Favorite Songs Of All Time!

Here are what the Guru’s believe to bet the greatest K-pop songs ever released.  Let us know in the comments what you think are the greatest songs!


This list was quite difficult for me, because there are so many great songs and songs that I love.   Most of my picks are songs that have a lot of emotions behind them either in the song themselves or make me cry like one does watching a Nicholas Sparks movie (or Titanic).  No matter what these are songs that I go back to again and and again and again.  This list is not in any particular order because…just because.

Love You More – Xia

This song literally makes me cry every single time I hear it and yet I can’t stop listening to it.  The message of the song and translations just make it that much harder to not cry.  Junsu’s voice with the music are a perfect harmony and when he performs this live you feel so much emotion behind it, that has been imprinted in my heart and soul.

Wild Flower – Park Hyo Shin

As anyone who has seen my other lists knows, I am beyond obsessed with this song.  This is one of my go-to Kpop songs and again just reaches deep down and touches my soul with how flawless this song is.  If I hear this song while walking down the street I will stop and not move until its over.  If songs were a spirit animal this song might be mine.

Perfect Man – Shinhwa

This song lacks the emotion of a lot of my other top pics, but this song was one of the reasons I got into both Shinhwa and K-pop in general.  I love this song so much that even when I haven’t listened to it in a while it will get stuck in my head and I will just start singing it.  Curse this song for introducing me to the addiction that is Shinhwa.

Breathin’ – Shinhwa

Clearly Shinhwa is doing something right to have two songs on this list.  Much like Xia’s “Love You More” this song makes me cry within the first few notes of the song.  Seriously go listen to it and submit your soul to Shinhwa.

Mirotic – TVXQ

Is it cliche to add this song when just about every list has this song as one of the greatest songs?  NO!  There is a reason it’s still one of the most popular songs and everyone knows it, and if you don’t know it go listen to  (find the “dirty” version, because “I got you under my sky” is a stupid line”)  This song came out well into my addiction of TVXQ and really there is not an OT5 song that I am not obsessed with. AKTF!!!!!!!!

Picture Of You (노을..바라보다) – TVXQ

This song is tied to a very precious moment of my life that very few people know about, but this is one of those songs that even thinking about brings tears to my eyes and for me just overwhelms me with emotions.  Originally recorded by the group North with the same name, this version of the song for me is where its at.

No More Perfume On You (향수 뿌리지마) – Teen Top

How this song made it on my list is quite unknown to me, but its there.  This is the song that really cemented my love of Teen Top and I like them most when they make music in this style.  I should get my brain looked at because of this song, as it supports cheating, which I am not okay with…but I still love the song.

Genie (소원을 말해봐) – Girls’ Generation

Another surprising song that made it on this list, but its is one of my favorite all time songs and the only female song that made it onto my list.  I begrudgingly allowed myself to love the song and group and I think this is a fantabulous song.

I Was Wrong (잘못했어) – 2AM

I love that as a girl who tends to love groups’ ballad songs, one of my all time favorite songs comes from a group who is known for their ballads, and I put their one dance song!  Seriously what is wrong with me!?  But there is something about about this song that just resonates with me.

I Remember – Bang Yong Guk feat. Yoseob

This song is everything.  Need I say more?  I love the version with Daehyun but this version is hands down better.  If I ever get to see this version live I will become a giant floor puddle.


In my opinion this is MBLAQ’s best song, it encompasses everything that I love about MBLAQ, and lives up to it’s name and tends to make me cry.

My Girl – Mr.Mr

Like I said when I added Mr.Mr to my favorite groups list, they just have a feeling of the music that got me into the group and this again is one of my go-to songs.  They are severely underrated and that disappoints me but at least they have left me with some phenomenal songs that I can never stop listening to.

It’s You (너라고) – Super Junior

This song I have great memories watching the music video with my best friend and little sister, and I think is an amazing Super Junior song and it’s simply amazing.

Clenching A Tight Fist (주목을 꽉 쥐구) – BEAST

I am desperate to see BEAST perform this song live.  It is the song that got me into the group, its one of my favorite songs ever.  Seriously if I ever have the money I’m going to force Hyunseung back for one night, and pay for a private concert where they sing this song, that is how badly I want to see it.  It breaks my heart that they did this song at one concert “Beast Airlines” and I wasn’t there for it.  I am currently accepting donations to make this dream happen.

Lies (거짓말) – Big Bang

I am obsessed with old Big Bang and this song is one of the great K-pop classics.  Love Love Love Love.


For how much I love rock music, and up beat songs, these songs don’t fit that pattern, but these song are definitely my favorite songs in all of k-pop.  They are my favorite songs because they touch my soul in ways that upbeat and fast tempo songs just don’t.  No particular order – except for the first song, which is my absolute favorite song in k-pop – let’s get started!

B1A4 – “Only One”

This song – I don’t know what to say about this song.  I think for me this song beautifully blends the groups vocal power, and lyrics together – and the lyrics just stick with me always, in a way that is bittersweet, and devastatingly beautiful.

Shinee – “Quasimodo (화살)”

This song is just beautiful.  I never realized, until making this list, just how much of an impact Shinee has had on my musical taste, and my love of k-pop.  Quasimodo is a song I saw the group perform on a TV program, and it send shivers down my spine – through a screen!  I never get shivers from moments through a screen – I have to be there to get the shivers…that’s how beautifully they performed this song, and how much it affected.

Shinee (Jonghyun) – “Y Si Fuera Ella (혜야)”

Again, Shinee truly has some amazing music.  And Jonghyun has some serious pipes on him – this song is just gorgeous.  Listen to it yourself, and I think you’ll understand why it made my list.

SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong)  – “Thank You (고맙다 – acoustic version)”

Ok – so this song is one that I would listen to on repeat for hours.  I am being literal here – I would drive in my car to and from college with this song on repeat the whole way.  No matter how much I may hate his terrible actions, I still love this song, and it will always be one of my favorite songs.

2PM – “Like A Movie (영화처럼)”

2PM is usually thought of for their faster, fun songs ~ this song is not that.  And this song always has me on the verge of tears.  My parents would make fun of how much the song made me just melt simply listening to it in our house or driving around.  There’s something so beautiful about the sadness of this song, and the way it makes the listener look back on life.  I just love this song.

BTOB – “Father (아버지)”

This song – this song.  I have always been really close to my father, and the song about a child and their father’s relationship where the father works so hard so his child can grow up in the best of circumstances and hides all the hardship that he goes through to get that for his child – well even just writing this, and thinking about this song is bring tears to my eyes.

Beast – “Say No (내 여자친구를 부탁해)”

Are you beginning to pick up that all of these songs are ballads, well here’s another ballad-type song for you.  I don’t know what it is about this song – honestly I don’t, with all the great Beast songs out there – but this song is the one that stuck, and oddly enough I always hear Dongwoon’s part in my head when I think of this song.  It just hits me in the feels.

B.A.P – “Unbreakable”

You didn’t think a list of favorite songs would NOT have a B.A.P song on it did you?  Honestly, I could probably just write “full discography” and be content knowing that there is not a single song from this group that I don’t love, but Unbreakable is just one of those songs that came to me at the right time in my life – when I needed something to pull me up and feel strong again.  B.A.P as a whole, and this song in particular did that for me – they made me feel happy when I needed it most.

Big Bang – “Haru Haru”

So, Big Bang was my gateway group in to the entire k-pop world, and this list would not be complete without Haru Haru going on this list.  This song just…, and the video just…if you are a fan who has somehow missed out on this slightly older song…you need to go and watch the video right away – this and “Lie” – simply put.  Big Bang are the kings of the Korean music scene for a reason – and it’s easily seen with in their roots.

Day6 – “Colors”

Ok – I think I have already gushed about this song sooooo much on our 2015 debut picks.  Colors is a song that reminds me of a time in my life when I needed friends and family the most – and having my support there to show me the colors of the world around me, well let’s just say this song means life to me.

Infinite – “Can U Smile” (acoustic version)

This song, and Infinite as a whole, just always amaze me.  This song is so cute, and pretty, and I love songs by this group where each member can be heard so distinctly.  They have amazing vocals and I wish they were given more opportunities to do stripped down songs.

Boyfriend – “Alarm”

This song snuck up on me.  I was surprised when I list didn’t feel complete without this song, but then again – this song is simply amazing.  And it was a chance for Boyfriend to allow their vocals to shine – this is a group that I think is highly underrated in their performance ability, and I wish they had more chances to show their talent in other moving songs like Alarm.

FTIsland – “Bad Woman”

Quite frankly I don’t know what it is about this song that I love so much – it’s a song about a woman who can’t love, and a man who blames her for that an realizes he also can’t love because he can’t forgive flaws – being someone who hasn’t experienced much heartache in the romantic department, I think I can boil my love for this song down the Hongki’s strong, and emotional vocal performance.

Sunggyu (Infinite) – “I Need You”

This song, and the album it’s from, just are so touching.  It was truly an album, and song on which Sunggyu shined.  There’s something so beautiful and right about this song, so sad and melodic.  I just feel it every time I listen to it, and it shakes me every time I listen to it.  That is all I want in a song.

Vixx LR – “Beautiful Liar”

Ok – everything about this song is so…heartbreakingly beautiful, and so perfectly done.  The video is a work of art, and the song is just stunning.  Simply put, I don’t have the words to accurately capture the mood of the song or video – it’s just something you need to see and hear for yourself.


For me who is in charge of the first generation idols making this list was insanely hard, because during the making of the first generation profiles I came across a lot of iconic songs but I also didn’t want to left the songs of the 2000’s or 2010’s out so I tried to pick at least one song from every decade. I also tried not to be biased towards a certain company, but as you will see I can’t deny which is my absolute favourite.

g.o.d – Lie

This song never fails to bring tears in my eyes. I like the dual lyrics which tells the story of a sad breakup…….Taewoo oppa’s voice is simply heartbreaking

Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

This song is an unexpected favourite. The funny thing is that I first heard this song sung by 2AM’s Jokwon, 2PM’s Chansung & Junho and Beast’s Doojoon during an old Gayo Daejun performance where the boys sang girl group songs and the girls sang boy group songs. So ever since I heard these 4 boys together (who ironically almost end up in the same group) I’m in love with this song and thanks to them I discovered BEG and their golden maknae Gain 🙂

2AM – A Friends Confession

Another heartbreaking song that I keep listening from time to time. As a girl who was always one-sidedly in love and who was friend-zoned many times this song hits me right in the feel whenever I hear it.

Wonder Girls – Nobody

Am I the only one who starts to do the dance as soon as I hear this song????? I love the retro concept, the song is insanely catchy and the dance is so easy and iconic that even a not so good dancer like me can easily follow at least the choreography during the chorus.

2PM – Hands up

Yes, again a JYP song that makes me dance as soon as I hear the first notes. A perfect feel-good song.

After School – Bang

Not many people know about me that I did baton twirling (or majorette as we call it in Europe) when I was in elementary school, so the thing that makes me like this song is that it so reminds me to those marching band songs and always brings back the best memories I have from my elementary school days

FT.Island – Only one person

Another sad sad song on my list but I’m simply in love with Honggi’s voice and this is one of their most heartbreaking song which is perfectly represented by the MV which alone could be a mini-drama.

Miss A – I don’t need a man

The perfect girl power song that always brings out the hidden feminist in me and shows that we can achive many thing even without a man.

Infinite – Destiny

It literally was Destiny that bring Infinite in my life and ever since than they managed to stay among my favourite groups.

Evol – We are a bit different

I think this song was one of the strongest debut song in the history of K-pop girl groups. Everything about this song was so new and so refreshing that it still makes me jump out of my seat and sing along with it everytime I hear it. Unfortunately the group wasn’t treated according to their talent and met with an early end, but I still hope that the members will eventually pop up again somewhere on the music scene.

B1A4 – What’s happening???

Another feel-good song so that you can see I don’t just listen depressingly sad songs 😀 This song is so catchy that it stuck in my head the first time I heard it on a music show and I find myself coming back to it whenever I need a song that could possibly cheer me up.

AOA – Get out

In the lights of Yookyung’s recent departure from AOA this song became all the more precious to me. That was the first song I heard from AOA and I think this song represented AOA’s original concept the best because it had the perfect balance between the band unit and the dance unit. After this AOA ditched the band unit and went down the sexy/dance route and ever since then I was silently praying for them to come back to this concept……but now we can’t be sure if it will ever happen again.

Xia – Even Though I Already Know

Though this song is about a break-up it reminds me to a special someone and the fact that how much I regret that I let that person walk out of my life 😦

Ailee – I’ll show you

As you can guess I’m someone who suffers from a severe lack of confidence and who had her fair share of heartache so somehow I’m drawn to songs that express how powerful a woman can be despite all the hardships she has to go through……and Ailee is the master of these songs. Singing along her songs gives me an opportunity to let out my hidden frustration and gain a little bit of my confidence back 🙂

T-Ara & The SeeYa & 5Dolls & SPEED – Painkiller

This song is really my painkiller…..every time when my depression kicks in I just listen to this song and crying my heart out with Jiyeon…..and somehow it “helps me take my pain away” 🙂

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