Top 10 Favorite Soloists

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 soloists!!!!!

Since we tend to listen to groups our soloist list will be a mix of guys and gals that we love


First off, this list is in no particular order, second I’m sorry fans of female artists there is only one female solo singer who has a large chunk of music that I listen to.  I did try to limit my list to artists that are soloists and not members of a group who also have a solo career.

1. Park Hyo Shin

Favorite Song(s): Wild Flower

I listened to a lot of Park Hyo Shin when I first got into Kpop, and then I got distracted by all the flashy dancing and abs.  But every once in a while I would come back to him and fall in love all over again.  It wasn’t until Wild Flower was released that I truly realized my love for him, it is not only my favorite song of his, it is my favorite song that was released this year [so far].

Park Hyo Shin

2. Mad Clown

Favorite Song(s): Without U, Stupid Love

This one should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen my bias list.  I love Mad Clown way too much for my own good.  He is an amazing rapper and his songs are reminiscent of the older Eminem songs that I love (though nothing like them at all).  He is also an amazing performer, it was actually how I was introduced to him, I saw him perform and was blown away and then started listening to his music.

Mad Clown

3. Yoo Seung Woo

Favorite Song(s): Hello, Irrisistable Lips

Another one who I love too much.  Yoo Seung Woo captured my heart with his debut song “Hello” specifically the line “나의 marshmallow” or “My marshmallow”. From that moment on he has been my marshmallow in K-pop.  His songs are so fun and airy and positive you can’t not smile listening to most of them.

Yoo Seung Woo

4. G.NA

Favorite Song(s): Black N’ White, I’ll Get Lost You Go Your Way, Green Light

Again, not a surprise that G.NA is on this list.  She is the one and only female soloist who I say I’m even a fan of.  I love everything she has done, she is hilarious to watch and an amazing singer and performer.  I have the biggest girl crush on her and would love to just hang out with her.


5. K.Will

Favorite Song(s): Please Don’t, From Day 1

Like Mad Clown I became a fan of K.Will after watching him perform (the man gave me serious goosebumps).  I had heard K.Will’s music before over the years but never gave him much though until seeing him live.  On top of being an amazing singer his music videos are always so enjoyable to watch, though not always the happiest of videos.



Favorite Song(s): Vanilla Sky, #Can’tStop

AOORA is my one exception to my rule of also being in a group.  AOORA as a solo artists and I’m pretty sure as a man is a sexual deviant which is very greatly repressed as a member of AA.  Aside from having the most fun name to say ever, AOORA has this amazing ability to take something that were any other artist to try and sell me I would be appalled and not even give it a second chance, when AOORA does it, it is pure golden magic wonderfulness.  Serisously I’m afraid AOORA could sell me a dirty diaper or a rock he picked up off the street.



Favorite Song(s): I Just Cry, Way To Your Heart

JJun may only have 7 songs but he made an impact on me.  I remember watching both of JJUN’s videos with Manwon^^ a little over a year ago and thinking “meh.”  However a few months later, all I could think about was “The solo singer, who rode a motorcycle and had an interesting helmet.” I hounded Manwon^^ for weeks asking her who sang the song with that video before randomly remembering JJUN’s name, and the rest is history.


8. Noh Ji Hoon / Roh Ji Hoon

Favorite Song(s): Punishment, Song For You

And the solo singer that has an even smaller discography than JJUN yet I still obsess over is Roh Ji Hoon.  This man only needed to do two things to win me over, 1: have the most awkward and uncomfotrable looking pants dance on the planet. 2: Wave to me.  My love for Roh Ji Hoon goes so far that as once I learned that he was going to be in a Musical, (one that I had already seen twice without him) I bought another VIP seat ticket without any hesitation because I just want to see him.

Roh Ji Hoon

9. SE7EN

Favorite Song(s): Passion, I Know, LaLaLa, I’m Going Crazy, Girls

SE7EN is another singer that I have been of fan of for several years and like AOORA he can make anything better.  Seriously I watched the entire season of Dancing With The Stars when Lil’ Kim was on and voted for her because I kept hoping SE7EN would appear, I called my radio stations frequently trying to get Girls on the radio (and honestly its not even that good of a song).  I’m so disappointed that I did not buy a ticket to SE7EN’s farewell concert before he went into the military but there was just one seat on a Friday and I didn’t want to go alone. TT_TT


10. Jung DongHa

Favorite Song(s): If I, KHOR BA

Jung DongHa seriously owns my heart, I am so in love with this man.  I first became a fan of his watching him as a musical actor, He was one of the few actors in that particular show that was able to capture my attention for all of the hullabaloo up on stage behind him.  It wasn’t until later that I learned that my new love was also the singer of Boohwal, but up until the release of his 1st solo album I have really only thought of him as a musical actor, one that I see every chance I get.  I’m so excited that he is releasing his own music after leaving Boohwal.

Jung Dong Ha

11. Rain

Favorite Song(s): Love Song, Hip Song, Rainism, LA Song

Yes I know this list says top 10, but did you think I was going to make a top 10 list and not include Rain? Personally I don’t think Rain is the best singer, but there is some unexplained love I have for the man.  Seriously ask Manwon^^ and my other friends all I do is tease Rain for one reason or another.  Yet I am hopelessly under the spell of Rain and I would not have it any other way.



Again my list is in no particular order ~ also, my list does include some solo artists who are/were part of a group, but I consider myself a fan of the artist as a solo, as well as, a fan of the group

1. Kang Seung Yoon

Manwon's Solo Kang Seung Yoon.

Favorite Song(s): It Rains, Stealer, Wild and Young

Kang Seung Yoon has been on my radar for a long time, and when he finally started releasing music on YG as a solo I was so freaking excited!  Then to watch Who Is Next ~ well he won me over completely.  I love his voice, and his song “It Rains” is literally the most played song on my ipod. I adore him, as both a solo, and part of Winner, in so many ways, it’s rather ridiculous ~

2. Kim Jaejoong

solo jaejoong

Favorite Song(s): Just Another Girl, Butterfly, Let the Rhythm Flow

Jaejoong is one of those artists that blows me away with is ability to compose amazing music ~ something you’ll notice with the solos I list here, many of them have a rock vibe to them – Kang Seung Yoon being the first with a rocker vibe, Jaejoong being the second. I just love me some rockers – which brings me to the next artist:

3. Jung Joon Young

Manwon's Solo Jung Joon Young.

Favorite Song(s): Teenager, Spotless Mind, Is It Real?

Obviously he had to be on this list, he’s also one of my biases in all of Korean Musicdom ~ Again a strong rocker with amazing ability to write and compose music ~ He always blows me away with his awesome.  If he wasn’t so tall I would say he’s the type of person I want to keep in my pocket.

4. Mad Clown

Manwon's Solo Madclown.

Favorite Song(s): Without You, Poker Value

Mad Clown caught my attention after seeing him live, he’s an amazing rapper with a different style than many rappers – he throws his emotions into his raps, and he has a slow, sleepy style of rapping, both of which make him one of my favorite rappers ~

5. Kim Jeong Hoon

Manwon's Solo Kim Jeong Hoon.

Favorite Song(s): Daily *really anything this man sings*

Jeong Hoon, or John Hoon, is one of my favorite artists in K-Pop, he definitely had his peak back during his days in his duo group the UN, and when he was on “Goong” but I love him so much even now ~ and I am so excited that he has comeback after his military service and he is continuing to release music, act, and be in musicals!  I will forever be this man’s fan ~

6. Eric Nam

Manwon's Solo Eric Nam.

Favorite Song(s): Heaven, Ooh Ooh

Eric Nam is one of those artists that I have been with since his debut.  I adore him as a singer, and he just wins me over more with each new release ~ He definitely deserves a spot on this list

7. Kidoh

Manwon's Solo Kidoh.

Favorite Song(s): This is an invalid question – whatever Kidoh touches is gold

Kidoh, as part of Topp Dogg, impressed me. Kidoh as a solo rap artist, slays me.  Kidoh is simply amazing at what he does and the fact that he writes his own music, and knows how to compose music ~ the dude was able to release his own album with his skills!  He’s just…I lack the proper words to define Kidoh and his awesome

8. IU

Manwon's Solo IU.

Favorite Song(s): MIA, Good Day, Scary Fairy Tale, You & I

IU is amazing – her vocal range is crazy, she’s 100% capable of writing her own music, and she just blows me away live.  I don’t think I have ever been as impressed with someone live before as I was with IU – her vocals sound even better live than they do on recordings – that’s a rare talent indeed.  Of any solo artist on my list, I think her vocals are by far the best.

9. Ailee

Manwon's Solo Ailee.

Favorite Song(s): I’ll Show You, Don’t Touch Me

Ailee is simply amazing as well.  She just blows me away when she sings.  I hope one day to be lucky enough to see her live if she is as good as I suspect she is.  I don’t have a lot of females on this list, but the two I have…they keep pace with the males, and in most cases, are able to blow the males out of the water with their vocals

10. B.I

solo bi

Favorite Song(s): Be I

OK, yes, I am aware I am slightly cheating here since B.I has never officially released any of his solo music separately from a TV show – but I don’t care…B.I’s talents to write music, perform, and simply just be awesome – well that’s deserving of a spot on my list.  I look forward to seeing B.I in the future as both a part of iKON, but also I can’t wait to see his solo work!

11. Rain!

Solo Rain

Favorite Song(s): ***like it matters, it’s Rain***

OK, so like James, I had to cheat and add Rain – but really it’s Rain…Rain owns the world, don’t believe me? Go ask Stephen Colbert.


As you all know I’m quite a new K-pop fan so I only know a small number of solo artists and quite a few songs, but I tried my best, but I also failed to limit it to 10 and I cheated at least twice 😀

1. Ailee

Ailee's "Magazine" promotional picture.

Favourite song(s): I’ll show you, U&I, Don’t touch me

Ailee also charmed me in Dream High 2 but I tend to like her powerful r&b songs more than her ballads.

2. Eric Nam

Eric Nam's "Ooh Ooh" promotional picture.

Favourite song(s): Ooh Ooh

After searching for variety shows about my favourite groups I found some episodes of After School Club on Youtube and this funny guy always made me laugh. Than he came out with Ooh Ooh featuring one of my bias, Hoya and he also stole my hear with his smile while I watched him on music shows

3. G.NA

Favourite song(s): Black & White, Pretty Lingerie

I think I first saw her in Oh My School where she promoted Black & White, and I have to admit that at first I only watched the MV because of 2AM’s Jinwoon 😀 But at the same time this awsome girl also charmed me with her cute voice.

4. K.Will


Favourite song(s): You don’t know love, Love Blossom, Day 1, Peppermint Chocolate (Mamamoo’s predebut song feat. K.Will), Like a star

All I can say is I’m in love with his voice, it melts my heart everytime I hear it.

5. Kim Bo Kyung

Kim Bo Kyung

Favourite song(s): Drink with me (Feat Punch), Memories (Feat. Danny An), Words That My Heart Shouts

I first met with her OST song for „Three days” but which made me fall for her was her duet with Punch which I constantly listened for weeks. Since then I think there wasn’t a Kim Bokyung song that I didn’t liked 🙂

6. San.E

San.E's "NOT Based on the True Story" promotional picture.

Favourite song(s): Breakup Dinner, Where did you sleep last night, Body Language, What’s wrong with me (feat Kang Minhee), Midsummer night’s sweetness (feat Raina)

San E is an old JYP oppa for me but I think he made a good decision when he signed with Brand New Music because now he is able to promote more than during his JYP days. I really love his funny personality and his rapping style is my favourite.

7. Kang Min Hee

Kang Min Hee

Favourite song(s): It’s you, Call me Noona(feat Kanto), What’s