Target, Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged), Wait

B1A4 – they are simply an amazing group who won my heart over from their debut with the cute song OK ~ and being the group that brought James and I even closer together, this group is so important to me on a different level.

13. Boyfriend

Boyfriend's "Witch" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Jeongmin, Hyunseong, Youngmin

Favorite Song(s): I-Yah, Alarm, My Dear (Jeongmin solo), Mystery, Trippin’ (Hyunseong solo)

This makes 8 groups that I have followed since debut.  I think there’s something special when you start with a group and get to watch them from the beginning – which is why I have so many of them on my list here.  Boyfriend is one of the groups that truly grew up right before in a matter of a few short years.  They started out so cute, and now they are truly manly men, with amazing talents.  I am proud to be able to put them on my list.


MBLAQ's "Broken" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Seungho, Seungho, did I mention Seungho?

Favorite Song(s): Stay, One Better Day, Rust, Throw Away, I Don’t Know, 4Ya’ Stereo, Sad Memories (yes I know those last two are into songs – I still love them…especially since Sad Memories was written and performed by Seungho)

MBLAQ has a special place in my heart.  I love them dearly for reasons I both understand and can express in words, and for reasons beyond words.  There are videos floating around somewhere of me dancing around to MBLAQ songs like a fool.  I go through time periods when I won’t listen to anything else but MBLAQ for like a month – they just own my soul.

15. Legend

Legend's group picture.

Main Bias: Listen

Favorite Song(s): literally every song they have released thus far

I finally don’t have to cheat!!!!!  Legend has totally won me over from their debut to now ~ they are one of my favorite groups ever!  They are totally talented and they have some of my favorite songs in kpop!


My list is quite similar to my bias list, but thanks to the extended number now I was able to list a few more bias whom I had to cut from the previous list 🙂
So here is the list:

1. 2PM

2PM's "No.5" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Jun.K

Favourite Songs: Take off, I’m your man, Hand Up, A.D.T.O.Y, Go Crazy, My House

As I said before the first group that I met was 2PM back in 2011 when they sang Take Off for the anime Ao no Exorcist but it was in 2013 when I really got into their Korean songs and fell in love with Jun.K as soon as a saw and heared him in the MV for A.D.T.O.Y


FT.Island's "The Mood" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Jonghoon&Hongki

Favourite songs: Love love love, Only One Person, Pray, Do you know why

First met with Hongki while watching Oh My School where MC’s frequently teased him with singing,love to him 😀 That’s what made me interested in FT Island. Then a few episodes later he made a big mistake by bringing Jonghoon with him…… that moment my main bias switched to him and it deepened when I found the MV for Man’s first love follows him to the grave/Only one person. I cried my eyes out when I saw my bias die at the end (and hearing Hongki’s heartbreaking voice at the same time)

3. Bulletproof Boyscouts (BTS)

BTS's "Mood for Love pt. 1" promotional picture.

Main Bias: J-hope (closely followed by Jimin, V and Jongkook)

Favourite songs: Rise of Bangtan, Boy in Luv, Danger, I need U, Dope, Run

Honestly, who cannot love these adorkable guys????? I laughing so hard every time I watch Bangtan Bombs on Youtube 😀

4. Vixx

Vixx' "Chained Up" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Leo (closely followed by Ravi)

Favourite songs: Hyde, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Error, Chained Up

When I started watching music shows in nearly a year ago, I rewatched some earlier 2013 music shows too and then I saw Vixx performing Hyde on one of them where they wore black lipstick during there performance. That and the dark concept really reminded me so much of the Japanese visual kei artists that I liked (don’t forget I was an otaku :D) that it made me interested in the group. Now I know they can pull of cute concepts too but I still prefer their darker side 😀

5. GOT7

Got7's "Mad" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Youngjae
Favourite song(s): Girls Girls Girl, Stop Stop It, Just Right, If You Do, Confession Song

As I wrote last year I can’t help but support JYP’s youngest boy group (I know they no longer the youngest but I consider Day6 a band not a boy group) They released some really catchy song this year which earned them a spot on my list.

6. Boyfriend

Boyfriend's "Boyfriend in WONDERLAND" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Minwoo
Favourite song(s): Obsession, Witch, Bounce

Boyfriend is a group that I don’t follow since their debut but thanks to Witch and Bounce they sucessfully climbed higher on my favourites list. I hope from now on they will stick to this matured image bacause I’m not sure how would I feel about yet another cute concept from them.

7. B1A4

B1A4 "Solo Day" promotional picture.

Main Bias: C.NU (first it was Gongchan)

Favourite songs: What’s going on, Solo Day

I think I saw them first on the same show as ViXX, and their song “What’s going on” was catchy as hell, it stuck in my head for weeks 🙂 Then Baro’s role in „Reply 1994” deepened my love for them.



Main Bias: Kyungil

Favourite Songs: What am I to you?, Psycho, Might Just Die

I don’t know why but their song really reminded me for 2PM’s Heartbeat and probably that’s why I kept repeating their songs for weeks. It was probably a love at first sight 🙂


JJCC's "Nightmare" promotional picture.

Main Bias:

Favourite songs: One Way, Where you at, Insomnia

They are also in the “Love at first sight” category. They are really the best thing that Jackie Chan could gave to this world (beside his awsome movies :D)

10. Lu:kus

Lukus' "Beautiful" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Choi
Favourite song(s): Break Ya, Beautiful

I had high hopes for Lu:kus last year and luckily they proved to me that they deserve my attention. Break ya and Beautiful is simply amazing songs and I hope they continue to release more songs like these

11. Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates' "3.3" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Moon

Favourite Songs: Drawing the Line, Run away

I love them ever since I first heard Drawing The Line. An insanely talented rock band who proved that they can overcome any kind of hardship. Their new style is really interesting (though I’m not a big EDM fan) so I’m looking forward to see where their road will lead them.

12. Cross Gene

Cross Gene's "Play With Me" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Seyoung (closely followed by Shin)
Favourite song(s): Amazing-Bad Lady, Not A Boy Not Yet A Man, Play With Me

They emerged from a practically unknown group into my favourites with the help of their latest songs.


Speed's "What U" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Sungmin (closely followed by Yuhwan & Taeha)

Favourite Song: Don’t tease me, Look At Me Now, What U

That song was so funny but I constantly worried about Taeha and Sungmin during every music show performance, but watching their funny MV making films on Youtube made me fall for Speed 🙂

14.The Boss

The Boss' "Why Goodbye" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Mika

Favourite Songs: Why Goodbye, Rilla Go!

The Boss is like History. A love at first sight group for me. I’m really looking forward to their next comeback.

15. 100%

100%'s "SunKiss" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Rokhyun

Favourite Songs: U Beauty

Honestly I don’t know when or why my love for 100% started. All I know is that Rokhyun pierced my heart with his smile and his voice.


4 comments on “Top 15 Favorite Groups (Male)

  1. My top 10 would have to be
    Seventeen – DK, Scoups and DIno
    EXO – Sehun and Baekhyun
    BTS -Taehyung
    Got7- Junior (He is also my ultimate bias)
    Hotshot – YoonSan
    Madtown – Buffy and Jaeho
    Astro – Moonbin
    Monsta X – I.M
    2PM – Chansung and Wooyoung
    NCTu – Ten and Jaehyun

  2. I think I love Katie’s list the most. 😀 My top few are: U-KISS, CROSS GENE, FTISLAND, SHINee (surprised they weren’t here tbh!), MYNAME, INFINITE, F.CUZ, B1A4, DGNA, VIXX and Tritops in that order.

    • SHINee was one of my top groups for years untill I moved to Korea. So much more access to kpop. SHINee is still up towards the top of my list but they don’t break the top 15. ~James

    • I’m a hardcore JYP fan so don’t expect any SM artists on my lists…..they are not my style 😛 But as you can see I listen and like a tons of lesser known groups (currently I’m mourning the loss of Lukus T_T) – Katie

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