1. Where do you find your information?

Manwon^^ and I work incredibly hard to bring you only the most reliable and official information possible.  We appreciate receiving help from any fan we do always check that information and verify it before updating anything.  When it comes to finding information we consider the following sources:

Official Daum/Naver fancafes, Official Company/Group websites, Melon.com, Mwave.com, news articles**, Official Youtube channels/Videos of the artists, Official Facebooks, Official Twitters/Instagrams/SNS accounts.  We understand that especially when it comes to SNS accounts there are often times several fake accounts, Manwon^^ and I spend a lot of time double and triple checking every piece of information on our site.

We will be compiling lists of all official Daums/Navers/websites…and posting those in the “Just for fun tab” as some of our next projects so be on the look out for those as well.

**Groups will share most new articles about them on their daum cafe’s, Manwon^^ and I would like to assume that the group would not share the article if any information in it was false.

***Wiki pages are not good sources as anyone can go onto Wiki and change information.  We do not use other fansites because we cannot verify that they are as strict as we are when it comes to only using official sources***

2. Why is __my favorite group__ not on your webpage?

We have tried to come up with a comprehensive list of some of the most popular as well as newer lesser known groups currently performing in Kpop.  With the number of groups that have debuted in the last few years we couldn’t possibly keep up with all them.  We do want to try and include as many new artists as possible so for groups that have debuted in each year please check our “Rookie Group” tab.  Many of the older groups have profiles all over the web so we have decided our primary focus will be getting Rookie Group profile information up first.  That does not mean we will be neglecting older groups, it may just take us a while to post their information.  If we are missing your favorite group we sincerely apologize and would be more than happy to consider adding it to our lists.  So please don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Why aren’t the groups full discographies available?

We have made a decision to focus only on korean releases.  Releases that were meant to be released in another country for promotion have not been included.  For example: JYJ’s album “The Beggining…” was intended for a US/English language release so was not inlcuded.  The same can be said for Super Junior’s new Japanese album “Hero.”  At the same time albums that were released either simultaneously in two countries or have a korean and other language version have been included.  This is why we have included Super Junior-M’s albums and EXO’s albums. We have also chosen to exclude any song that was made to be an OST song, purely because there are just way too many OST songs.

In regards to some songs that may be missing from an artists discography.  Some songs may be cover’s or tributes, and have been left out.  In the case of DBSK’s “Balloons”, this song is a cover of another singer.  We have included that song because it was released on DBSK’s own album of their own songs and promoted as such.  In the case of Super Junior’s “Full Of Happiness (행복)”, that song is a cover H.O.T’s song and was released on the SMTown collaboration album so it has been left out of our list.  There may be exceptions made for cover’s or tributes usually if the album is released for charity or another reason.  We will mention any exceptions on the artists discography page.

We also exclude any albums and videos that are project’s such as the Brave Brothers 10th anniversary songs like Apink’s sub-unit Pink BnN.  We feel that projects are not a part of either person’s discography so therefore we don’t include those.  The same applies for collaborations, and compilations including multiple artists.  We will include compilations that are “Best of”, but we exclude multiple artist compilations, such as SMTOWN releases.


4. Why are there so many more boy groups than girl groups?

Unfortunately, since  Manwon^^,  James and Katie are girls and have a lot of interest in boy groups we seem to not have the wealth of knowledge in girl groups that we do in boy groups.  We are working on making our lists more boy-girl balanced as we know there are many supporters of all groups.  If there is a group you would like to see please let us know.

5. How often do you update this site/profiles?

We update the site as often as possible.  Our goal is to make sure our site has the most up-to-date information.  Once a groups page is up we will try and update that page within a week of any comeback or new information. (depending on how busy we are)

6. Why are some Who’s Who images so difficult to see?

Unfortunately the quality of all of our who’s who images depends completely on the quality of the original video.  We try to only use videos that are on an official channel, but with a group like Dynamic Duo or Big Bang their videos are a lot older and the quality just wasn’t as good as it is now.  We have chosen to still cap the low quality video because a low quality image is better than no image.

7. Why do you not distinguish between Lead Vocal, Main Vocal, Vocal, ETC.?

There is a huge discrepancy between companies and even in one groups songs as to what makes a Lead Vocal and Main Vocal.  For example in Mr.Mr Tey is technically the Main Vocal, in some songs he sings a significant portion with Ryu, the Lead Vocal, singing as backup.  Then when they released “Do You Feel Me” Jin, a vocalist, now sang most of the song.  In our opinion there is no need to specify the role aside from Vocal, Rap, Dancer or some specialty.  Also, Visual positions are typically not included on our profiles either – if they have another position such as: Vocal, Rap, or Dance, to be a “Visual” is, we believe, more in the eye of the beholder.

8. Why don’t you post fun facts for the groups?

Since we only post information that we can personally verify through official sites verifying fun facts can be difficult.  On top of that like everyone Manwon^^ and James each have their favorite groups and know a lot more about those groups that other groups, especially when it comes to many of the boy groups.  We want to treat each group as fairly as possible so that means that we have chosen not to post fun facts.  With that being said, if you would like to share information that you know about groups for other fans please feel free to do so.


9. Why doesn’t my comment show up right away?

Because we are occasionally asked to correct information we want to verify it before any comment goes through.  This helps prevent possible inaccurate information from being passed around, and also serves as a reminder to us to get the information corrected.  We often see a comment but don’t have time to check and verify in the moment and we are prone to forgetfulness if we approve a comment right awayn.


10. Why did you edit my comment?

We at Kpopinfo114 are very careful not to spread incorrect or un-sourced information.   If we edit your comment it could be:

  • your comment was very long and had lots of information that we used/didn’t use so we decided to shorten it.
  • We are linking to an unofficial account (YT, Twitter, FB, ETC…)
  • Asking for or giving out specific personal information about a user is posted (please don’t share your age, or specific locations.  Example: I’m X years old and live in Small Town, USA)
  • Other edits may occur at the guru discretion

11.  How do you determine if someone was a previous member of a group or not?

There is a very fine line between former member and not on our site.  We consider anyone a former member if they participated in a music release once a line-up was announced for a group.  For example Moos from MADTOWN is a former member of MBLAQ because it is his vocals on the debut album but he did not debut with the group.  or Saebom from Wanna.B was a member for the group’s pre-debut album and MV.

If a member joins a group after debut but does not participate in any promotions for the group and leaves, they are still a former member of the group.  For example Jiwon from MR.MR and Yera from Cupid.

If a person leaves the group before any official release, even if they show up in pre-release tv’s shows or yt episodes they are not considered former members of a group.  For example Samuel who left Seventeen and joined 1Punch or Hyunsung who left Big Bang and joined Beast.

If a group announces a line-up, never debuts or releases any official music, no longer plans to debut but has a profile on our page the members are not former members and on any other profiles featuring the members the other group will be listed as “See Also”.  For example Afos / Informal, D.I.P / Lose Control.

20 comments on “FAQ

  1. Hello, my friend is recently new on the Korean music world and I was wondering if you could do his band, they perform in front of thousands of people. I became friends with him, after he debuted

    http://www.i-zin.net/cms – this is their website and profile, there band is called That’s right

  2. Just a quick thank you for all the hard work you put into your site, it is a wealth of information and even if they don’t tell you I’m sure everyone appreciates your efforts.

    • Requests are closed at the moment. I did see that they debuted and already told manwon about them. We will open requests once we have a lighter workload. ~James

  3. I know it’s probably not important, but it’s been bothering me for a while; Why in the __ Who’s Who / Disc. tabs some have ~ and others have *?

    • Thanks I checked all of the links and updated the T-ARA videos, The BESTie link for hot baby is still working for me. In the future if you have any corrections or fixed links your more than welcome to comment on the page that needs to be fixed.

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