Here is an archive of the lists that we have posted thus far.


Artists By Debut Year

Female Idol Birthdays

Male Idol Birthdays

1st Generation Twitters

1st Generation Instagrams (coming soon)

Co-Ed Twitters

Co-Ed Instagrams

Co-Ed Fan Cafes

Co-Ed Facebook Pages

Co-Ed Youtube Pages

Female Twitters

Female Instagrams

Female Fan Cafes

Female Facebook Pages

Female Youtube Pages

Male Twitters

Male Instagrams

Male Fan Cafes

Male Facebook Pages

Male Youtube Pages

2 comments on “LISTS / SNS

    • Unfortunately idol SNS’s are one of our lower priorities though we are working on it. Were currently working on instagrams but because we can only do that on phones its a very frustrating process. We should at least get one more list up hopefully by the end of this month. One list usually takes me about 2 months to complete. We appologize that its taking so long. ~ James

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