Kim Jong Kook Discography

Here is a list of Kim Jong Kook‘s promotional videos.

Since Kim Jong Kook has been performing for so long, some of his videos are not available on any official YT channel.

Here is Kim Jong Kook‘s full discography

Kim Jong Kook 1 Renaissance

  • Prologue
  • Sad Story
  • Angel
  • Because I’m A Man (남자니까)
  • Wishing You Happiness (행복하길)
  • Loved You (사랑했었다)
  • Disco
  • Fragrance Of A Woman (여인의 향기)
  • Love Story
  • Thriller
  • Night
  • 1434
  • One
  • My Way
  • From Friend To Sweetheart (친구에게서 연인으로)

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Kim Jong Kook 2 Evolution

  • Come Back (돌아와)
  • Forgive And Remember (용서해 기억해)
  • The Parting You Want (니가 원한 이별)
  • Feeling
  • Fading Sadness (슬픔 바램)
  • One Man (한 남자)
  • Addiction (중독)
  • That’s Right…But… (그래요…그래도…)
  • Broken Heart
  • Only One Day (하루만)
  • The Full Sun (태양 가득히)
  • Tonight
  • Forgiveness (용서)
  • While You Were Sleeping (그대가 잠든 사이)

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Kim Jong Kook 3 This is me

  • Walking In One Spot (제자리 걸음)
  • To Her Man (그녀의 남자에게)
  • Sad Congratulations (슬픈 축하)
  • Gift (선물)
  • Happiness
  • Lovable (사랑스러워)
  • Eraser (지우개)
  • Dream
  • Saturday Night (토요일 밤)
  • Star, Wind, Sunlight And Love (별, 바람, 햇살 그리고 사랑)
  • One Night
  • To My Friend (친구에게)
  • I’m A Fool (바보 같은 나)
  • Practice (연습)
  • Still (여전히)

Walking In One Spot (제자리 걸음)

**There is no album art for this album**

Walking In One Spot (제자리 걸음) Acoustic Ver

Album art for Kim Jong Kook's album "Kim Jong Kook Digital single"

  • 2005 White Love (스키장에서)
  • 2006 Recollection (2006 회상)

Kim Jong Kook 4 The fourth letter

  • Saying “I Love You” (사랑한다는 말)
  • The Story You Don’t Know (너만 모르는 이야기)
  • Letter (편지)
  • One Person (한 사람)
  • It’s Love (사랑이에요)
  • Confession (고백)
  • Though Love Hurts (사랑이 아파도)
  • Failing Love (사랑지기)
  • I Know Her (그녀를 알아요)
  • Native (토박이)
  • First Love (첫사랑)
  • I Think I Loved (사랑했나봐)
  • Thankful Even For The Separation (이별도 고마워)
  • Toward A Dream (꿈을 향해)

Kim Jong Kook 5 Here I Am

  • Thank You (고맙다)
  • Missing Those Days (그리운 날들)
  • Long Long Time (오래 오래)
  • Today More Than Yesterday (어제보다 오늘 더)
  • Forever
  • Can’t Get Better Than This (이보다 더 좋을 순 없다)
  • In Front Of That House (그 집앞 [序曲]) Prologue
  • In Front Of That House (그 집앞)
  • Poisoned In Love (사랑에 취해)
  • Break-Up Formula (이별의 정석)
  • Goodbye For Now (이제는 안녕)
  • I Love You I Love You (사랑해 널 사랑해)
  • Same Person Same Love (어떤 사람 어떤 사랑)
  • You And Me Together (우리 둘이서)

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Album art for Kim Jong Kook's album "Happy disease"

  • Happy Disease (행복병)
  • Happy Disease (행복병) inst
  • Happy Disease (행복병) teaser

Kim Jong Kook - Give To Me


Kim Jong Kook 6 Eleventh Story

Kim Jong Kook 7

  • Thinking Of You (니가 생각나)
  • Thousands Of Footprints (천 개의 발자국)
  • You Should Be Happy (좋겠다)
  • Men Are All Like That (남자가 다 그렇지 뭐)
  • So Pretty (너무 예뻤어)
  • Words I Want To Say To You (너에게 하고 싶은)
  • Nostalgia
  • Disappearing (지워진다)
  • Men Also Feel Sad (남자도 슬프)
  • Story That Is Not The End (끝이 아닌 이야기)

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