Top 10 Hip Hop / R&B Artists

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 Hip Hop and R&B artists!!!!!


Since its been so difficult to give the proper love to everyone I love the proper love that they deserve.  It seems very fitting to give Hip Hop and R&B some love too. Like most of my lists the higher up someone is on my list the more steady they are

1. Mad Clown

Favorite Song(s): Without U, Stupid Love

This one should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen my other lists.  Mad Clown has continued to be one of my favorite artists.  Need I say more?


2. Crush

Favorite Song(s): Hug Me, Sofa, Oasis

In retrospect Crush should have been on my favorite debut’s from last year.  I am obsessed with every single song that Crush has released.


Main Bias(es): Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy, Tiger JK

Favorite Song(s): Angel*, 6AM, Sweet Dream

Is any hip-hop list complete without MFBTY, the answer would be NO, NEVER.  Seriously you have 3 fantastic legends all working together to make one fantastic and amazing group.  Its so tough to even pick who would be my favorite out of the three.


4. Basick

Favorite Song(s): Stand Up,

I had heard the name Basick long ago and it’s always stuck with me.  It wasn’t until SMTM4 when I realized how amazing Basick was.  Basick was the one rapper who I said “If he goes home I quit”.  Usually I don’t think I mean it, I meant it.


5. San.E

Favorite Song(s): Tasty San, MeYou

I have been a fan of San.E since he debuted with JYP oh so long ago.  At the time I thought he was more of a joke, but if you know that song and the video you kinda know why I thought that.  As it turned out San.E blew my mind with his awesomenes.


6. Jay Park

Favorite Song(s): Joah, Metronome, So Good

Jay Park the man I love to hate but truly love.  Jay is another one who I have been a fan of for ages and ages.  I have said many times that I prefer Jay as a singer to Jay as a rapper, and I still stand by it.  Jay is a great producer and I have a lot of love for him when he goes the more R&B route than the other route.

Jay Park

7. Phantom

Main Bias(es): Sanchez

Favorite Song(s): Burning, Come As You Are, Hole In Your Face

You know you love Sanchez when your at a concert and Sanchez makes a surprise appearance and your more excited for Sanchez than you are for the people that you are there to see.  I have been in love with Sanchez’s vocals forever.  Plus Hanhae and Kiggen are killer rappers.


8. M.I.B

Main Bias(es): 5Zic/Zick Jasper

Favorite Song(s): Chisa Bounce, Let’s Talk About You, DASH, Only Hard For Me, (really do they have bad songs)

M.I.B is one of those groups that I love and adore.  I wanted to add them to my top groups list but they just didn’t make the cut, I’m thrilled that I can show my love of M.I.B through this list.

9. Lil’ Boi

Favorite Song(s): Lil’ Boi’s laugh

Dear Grandline Entertainment, where is Lil’ Boi’s solo album?  Yea he has his mixtape and all, but I need more.  SMTM wasn’t enough, mixtape isn’t enough, Geeks isn’t enough.  I just need more.

Geeks' Lil Boi promotional picture.

10. BewhY

Favorite Song(s): Time, DayDay, Silk Road (technically not his song, but he is featured on it)

I have been a BewhY fan since he showed up on season 4 of SMTM, but he was eliminated too quickly to really truly make it on-to this list.  Then he featured on a Xia Junsu song (and showed up to Junsu’s concert, and subsequently killed me).  BewhY’s raps on season 4 stuck in my memory and when he showed up in season 5, I was so surprised, then he continued being amazing.  By that time I had already been interested in him, and season 5 just made me love him even more.

BewhY's "Shalom" promotional picture.


Again, no order to any of these…this is a super fun list for me to make…especially after SMTM came out ~ enjoy, and let us know your lists in the comments!

1. Basick

Basick's "Therapy" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Stand Up, Better Than the Best, B.A.S.I.C.K

So, Basick stepped on to SMTM I was in love immediately and of course had to go discover all of his discography prior to that and I fell in love even more.  He is just an awesome family guy with amazing talent – I adore him!

2. Mad Clown

Mad Clown's "Piece of Me" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Fire, Without You, Flowdown, Stars

Randomly saw Mad Clown at a concert that I went to so I could see M.I.B – and Mad Clown, with his dorky awkwardness, won me over immediately upon seeing perform live.


MFBTY's "WondaLand" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Angel, anything that they touch

MFTBY is one of those groups, where each individual member has way more talent in their little pinkies than anyone else in the music industry.  They just own their talent!

4. Iron

Iron's "blu" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Blu, I AM, Dokki

Iron is awesome. End of story.

5. Crush

Crush' "Oasis" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): anything with Crush’s voice on it

Crush is an awesome singer, and I love the music he works on!  He’s an amazing R&B singer and he just sends shivers down my spine with his vocals.

6. Zion.T

Zion.T's "No Make Up" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): anything with Zion.T’s voice on it

Ok let’s be honest, any man who sings a song telling a woman that she is pretty without her makeup on is gorgeous.  Yep, Zion.T is a man after my own heart.

7. Jay Park

Jay Park's "Worldwide" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Joah, Worldwide, MY

Jay Park…what can I say about Jay Park…the dude has a weird fascination with writing about (excuse my language) dicks and turkeys…gobble gobble…but I adore Jay nonetheless.

8. Incredivle

Incredivle's "Gold Rush" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): his deep voice is enough for me

Incredivle, Incredivle, Incredivle…that man just wins me over, no other explanation needed. (plus it helps that he looks like he could be Bang Yongguk’s long lost brother)

9. Phantom



Favorite Song(s): Burning (but really all their songs)

Phantom is super underrated, and I love this group with a burning passion.  I love their blend of vocals and rap, and their blend of sexy songs and moody songs.  Phantom just gets it right every time I hear them.

10. M.I.B

MIB's "Maginot Line" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Beautiful Day (5Zic solo), Say My Name (Kangnam solo), Nod Along, Only Hard for Me

Of course, M.I.B came off my favorite groups list, but they HAD to be moved here!!!!!  M.I.B will forever be one of my favorite groups, and I adore them and their music.  They make music that just feels like the city of Seoul to me – I don’t know how else to explain it beyond that.  They capture the feeling of Seoul in their songs, and that is something that most artists struggle to do their entire lives.


Finally I can name more favourite artists and express my love for those who slightly missed the chance to appear on my previous lists.

My list doesn’t have a solid order, especially since I think I listened less Hip-Hop and R&B this year than last year (plus I didn’t followed SMTM or Unpretty Rapstar):

1. Jessi


Favourite song(s): I Want To Be Me, Ssenunni

I fell in love with Jessi’s voice right when she debuted with Lucky J. She is gorgeous and really talented and I even love her “fxxk it all” attitude 😀

2. Gilme

Gilme's promotional picture.

Favourite song(s): My Turn, Tell Me This Is Real, Can’t Stop

I don’t know exactly when my love for Gilme started but I really like her style. My Turn is my all time favourite…’s such a good and powerful song.

3. Yoon MiRae

Yoon Mi Rae's promotional picture.
Favourite song(s): Everything that Yoon MiRae releases

Yoon MiRae is truly the Queen of Hip-Hop…I’m in love with everything that she release.

4. San E


Favourite song(s): Where Did You Sleep, Break-Up Dinner, Body Language, Me You + Everything he featured on.

San E is an old JYP oppa for me but I think he made a good decision when he signed with Brand New Music because now he is able to promote more than during his JYP days. I really love his funny personality and his rapping style is my favourite.

5. Simon D


Favourite song(s): Every song

Those who read my previous lists probably noticed how obsessed I was with ‘Oh My School’ so of course the main jokester has to appear somewhere on my lists and now I can finally express my love for him. Not only he is an awsome rapper he was probably the first who made me like trot music because he sing trot song insanely well 😀

6. Jay Park


Favourite song(s): Every songs

I have to admit that I’m a “post-Jay Park” 2PM fan but even I feel sorry that he has to leave the group, because he seemed to be a very capable leader…….but times changes and now he leads his own label which just shows how awsome he is 🙂

7. M.I.B

MIB's "Maginot Line" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Kangnam
Favourite song(s): Let’s Talk About You, Chisa’Bounce + Kangnam’s solo songs

M.I.B is another group that I really like but couldn’t fit in any of my previous lists. I like Kangnam
for his funny personality, for the fact that his real name reminds me to one of my favourite anime character and last but not least for his amazing singing voice.

8. Kanto


Favourite song(s): Everything he sings or features on

Kanto is the artist who can sell me practically any song with his deep voice. Despite Troy’s inactivity I hope I can hear him more in the future as a solo artist.

9. Baechigi

BaeChiGi's "Heavy Armor" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Tak
Favourite song(s): Shower of Tears, Dduraeyo, Boy Jump, Shut It

I love Baechigi for their funky and up-beat songs and that they often collaborating with my favourite female singers.

10. Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg's "The Beat" promotional picture.

Main Bias: A-tom
Favourite song(s): Follow Me, Open the Door, Arario, TOPDOG, Peekaboo, The Beat

Topp Dogg is a group that I love ever since they debuted but they were always pushed down from my previous lists by other groups. I hope their newly reformed agency will treat them better next year and they will be able to release more songs in the future.