3 comments on “Sechs Kies Couple Who’s Who

  1. Hi, I just wanted let you know they do have a video for this song on their Youtube though based on these photos and the video it seems to be a newer version on it. I’m a little new to this group so I don’t know a lot of their older songs, You guys probably already know this, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Thank you for doing all the work that goes with running this site – it has helped me immensely when trying to learn some new kpop group I’ve come across (or at least new to me).

    • Well I feel a little silly, please disregard the upper part of the last comment I made, I was going through the video’s who’s who one by one and came across the video I was talking about. That’s what I get for jumping the gun. Like I said you already knew about it. ^_^

      • Yeah, after they re-united they re-released and re-recorded some of their old songs, and since Couple was one of their biggest hits, they released a new MV for the song as well. Sadly because YG doesn’t have the rights to their old videos before 2016 (and they disbanded/went on hiatus before YT became a real thing) there are not official copies of those videos on YT. ~ James

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