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Here is the Who’s Who index for each of S’s promotional videos!

 Since the following are solo releases any links will go to the official YT videos


Lee Ji Hoon

Here is the full S discography

Album art for S's album "I Swear"

  • I Swear
  • Love Is (사랑니…)
  • Just One Moment (미쳤었죠)
  • Tears Of The Moon (달이 꾸는 꿈)
  • Say (몰랐죠)
  • I Wass… (왜…)
  • Never Knew
  • Love Is What I Need (사랑밖에 모르죠)
  • Sentimental
  • Prayer
  • Emerald (에메랄드)
  • I Believe


Album art for S's Album "Autumn Breeze"

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Album art for Kangta's album "Polaris"

  • Falling In Love (오! 그대를)
  • Longing (별의 고백)
  • Polarity (북극성)
  • Thanks God (Thanks 8)
  • My Life (스물 셋)
  • Last Winter – My Story 1 (겨울 – 나의 이야기 하나)
  • In Your Eyes
  • Still (당신이 알고 있던 난…)
  • Doobibu
  • I Will – My Story 2 (나…세상…나 – 나의 이야기 두울)
  • That Summer (그 해 여름)
  • Blue Moon
  • White Face (하얀 얼굴로)
  • Rainy Day (오늘 같이 이런 창밖이 좋아)
  • Polarity (북극성) inst


Album art for Kangta's album "Pine Tree"

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Album art for Kangta's album "Persona"

  • Persona (가면)
  • Illusion (쓰레기)
  • Agape (느리게 걷기)
  • Paralysis (마비)
  • Just One Day (하루만큼만)
  • No More Than My Dream (꿈일 뿐이죠)
  • Reminiscence (일어나기)
  • Blue Snow
  • Always (그녀의 목소리가 들립니다)
  • Prayer (잠든 기도)
  • Agape (느리게 걷기) inst
  • Always (그녀의 목소리가 들립니다) inst

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