Top 10 Favorite Idols (Female)

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 idols!!!!!



If I thought picking my top 10 male idols was difficult, choosing the top 10 ladies is going to be impossible.  There were a few that were super easy to pick out, but most…not so easy.  So let’s do this.

1. G.NA

G.NA is without a doubt my favorite female singer.  I love how spunky she is, she is just a joy to watch on programs.  She is also a big dog lover, and her dog Toki is adorably cute.  One downside to G.NA is she occasionally gets out-shined by her manager, who if I could put her on this list she would be on here as well. (YAY I FOUND A PIC OF ALL OF THEM TOGETHER)

G.Na with her manager and Toki

2. Fei (Miss A)

I have always loved Fei because she is super gorgeous and way talented.  Then after watching her on weekly idol she became a full fledged member of my female biases.

Fei (Miss A)

3. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Hyoyeon has been my favorite member of Girl’s Generation since day one.  Hyoyeon is such an amazing dancer, and I think she is just gorgeous.

Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation)

4. Jiyoon (4Minute)

Jiyoon absolutely blew me away when 2Yoon came out.  She can sing, she can dance, she can rap.  What can’t Jiyoon do?

Jiyoon (4Minute)'s selca

5. DIA (Kiss & Cry)

Kiss & Cry is one of my favorite rookie girl groups.  Earlier this year they held a super intimate concert and when I was there I was blown away by DIA’s singing.  Not to mention she is so friendly and sweet, I would see her again in a heartbeat.

DIA (Kiss & Cry)

6. Amber (F(x))

I love how Amber is Amber no matter what you say.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out, and I love that she doesn’t need to look like all the other girls in K-Pop.  I wouldn’t have Amber any other way, where is Amber so she can be my BFF!!!! (Don’t tell Manwon^^)

Amber (F(x))

7. Sojung (Ladies’ Code)

Making this list I was surprised that Sojung was so high in my biases.  I have been a casual listener of the group, but in capping their videos Sojung’s singing just took my breath away.  I don’t know much about her personality as I haven’t watched many Ladies’ Code variety program appearances but what I have seen I love her.

Sojung (Ladies' Code)

8. Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls)

Ga-in is just fantastic.  I love her I don’t give a F*** attitude.

Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls)

9. Jimin (AOA)

Jimin is another one of those fiesty spunky female idols.

Jimin (AOA)

10. Hyosung (Secret)

Secret is one of the girl groups who I more recently go into.   I am completely obsessed with her solo song, and watching her on Weekly Idol is a lot of fun.

Hyosung (Secret)


I was surprised how easy it actually was to put together a list of girls that I like ~ Let’s get started on the list then, shall we? Again, they are in no particular order, and you’ll see a pattern of girls who are talented, sassy, and sweet.


1. Amber (f(x))


She is just everything that I love to see in female idols.  She is sassy, sweet, funny, and talented.  I adore her for so many reasons but my biggest reason is that she speaks her mind, and stands up for people when they are in situations where someone is trying to bring them down.  Plus, she’s classy as she does it ~ Amber is just Amber, and she is amazing.

2. G.NA


G.NA is also super sassy, and funny.  I love watching her on variety programs and interacting with other people she’s just so funny.  She’s also insanely talented ~ and I just really adore her.  Also, as James has said, G.NA’s manager is also a personal favorite of mine, and they are just the best duo ever!

3. IU


I typically don’t like sweet, cute, girly girl idols, but IU is just so talented there was just no way I couldn’t add her to this list.  She is just as amazing live as she on recording ~ if not even better live.  IU is pure talent.

4. Ailee


Ailee is a power house of a vocalist.  I love listening to her sing, and I love the style of her music – it’s always got a jazz/horns vibe to it.  Plus have you all seen her singing Beyonce or “Let It Go”?  Girls got amazing, fantastic talent.

5. Mint (Tiny-G)


She is just so fun to watch, and she dances so well.  Plus, she’s got an edgy vibe, which is what I like about her.  She also reminds me of a female version of Maru – which I mean, really can anyone go wrong with a little more Maru-escque things in their lives?

6. Min (Miss A)


Min is a little firecracker – she’s got personality for days and she can dance her little butt off.  Miss A is one of my favorite girl groups out there, and Min is simply my favorite Miss A member.

7. Hyorin (Sistar)


Hyorin is my favorite female voice in K-Pop.  She’s so talented, and her voice is so unique and amazing.  Plus she’s got a great personality to boot – with just the right mix of sass and sweet.

8. Ji-Eun (Secret)


Secret is my favorite girl group in K-Pop.  They won me over right away with “Madonna” – and they have kept my attention since then.  Ji-Eun is simply my favorite member because her song “Going Crazy” is one of my favorite songs ever ~ She is so talented, and just the type of female artist I love to watch.

9. Kota (Sunny Hill)


Watching “Midnight Circus” was my first introduction to Sunny Hill and from the beginning I was mesmerized by Kota.  There’s just something about how she performs that pulls my attention to her all the time.  She is just so fascinating to watch, and I always appreciate when an artist has that something special that pulls my attention to her.

10. Nana (Orange Caramel)


Yes, I am aware that Nana is technically in After School, but honestly this is how much I don’t like After School, and how much I love Orange Caramel.  Nana, Lizzy, and Raina are my girls – and Orange Caramel is simply amazing.  Nana is once again that lovely combination of sass, sweetness, and talent.  She just is fantastic.


As you will see I prefer girls who are a bit of a tomboys, rather then cute (as I was always a very tomboyish girl :D)
So here’s my list (in no particular order):

1. Min (Miss A)


She is my very first female bias. I totally fell in love with her personality after watching Oh My School. She is so funny and laid-back 🙂

2. Hyoseong (Secret)


Another Oh My School favourite 🙂 I love her smile, her cheerful personality and I like watching her dancing….she is amazing.

3. Jiyeon (T-ara)


Well normal people love Jiyeon because she is cute or pretty……but that’s not me 😀 I like her when she isn’t pretty at all, like when she has to play a heartbroken, slightly insane girl in her or in T-ara MV’s (Painkiller is my personal favourite :D) So I like her more for her acting ability (which is also quite ironical, because I remember how much I hated her in Dream High 2…….but I think maybe it was just her character that I hated :D)

4. Hyorin (Sistar)

Sistar's Hyorin "I Swear" promotional picture.

One of the best singer in Korea (and I loved her in Dream High 2 :D)

5. Bohyung (Spica)


Another powerful vocalist who blew me away with her sexy, slightly deep voice 🙂

6. Jimin (AOA)

AOA's Jimin "Short Hair" promotional picture.
For me chosing a bias in AOA is almost as hard as chosing a bias in BTS, because there’s also 4 girls (Jimin, Choa, Mina and Yuna) who constantly attacking my bias list, but most of the times Jimin is the winner 🙂

7. Ga in (Brown Eyed Girls)

Ga In

I sat my eyes on her during her solo promotions and with BEG’s comeback I decided to finally
give her room on my favourites list. I so love her bold personality and that she is not afraid of releasing risky songs like Apple which was one of my favourite songs in 2015

8. Jimin (15&)

15&'s Jimin "Sugar" promotional picture.

The best decision that JYP ever made was offering a contract to this awsome little lady 😀 And I’m forever thanksful to him for never wanting to change anything on her. She may not be the perfect idol girl when it comes to appearance but with her personality she is just amazing the way she is 🙂

9. Eunji (APink)


I still can’t call myself an APink fan as their image is a bit too cute for my taste, but as soon as I saw them I noticed th