Favorite Albums by K-Artist

Have you ever come across that one album that is just absolutely perfect.  Well, we Guru’s have picked the best and most perfect albums.


These albums have it all.  Perfect songs, perfect song progression, a great concept,  and not a bad song in the bunch.  You know the ones, the album that you know every song on it front to back.  That album that is so amazing that your every song is your favorite song, and to actually pick a favorite song from the album would be blasphemous.  Here are my perfect albums in no particular order.

Incredible – Xia

The album is truly Incredible.  It will literally take you on a Fantasy as you listen to it.  I was going to try and be punnier but somehow I couldn’t find a not creepy way to bring up Chocolate Girl, and This Song Is Funny, and No Gain.  Junsu never fails to impress me and out of all of his albums, this one  just has something so wonderful, so magical, something so beautiful, something so incredible.  Hah! PUNS!!!!!   Junsu inspires me to write terrible puns…go ahead and *headdesk* you know you want to, I want to, but make sure you do it while listening to Incredible.

Album art for Xia Junsu's album "Incredible"

Another Me – Kim Sung Gyu

Although “60 Seconds” just missed out on being one of the top songs ever, this album does not.   Seriously Sung Gyu has one of the most distinct and powerful voices and it is showcased so perfectly in this Mini-album.  The only thing that would make it better, would be to have more songs that are as perfect for this album, but sometimes perfection comes in a small package.

Album art for Kim Sunggyu's album "Another Me"

Mirotic – TVXQ

Mirotic is on this album, do I really need to say more about it.  Again there is not a bad song on this album and so many of the songs are within my top 50 songs ever.  I have 3 different copies of this album.  It was the first album that I bought each version of because it is so perfect.  TVXQ has a little bit of everything for this album, and its all perfect.

Album art for TVXQ's album "Mirotic"

Lucifer – SHINee

SM Ent knows how to put together an amazing album.  This album has such a perfect flow to it that is unrivaled.  Being the first non-TVXQ album that I ever purchased also gives this album a special place in my heart.

Album art for SHINee's album "Lucifer"

One Shot – B.A.P

This is the album that destroyed my life, thanks Manwon^^.  Another wonderful example of “Less is more”.  One Shot is not only an amazingly strong title track, the other songs on the album would have been just as amazing as title tracks.  Coma, and (0) are two of my all time favorite B.A.P songs to this day, and they have never released a song that I haven’t liked.

Album art for B.A.P's album "One Shot"

Mastermind – BEAST

I am completely obsessed with “Clenching a Tight Fist” as you probably already know.  That song alone is part of the reason that this album is so high on my list.  Plus I’m also in love with “Breathe” as the title track.

The album art for Beast's album "Mastermind"

The Return – SHINHWA

I litterally cried when this album was announced.  It was when I realized how attached I was to this “old man” group, but really the whole album is amazing.  By far the top songs from The Return are “Hello”, “Breathin'”, “Let It Go”…and I could go on and on about how much I love this album.  Quite frankly this is one of the few times that the title track “Venus” is my least favorite song on an album…and I’m nuts for the song.

Album art for Shinhwa's album "The Return"


Yet another perfectly produced SM album.  EXO really did hit the jackpot with XOXO, and I personally don’t think that EXO has even come close since then to capturing the magic of XOXO.  Another album where I could go on forever about my love for “Peter Pan”, “Black Pearl”, “365”, “Wolf” and…

Album art for EXO's album "The First Year: Kiss / Hug"

In Heaven – JYJ

This entire album over-whelms me with emotions.  Its magical.  The End.

Album art for JYJ's album "In Heaven"

Fly To Love – Lunafly

This album was a bit of a surprise for me, because when I typically think of my favorite anything, Lunafly doesn’t usually come straight to mind, but this time they demanded to be heard, and so they shall be heard.  I love all of the songs on this album, and the group was amazeballs and gave me double to love as they realeased every single song in both Korean and English.  How could you get better than this?

Album art for Lunafly's album "Fly To Love"


Alright – I don’t even know what to say.  These albums are the ones that I could listen to on repeat all day long – and they all had a big impact on me at different times during this crazy k-pop journey that I have been on.  So, without any particular order – leggo:

Kim Sung Gyu – Another Me

Album art for Kim Sunggyu's album "Another Me"

This album.  Where to begin…this album is just amazing.  Every song on this album touches me to the core.  And, honestly it is just one of the best albums I have ever heard – the flow of the album, and the amazing vocals provided by Sunggyu to the emotional songs. It’s just flawless, an album with heart and soul, and simple beauty.

B.A.P – Warrior (but let’s be honest – all of their albums)

Album art for B.A.P's album "Warrior"

Ok, if you haven’t figured it out by now B.A.P just amazes me – and honestly if I could, without cheating, I would make all of their albums be “the album” by them…but I can’t, so I went with “Warrior” the album that introduced me to this Best, Absolute, Perfect group.  “Unbreakable” is a song that has always given me strength when I need it.  “Warrior” makes me feel like a total badass, and “Secret Love” has always been a pretty song.

B1A4 – Let’s Fly

Album art for B1A4's album "Let's Fly"

Ok, here’s another debut album from a group – B1A4’s “Let’s Fly”.  This is one of those albums that when I heard the lead single off of it I liked it, but it needed to grow on me before I bought the album.  When I finally did decide to buy the album, I was not disappointed.  The songs on this album are fun, and touching, and simply reflect B1A4 so well – even now that they’ve grown up and have even more talent and experience – this album still showcases them so well.

EXO – XOXO (Hug)

Album art for EXO's album "The First Year: Kiss / Hug"

This one shocked me when I realized it needed to be on this list.  I am not a huge SM-stan.  However, This album, and for me the Chinese version in particular, stands out so much.  There are so many songs on this album that I love – especially “Black Pearl” and “Peter Pan”.  This album proves to me exactly why EXO is such a force in the kpop industry.  They are some super talented guys, and this album is filled with amazing songs that showcase that.

G-Dragon – Heartbreaker

Album art for G-Dragon's album "Heartbreaker"

Yet another album to shock me as I made this list, but none the less, it needed to be here.  I have always been a Big Bang fan – they were my gateway group in to k-pop, and boy did I fall hard for them.  It is not a Big Bang album however that made it here, it is G-Dragon’s album, which at the time was nothing like I had heard before with such an eclectic selection of songs on it that I just could listen to it on repeat driving in my car day in and day out. Plus the packaging freaked me out the when I got it – I was not prepared for the awesomeness of GD’s facemold.

Infinite – Paradise

Album art for Infinite's album "Paradise"

The first album I bought after moving to Korea, Infinite has been a group I have been with for a very long time…and I just will be with them forever.  “Paradise” as a whole album just has an amazing flow to it – the song order was really thought out, and even just thinking about the album I have about five songs trying to be the song that gets stuck in my head from that album. It is just such an Infinite style album, and it has a very special place in my heart.

Lunafly – Fly to Love

Album art for Lunafly's album "Fly To Love"

Holy smokes, this album pretty much represents an entire summer of my stay here in Korea, and some of the most personal and up-close fan events I have ever been able to participate it.  Seriously, it was the summer of Lunafly for James and I – and I have amazing memories tied to this album.  Plus, a group who writes all of their songs in multiple languages so they can reach their fans in their native languages – that’s a pretty damn awesome thing to do.  “Fly to Love” has amazing songs on it, and it is definitely an under appreciated album, by an equally underappreciated group.  But this album means so much to me, and I think anyone who checks out this album will not be disappointed.

SHINee – Lucifer

Album art for SHINee's album "Lucifer"

Well damn, two SM albums on one list…I never thought this would happen to me (sorry, not sorry SMstans).  Shinee was the group that I listened to for probably about five months straight back in 2010~2011, and honestly, they are some talented guys.  “Lucifer” is probably my favorite Shinee album because Lucificer has some of the most amazing Shinee songs on it – and I think, showcases Shinee the best as a group.  For me this album represents the entire golden age of the second wave of idols – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SS501 – Destination

Album art for SS501's album "Destination"

If you haven’t figured out that I love SS501 by now, then you haven’t been paying attention.  “Destination”, for me, is just pure SS501 magic.  I love this album, I love the songs as individual songs, and I love the flow of the album as a whole.  This is just one killer album, by a group that I love.

U-Kiss – Bran New Kiss

Album art for U-Kiss's album "Bran New Kiss"

Alright, wow, U-Kiss – where to start with this.  I have always liked U-Kiss, but it wasn’t until this album was released, that I really started getting in to U-Kiss in a more in-depth way.  It’s a short album, yes, but holy hannah, I know the songs frontwards and backwards.  I used to listen to this album while driving around in my hometown blasting the songs and just jamming along in my car – I had many an embarrassing stops at red lights with people watching me dance obnoxiously.  This album, it’s just so perfect.

2PM – Hands Up

Album art for 2PM's album "Hands Up"

Um, 2PM? Check.  Dance Songs? Check.  Ballad Songs? Check?  Songs written by the members? Check.  Honestly, this album just makes me so happy, for all the reasons listed plus so many more that I can’t put it to words, this album definitely is one of my favorite albums ever released.



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