4 comments on “LPG Bang Ya Bang Ya Who’s Who

  1. Oh and also, their profiles are total BS…Ahyul is extremely short but she’s listed as 3 inches taller than Yuju even though even Yuju is taller than her in live performances! Totally silly.

    • hahaha – yeah companies love to make up things for the member profiles ~ it’s always so funny to me that they make different members taller than they actually are
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. And for this one everyone’s right besides Ahyul and Songha. I’m almost certain that Songha’s cap is just another one of RIwon’s but Songha has no parts in the song so it’s hard to tell. I’m 100% sure however that the cap for Ahyul is just Rika styled differently. You can really see it here (unofficial link: *Removed*) during RIka’s parts which are at 0:48 and 1:58. As you can see their faces play back to back and it’s really easy to see they have the exact same face. Ahyul is the super short girl but she doesn’t actually have any closeups in the MV; her parts are at 1:02 and 2:12, where for a second on the choreography shots you can see a super short girl in the middle. She’s also in the middle during the chorus of the choreography (1:16 for example, Riwon and Yuju share the chorus but they’re standing third from the left and third from the right respectively, Ahyul is in the middle) and as you can see it’s still the same super short girl. She has no closeups though so…and as for Songha I’m pretty sure she doesn’t either.

    This group is over and nobody ever really cared about this generation of them but I figured I’d leave a comment for historic purposes, lol. Goodbye LPG~

    • I got Ahyul’s cap fixed, and tries to see if I could find a cap of a girl that I missed somewhere in the MV to maybe find Songha. I’m still not confident with her, but I do really appreciate the help! XD

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