Top 10 Rappers In Groups

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 rappers!!!!!

Here are some of the greatest rappers in K-pop, or at least rappers who are in a group.  If a rapper is only a soloist, they don’t count.  This also goes for those who were in a group, left the group and are now solo…Sorry Kidoh.   The other rule is they must be an official rapper in a group, not just some member who raps sometimes in a group…sorry Changjae.


So, as usual this list is very male heavy, and by that I mean there are no female rappers on this list.  Some of the rappers on my list, may not be “good” rappers but they might have some sexy voice that makes up for it.

1. Bang Yong Guk (B.A.P)

Bang Yong Guk’s deep manly voice is everything!  Seriously his is the voice that dreams are made of.

B.A.P's Yongguk "Carnival" promotional picture.

2. Zelo (B.A.P)

While Yong Guk has the deep sexy voice, Zelo has probably the best High-tone rapping voice.  You also can’t beat his LTE rapping.

B.A.P's Zelo "Carnival" promotional picture.

3. Rap Monster (BTS)

BTS has some amazing rappers in the group, and if I were going to cheat I would have added all three of them as one, but out of the three Rap Mon is the best.

BTS's Rap Monster "Epilogue: Young Forever" promotional picture.

4. Jenissi (Topp Dogg)

No one in Topp Dogg has a more unique voice than Jenissi.

Topp Dogg's Jenissi "The Beat" promotional picture.

5. Baro (B1A4)

Baro has a really interesting style and way of rapping that just makes me so happy.

B1A4 Baro's "Sweet Girl" promotional picture.

6. Ravi (VIXX)

Ravi may have struggled to get into VIXX because he isn’t the most clear when he raps but I do love his voice.

Vixx's Ravi "Hades" promotional picture.

7. I.M (Monsta X)

Okay so this is more personal preference.  Jooheon is definitely the better rapper than I.M but I.M definitely has one of the sexiest voices out there.

Monsta X' IM "The Clan pt.1" promotional picture.

8. Mino (Winner)

He didn’t come in second on SMTM4 for no reason.  He is a really good rapper, with yet another sexy low-tone voice.

Winner's Mino "Exit" promotional picture.

9. Mir (MBLAQ)

Anther case of not-so-great rapper, with a great sexy voice.  Yeah…I’m a sucker for the voice and not the skill.

MBLAQ's Mir "Mirror" promotional picture.

10. Bobby (iKON)

Winner of SMTM3…Check…Sexy voice…Check

iKon's Bobby "Welcome Back" promotional picture.


So, here are the rappers that I love who have a group that they belong to.  These are just rappers whom I love and think add something special to the group they are in. (Again, no particular order)

1. Yongguk (B.A.P)

B.A.P's Yongguk "Carnival" promotional picture.

Ok, is it any surprise that Yongguk is on my list?  He always wins my heart over and over and over again ~ he is amazing! His rapping is amazing, his deep voice is amazing, he is amazing. (Ok mini amazing rant over)

2. Junhyung (Beast)

Beast's Junhyung "Highlight" promotional picture.

Junhyung makes me happy, he is an amazing rapper – and his “bad attitude” just makes him all the more amazing.  Junhyung is one of my long time loves in kpop – and it was his rapping that made me fall for him in the first place ~

3. Suga (BTS)

BTS's Suga "Wings" promotional picture.

SUGA! His lisp and deep rapping make his voice one of my favorites in all of kpop.  Suga just…he just owns one of my souls ~ Forever with August D

4. Baro (B1A4)

B1A4 Baro's "Sweet Girl" promotional picture.

Baro’s Jamaican rap voice just melts me (if you get the reference you have clearly eaten your old school kimchi) But I love his deep voice when it comes to rapping – and he’s so high energy.  I love a rapper who can do both serious and fun rapping!

5. B.I (iKON)

iKon's B.I "Welcome Back" promotional picture.

I will actually acknowledge here that I actually like Bobby’s rapping more than B.I’s.  However, B.I just wins me over all the time!  I adore him so much, and he is a truly amazing rapper with some amazing writing talents!

6. Rap Monster (BTS)

BTS's Rap Monster "Wings" promotional picture.

What rap list would be complete without Rap Monster on it?  Seriously the man has some amazing rapping talent, and lyrical talent!  He is just amazing!  He deserves so much more credit than I think he gets for how amazing he is!

7. Zelo (B.A.P)

B.A.P's Zelo "Carnival" promotional picture.

ZELO!  He probably has the highest rap voice on this list (I tend to like deep tone rappers) but Zelo’s LTE rap in their debut song alone would have earned him a spot on this list ~ and he’s only become more talented as time has gone on!

8. T.O.P (Big Bang)

Big Bang's TOP's "M" promotional picture.

My very first kpop love TOP ~ his deep voice, his charismatic stage presence.  Yeah, I adore TOP he’s a true badass. (even as he is totally not a badass)

9. CL (2NE1)

2NE1's CL promotional picture for "Crush"

Alright here’s another YG badass for you all.  Now I will admit, I do not care for CL’s solo music at all, like at all.  But I need to give credit here to a talented, badass female who is a boss.  She’s paving the way for the entire kpop industry and that deserves some respect.

10. Yoon MiRae (MFBTY)

Yoon Mi Rae's "This Love" promotional picture.

The QUEEN of hip-hop, the QUEEN of being a QUEEN.  There is no way I could mention rappers without mentioning a woman who made hip-hop popular in Korea, and who has proved that women can kick just as much ass as men can.  She can rap, she can sing, and she is a freaking wife and mother!  The true definition of Queen!

11. Heedo (B.I.G)

BIG's Heedo "Aphrodite" promotional picture.

OK, I am cheating, but for some reason I am unable to make this list and not include Heedo here.  His voice is so deep and beautiful!  I know he’s never been given a chance to show his talent with B.I.G songs – but I hope one day I will get a Heedo solo!

**Honorable Mentions: Jenissi (Topp Dogg), Daeil (24K), Mark(Got7), Jackson (Got7), Yibo (UNIQ)**


I think this is the time when being the 3rd Guru is sucks the most because my fellow gurus already mentioned some of the best rappers in the K-pop industry. What also made hard to do this list is the fact that we lost a lot of talented rapper this year (especially female rappers) because they either left their group or the group simply disbanded. So to make my list a bit different I decided to pick some up-and-coming rookie rapper or rappers who might be around for a while now but only recently were able to get into the spotlight.

1. BTS rap line


I know I’m cheating right of the bat but I simply can’t separate these 3. It’s no secret that J-hope is my BTS bias but I have to admit that I prefer Rap Mon’s rap in group songs…..but when it comes to solo songs it seems August.D is my type……so I always running around in circles when I try to pinpoint my favourite BTS rapper…..not to mention their different styles are combined so perfectly in the BTS songs that it makes hard not to love their teamwork.

2. Zico (Block B)

Block B's Zico "Blooming Period" promotional picture.

Be it a Block B song, a solo song or a song composed and produced for a rap survival show everything this guy touches turns into pure gold…..I simply love his style.

3. Jooheon (Monsta X)

Monsta X' Jooheon "The Clan pt.1" promotional picture.

Sorry Jooheon but there’s simply no excuse for you charisma……he blew me away in Hero and own’s my heart since then.

4. S.Coups (Seventeen)

Seventeen's S.Coups "Boys Be" promotional picture.

He has a perfect deep voice but has a rather laid-back rapping style which always makes me so calm.

5. Taecyeon (2PM)

2PM's Taecyeon "No.5" promotional picture.

Okay I admit the he might not be the best rapper in Korea, but my fangirl heart started to bleed everytime I tried to cut him from this list. I think what’s matter the most is that he worked hard on his rap style and if somebody watches one of the many compillation videos on Youtube it can clearly be heard how much he improved over the years.

6. LE (EXID)

EXID's LE "Hot Pink" promotional picture.

The best part of EXID songs when LE starts rapping!!! She is so cool and her voice is fantastic. She has a Queen quality in her but I’m a bit sad that she kinda turned her back to her underground roots and now that EXID is more famous she is not as a big daredevil as she used to be.

7. Yezi (Fiestar)

Fiestar's Ye Ji "A Delicate Sense" promotional picture.

Okay I admit that though I love Fiestar for a few years now I didn’t really paid attention to Yezi’s raps in the songs. I knew she is not bad and I was happy when they announced that she will appear on Unpretty Rapstar but even I wouldn’t expect that she will blow me away with songs like Crazy Dog, Sse Sse Sse and Cider that was my jam for weeks.

8. Nada (Wa$$up)


Unlike Yezi I knew that Nada was crazy good ev