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Here is the Who’s Who index for each of The Boss (DGNA)’s promotional videos!


Here is the full The Boss (DGNA) discography

Album art for The Boss's album "The Admirer"


Album art for The Boss's album "Awake/Stumble Stumble"

  • The Boss (Intro)
  • Stumble Stumble (비틀비틀)
  • No…No (아무도.. 그 누구도)
  • New Boyz
  • The One
  • Dazzling World (눈부신 세계)
  • admiring boy (동경소년)

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Album art for the Boss's album "Lady"

  • Lady
  • Calling You
  • Lady (inst)

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Their album “Shadow” was never released so there is no album art or track list

Album art for The Boss's album "Chapter II"

  • Sad Story
  • Why Goodbye
  • We Are Together
  • What Are You (니가 뭔데)
  • Because Of You (너 때문에)

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Album art for DGNA's album "RillA Go"

  • Tarzan (Intro)
  • RillA Go!
  • Shine
  • RillA Go! (inst)

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Album art for The Boss (DGNA)'s album "Who?"

Who? (누구세요)