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Hi!!!  Im James. Contrary to popular belief I am a girl.  I have been an avid fan of Kpop since 2006.  I currently live in the great land of Kpop, South Korea.  I’m primarily interested in the male idol groups, my favorites being Teen Top, MR.MR, JYJ, Beast, M.Pire, VIXX, 100%, B.A.P… just to name a few but really if you are an Idol group I probably own at least one of your cd’s.  Although I have a bias in every group my main bias is Teen Top’s L.Joe followed ever so closely by Xia Junsu and Jin from MR.MR.  Although I have for the most part given up on a TVXQ reunion I still remain a loyal supporter and will Always Keep The Faith.

Hi Hey Hello ~ I’m Manwon^^  at least that’s what some of my friends in Korea call me.  I’ve been listening and loving Kpop since 2010, and lived in South Korea for the past two years.  I too mostly love male groups ~ I love so many groups though, that I don’t know where to start with naming my favorites…I love B.A.P, BTS, MYNAME, M.I.B, and a whole heck of a lot more.  I hope you enjoy the website, and can find all the info you are looking for here^^

Hi! I’m Katie, a rookie K-pop fan from Hungary. I met my first K-pop group, 2PM in 2011 when they sang a theme song for the Japanese anime „Ao no Exorcist” (I was a die-hard anime fan back then) At first I only listened their Japanese songs. I started to focus on their Korean releases when they came back with their 3rd Korean album „Grown”….Then I started listen to their older songs……then the songs of other JYP artists…..then artists from other agencies…..then I became an avid fan in less then a year 🙂

So as you can guess I’m a bit biased towards JYP artist (closely followed by FNC Entertainmant) but I also listen a lot of lesser known artist and I think I have at least one favourite artist in almost all genre of Korean music.

I still have a lot to learn about Korea and K-pop but I’ll try my best to help James and Manwon to make this site more awesome and help you learn about all of your favourite artists 🙂

If you wanna know more about me, follow me on Twitter 🙂

15 comments on “About the Gurus

  1. I came across an article that listed MadTown members names, I can’t find the source anymore. But luckily I wrote them down. Moos’s real name is Kim Sang Bae; Daewon’s real name is Park Dae Won, Lee Geon’s real name is Lee Kyung Tak, Jota’s real name is Lee Jong Hwa, Heojun real name is actually Heo Jun. Buffy’s real name is Kim Ju Hyeon and H.O’s real name is Song Jae Ho. Wait, I remember where I found it. It was link on J.Tune’s website and MadTown’s official tumblr. But J.Tune’s website is closed for some reason…

      • Welcome, by the way, your website is really good. Would you ever add polls onto the artist? As when I go on other siting and they have polls, I like to compare you is the most biased member, like with Madtown I always see either Moos, H.O or Daewon at the top, but with Daewon he is sometimes at the bottom.
        And your source seems more reliable than anything I have come across. So keep it up 🙂

  2. Ahhh this site is soo helpful! 😀 But you guys live in South Korea; that’s so awesome!

    • Glad that the site is helpful! If you ever have any suggestions to make it better feel free to leave a comment and let us know^^
      James still lives in South Korea, I am back in the States now after living in Korea for two years ~ It is definitely a great country (not only for great music but a great place to live) ~Manwon^^

      • It’s funny you should mention that because James and I were just talking about their ages today ~ can I just ask how you know that? If you have a source that would be great ~ because we only found their ages on a news article (the ages could be western or Korean – it’s not specified in the article as far as I know)

        I would really love to have their exact birth years on here – but I can’t find any official sources with their birth years on them, if you have a source that we don’t know about please do let us know!

        ~ Manwon^^

  3. Hello!
    I just found your site and it’s really awsome 🙂
    But I have a question about the group listed on your site under the name N.OM.
    Could there be 2 groups with the same name in Korea???? Or is the 2 group the same with just some member changes????
    Because the N.O.M I know is a five member group which debuted with the song “Pretty Noona” and came back recently with the song “You, it’s you”
    Here is their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7QuhKvMxvpCeC_15yf_iw

    So could you help me clarify this thing 🙂

  4. hi ! i just wanted to ask if you could make a Kara profile >w< i was surprised when you didn't have one for them ! they are actually quite popular ! thanks ~~

    • We are working backwards through the alphabet backwards so we just haven’t made it to Kara yet. We will push Kara up to the front of our lists so we will have their profile in a few days.

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