Jinusean Who’s Who / Discography

Here is the Who’s Who index for each of Jinusean’s promotional videos!

Here is the full Jinusean discography


  • Jinusean Bomb
  • Gasoline (Original Ver.)
  • I Will (내가)
  • Tell Me (말해줘)
  • Celebrate
  • Young Nation
  • Tracing You (미행)
  • To Each Other (서로)
  • Celebrate (English Ver.)
  • Gasoline (D.O Edit Ver.)

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  • Jinusean Bomb (Remix ver)
  • What U Wanna Do (이제 더 이상)
  • Gasoline (English Ver)
  • Throw Them Hands Up
  • Gasoline (Remix Ver)
  • Like This Like That
  • What U Wanna Do (English Ver)
  • Jinusean Bomb (Original Ver)
  • Celebrate (Original Ver) Bonus Track

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  • Holdin Down
  • A-Yo
  • Real Wunz
  • Bing Bing Bing (빙빙빙)
  • Hip-Hop Seoul-者
  • Ooo Boy
  • 2 Run Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop (힙合)
  • Follow Me
  • JS Anthem
  • Outro
  • Ooh Boy (The Black Crow Remix)

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  • What´s Up
  • Phone Number (전화번호)
  • Magic Wand (요술 방망이)
  • Exciting Hip Hop (신나는 힙합)
  • Tonight
  • Mr. Jinusean (미스터 지누션)
  • I Can See (보이네)
  • 2 All My People
  • Well Come
  • Microphone
  • What´s Up
  • Passion Remix (열정 리믹스)

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Album art for Jinusean's album "Say It One More Time"

Tell Me One More Time (한번 더 말해줘)

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