M.C. The Max Who’s Who / Discography

Here is the Who’s Who index for each of M.C. The Max’s promotional videos!

Most of M.C The Max’s older videos are no longer on any official YT channel

The members of M.C. The Max are not in many of their earlier videos.  Videos with the members will be marked with “**”

  • Goodbye For A Moment (잠시만 안녕)
  • A Sunflower Also Can Hurt Its Neck (해바라기도 가끔 목이 아프죠) *This is a behind the scenes / jacket making mv and wasn’t capped*
  • Don’t Be Happy (행복하지 말아요) ***
  • Something Called Farewell (이별이라는 이름) ***
  • Reunion Of Memories (추억 속의 재회)
  • Unfortunately (아쉬워서)
  • We Love To Be hurt (사랑은 아프려고 하는 거죠)
  • Bolttaegi love (볼때기 사랑)
  • Returns **
  • At The End Of Love (사랑이 끝나면) **
  • Stop My Heart (가슴아 그만해)
  • Perpetuating (여大(대)여)
  • Tears (눈물)
  • Red Sunset (붉은 노을) *This is a live performance video and was not capped*
  • Oh! Plz *Thi