4 comments on “Cosmic Girls [WJSN] MoMoMo Who’s Who

  1. Great to see you have put it up but some are wrong, I feel bad for pointing out but the picture you have for Xuan Yi is Luda, the one you have for Luda is Yeoreum, and the one you have for Yeoreum is Eunseo.
    Sorry to bother ^^

      • It’s fine 🙂 I can understand the feeling XD They’re all correct now except for Xuan Yi (my bias lmao), if you want to find her she is at 1:19 – 1:20 ish in the MV ❤

      • Oh my goodness, I swear I’s loose my own head if it wasn’t attached to my body now. This is what happens when I work on the website 4 hours past my bedtime. lol. ~James

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