M.C. The Max Who’s Who / Discography

Here is the Who’s Who index for each of M.C. The Max’s promotional videos!

Most of M.C The Max’s older videos are no longer on any official YT channel

The members of M.C. The Max are not in many of their earlier videos.  Videos with the members will be marked with “**”

*** These are two parts of the same story, watch them in order

 Since the following are solo releases any links will go to the official YT videos


Here is the full M.C. The Max discography

Album art for M.C. The Max's album "M.C The Max!"

Disc 1

  • Intro
  • Goodbye For A Moment (잠시만 안녕) Pop Ver
  • I Want Love (사랑하고 싶었어)
  • My Last Breath (마지막 내 숨소리)
  • Best Friend
  • Unwavering (변함없는 나)
  • Heaven’s Regards (천(天)의 안부)
  • December (12월)
  • Love Me (사랑하는 날)
  • White Sky (하얀 하늘)
  • Broken Love (파애 [破愛])
  • Searcy (서시)
  • Goodbye For A Moment (잠시만 안녕)

Disc 2

  • Intro
  • Insanity
  • One Love
  • Disco Fever
  • Doesn’t Matter
  • White Snow Piled In The Streets (흰눈에 쌓인 이 거리에서…)

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Album art for M.C. The Max's album "Love Is Time Sixth Sense"

  • Star (별)
  • Tears In Mind (그대는 눈물겹다)
  • Time Of Love (사랑의 시 [時])
  • Sixth Sense
  • Moon (낮달)
  • Follow Me
  • 10 Years After That Day (하루가 십년이 되는 날)
  • Like A Wind
  • For You
  • I Want Love (사랑하고 싶었어) Part II
  • Something Love
  • Find My True Self Part II
  • City Of Love (사랑의 시 [時]) inst
  • Tears In Mind (그대는 눈물겹다) inst
  • Sixth Sense (inst)

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Album art for M.C. The Max's album "Solitude Love"

  • I Believe In Love (사랑을 믿어요)
  • A Sunflower Also Can Hurt Its Neck (해바라기도 가끔 목이 아프죠)
  • Something Called Farewell (이별이라는 이름)
  • Don’t Be Happy (행복하지 말아요)
  • Yet Another Sad Love Song (아직 슬픈 사랑의 노래)
  • False Farewell (거짓 이별)
  • Play For Me (날 위한 연극 – 시나리오)
  • Love Actually
  • Closed To Love (닫혀진 사랑을 향해)
  • Memory
  • Did You See My Love (사랑해 봤나요?)
  • To Me


Album art for M.C. The Max's album "Memory Traveler"

  • Changing Wind (바람이 전하는 말)
  • Wildflower (들꽃)
  • Surrounded By The Scent (그대의 향기는 흩날리고)
  • Reunion Of Memories (추억 속의 재회)
  • I Love You (나는 너 좋아)
  • Party Of Tears (눈물의 파티)
  • Forgotten (잊기로 했네)
  • Lost Oriole (못찾겠다 꾀꼬리)
  • Head-Shot (단발머리)
  • Come Back To Busan (돌아와요 부산항에)
  • Song Of The Wind (바람의 노래)
  • Winter Tea House (그 겨울의 찻집)
  • Seoul Seoul Seoul (서울 서울 서울)
  • Indian Curlew (마도요)
  • My Name In The Clouds (내 이름은 구름이여)