4 comments on “VAV Dance With Me Who’s Who

  1. at 5:57 Ziu answer yes for him being a vocalist and at 8;42 Ayno said he was the main dancer from being asked *Removed unofficial link*

      • How come you position others as a dancer on other ones?
        Like in Got7 you listed Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung and Yugyeom all as dancers.
        The same with Gumin and J-Hoon from BIG
        And you listed Sun from Map6 just as Dance and you did the same with Daewon from MadTown…
        You can see my confusion right

      • Usually we only mention dance when the member either has no other official position in the group, or they have a very important role in actually choreographing the dances – there’s a method to it
        ~ Manwon^^

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