Top 10 Favorite Groups (Female)

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 groups!!!!!


First I want to apologize that this list is top 10 and not top 15 like the boys.  Although I like female singers and groups I don’t have 15 that I would consider favorites.

1. Miss A

Main Bias: Fei (Although I also really love Min)

Favorite Songs: I Don’t Need A Man, Bad Girl Good Girl

I have been a fan of Miss A since their debut, they consistently release good music and are very talented performers.  Min is a firecracker on shows and when the whole group is together they all are so much fun to watch.  I’m bummed that JYP doesn’t promote them more.

Miss A Group Pic

2. Girls’ Generation

Main Bias: Hyoyeon

Favorite Songs: Genie, Gee, Into The New World, The Boys

Girl’s Generation is the girl group who I love to hate, in the best way possible.  When I was in university they released “Gee” and that became the party song for me and my friends.  The songs that Girls’ Generation makes are way to catchy for their own good, and once I hear one I’m singing it to myself for days.  They are one of two girl groups whose music I actually purchase hard copies of, the other is Miss A, the rest its all digital.

Girls' Generation Group Photo

3. 4Minute

Main Bias: Jiyoon

Favorite Songs: Muzik, Hot Issue, What A Girl Wants, 24/7 (2Yoon), Change (Hyuna Solo)

I debated a little weather or not to include 4Minute on my list because I really am not a fan of their newer songs.  However, my love of their earlier songs keeps them here, that and the fact that I am hoping that their next songs go back to the 4Minute I want to listen to.  4Minute makes great music, and they are so much fun to watch on both programs and on stage, I just wish the their new songs were as unique and their earlier songs.

4Minute Group Photo

4. Brown Eyed Girls

Main Bias: Ga-In

Favorite Songs: Abracadabra, Sign, Sixth Sense, Cleansing Cream

I have to thank Jo Kwon for getting me into Brown Eyed Girls back when they were promoting Abracadabra.  I love that Brown Eyed Girls use their sex appeal to actually make statements rather than have them just be super sexy women.  Their videos are also very well done and creative.

Brown Eyed Girl's group photo

5. BESTie

Main Bias: Hye Yeon

Favorite Songs: Thank You Very Much, I Need You

BESTie is a relatively new group with a much smaller discography but these girls are all insanely talented.  These girls can sing, they can dance and their raps are also great.  I’m really looking forward to seeing where BESTie goes and watching them grow as a group.

BESTie group photo

6. 2NE1

Main Bias: CL

Favorite Songs: Ugly, Lonely, Missing

Despite the fact that 2NE1 has been around for several years, I haven’t been a fan of theirs for very long, so I am not as familiar with a lot of their older songs.  I regret the fact that I haven’t listened to them more because there isn’t a single song that I have heard from that I haven’t liked.

2NE1 Group Photo

7. T-ARA

Main Bias: Jiyeon

Favorite Songs: Bo Peep Bo Peep, I Go Crazy Because Of You, Never Ever (Jiyeon Solo)

My love of T-ARA comes and goes in waves, their songs are super fun and catchy to the point that eventually I want to scream because they have been in head for so long.  The pattern tends to go: They release the song, I listen, I like it, 3 days later I love, one week later I hate it, they stop promoting I love it again.

T-ARA Group photo

8. A-Pink

Main Bias: Bomi

Favorite Songs: Mr. Chu, NoNoNo

Like 2NE1 I’m a relatively new fan if A-Pink so I have only listened to their singles which are really good.  The reason A-Pink is on this list is because of Bomi.  I love watching Bomi on weekly idol, she is so much fun to watch and super adorable.


9. Mamamoo

Main Bias: Hwasa

Favorite Song: Mr. Ambiguous

Mamamoo may only have a handful of songs but this group is full of talent and attitude.  As far as rookie groups go Mamamoo is one of the ones to watch.  I am really excited for whatever comes next for them.


10. Ladies’ Code

Main Bias: Sojung

Favorite Songs: I’m Fine Thank you, Pretty Pretty, Hate You

It saddens me that I did not realize how fantastic Ladies’ Code is earlier.  I really loved Pretty Pretty when they released it but that was that, it wasn’t until I capped their songs that I realized how amazing these girls are, my love of the group grew really quickly and then the accident happened.  I saw so much potential in the group as a whole and everything that happened ended things too quickly.

Ladies Code


Now before I dive in to it – again, there is no order to this list.  And just like James – unfortunately I just don’t have as many girl groups that I would consider myself a huge fan of, so this list is only 10 groups ~ though I do like many songs by many girl groups – these groups are groups that I own much more music for, and I am an avid fan of ~

1. Miss A

miss a

Main Bias: Min

Favorite Songs: Love Alone, Breathe, Are You Dazed, Goodbye Baby

Miss A is just one of those fun groups that caught my attention right away ~ they are super talented, and super fun.  I adore these ladies for everything they bring to the table.

2. F(X)

F(X)'s "Red Light" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Amber

Favorite Songs: Sorry (Dear. Daddy), Mr. Boogie, Chu ~, Red Light

F(X) is another one of those groups that creates fun, music with a great vibe.  They show amazing talent when given the chance, and I wish they had more chances to show off their talents.

3. Orange Caramel

orange caramel

Main Bias: Nana

Favorite Songs: Bangkok City, Shanghai Romance, Lipstick

Ok – have you noticed a trend?  I like girl groups with fun, up-tempo songs, who don’t seem to take themselves super serious.  They are simply a fun, talented group of girls whom I love to watch.


Sistar's "I Swear" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Hyorin

Favorite Songs: Alone, Push Push, Loving U

SISTAR is yet another group that releases great fun music that is so catchy and easy to love.  They also are super talented ~ I love watching them perform so much.  They also nail the sexy concept – doing everything so perfectly balanced.

5. Secret

Secret's "I'm in Love" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Song Ji Eun

Favorite Songs: Starlight Moonlight, I Want You Back, Madonna,Shy Boy

Secret is another girl group with amazing talent, and great fun songs ~ they also manage to balance sexy and cute very well.  They just make me so happy between their talent, and their great songs.

6. T-ARA

T-ARA members for "And&End" promotions

Main Bias: Soyeon

Favorite Songs: Cry Cry, Day by Day, Roly-Poly

T-ARA is such a fantastic group in the fact that they make fun, dance disco music ~  their music style is just up my alley – though talent wise they may be lacking slightly compared to others I have on this list, I still adore these ladies to pieces.


Mamamoo's "Mr. Ambiguous" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Moon Byul

Favorite Songs: Don’t Be Happy, Mr.Ambigous

Mamamoo is a group that wowed me with their pre-debut song, and they have continued to wow me since then – extreme talent, great fun songs, with concepts that are fun and lightly sexy.

8. Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill members for Sunny Blues promotions

Main Bias: Kota

Favorite Songs: Midnight Circus, Pray

Sunny Hill hasn’t always been a girl group, but I am adding them here because they are now – though I will always remember them as the full group Janghyun.  Sunny Hill is amazingly talented, and they work really hard together to make their music, and it’s always just such great music ~  I love these lovely ladies

9. Purfles

Purfles' "1,2,3" promotional picture.

Main Bias: I really don’t know enough about these ladies to have a bias yet

Favorite Songs: 1 2 3

This group just grabbed my attention immediately – I adore them so much thus far since their debut ~ I can’t wait to hear more from them soon.

10. 2NE1

2NE1's promotional picture for "Crush".

Main Bias: Minzy

Favorite Songs: I Don’t Care, Slow, Go Away, You & I (Bom solo), Ugly

This group has to be on my list, they are the first girl group in kpop that ever considered myself a fan of, and though I have moved away from them slightly – I still enjoy their music.  They are a group that carries fond memories for me.


It was so hard to cut it down to 10 but here’s my favourite girl groups 🙂

1. Miss A

miss a

Main Bias: Min

Favourite Songs: I don’t need a man, Goodbye Baby

They were my first Korean girl group since they are a labelmate of 2PM (And I think you already noticed that I’m biased towards JYP artists :D) I think the main reason that I like them is the fact that they are not an overly cute, over girly group.

2. AOA / AOA Black


Main Bias: Jimin (closely folloed by Choa, Mina & Yuna)

Favourite Songs: Get out

Yes my second bias in the favourite agency list is definitely FNC Entertaintment 😀
I love them ever since their debut but I have to admit that I miss AOA Black and their band concept. They are curently too lost in the sexy concept, but I hope they won’t completly forget their band (and also poor Youkyung 😦 )


Sistar's "Touch My Body" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Hyolyn

Favourite Songs: Loving U

I met with Hyolyn in Dream High 2 and she amazed me with her voice, that’s what brought me to Sistar. Amzing group with talent 🙂

4. Secret

Secret's "I'm in Love" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Hyoseong

Favourite Songs: Shy Boy, I’m in love

Recently I tend to prefer the sexy Secret over the cute Secret, but their talent shine through every concept 🙂

5. Spica


Main Bias: Bohyung

Favourite Songs: Russian Roulette, You don’t love me

Every time I hear Bohyung and Boa I’m in heaven. They are insanely talented but sadly very underrated 😦

6. T-ARA

T-ARA Group photo

Main Bias: Jiyeon

Favourite Songs: Bo Peep Bo Peep,Roly-Poly, Do you know me?

I love how funny their songs are and their slightly retro vibe 🙂

7. Laboum