Favorite Songs Of 2015

Here are the gurus pick their favorite songs released in 2015, and believe us it wasn’t easy.


So I tried to narrow my list down to 10 but I just couldn’t do it so here are my top 15 songs released in 2015.  There really isn’t much order in my favorites as it was hard enough just to pick 15 let alone put them in any order.  I tried to also only choose title/promotional tracks and not b-sides as my list would be that much more difficult to make.  I also tried to keep my list to one song per artist.

1. Flower (꽃) – Xia

Is this really a surprise.  It was really tough to choose between “Flower” and “Yesterday”  as my favorite of Junsu’s title tracks, but in the end it goes to “Flower” (at least for today, though my favorite song released by him this year is “Love You More”

2. Day By Day – High4

This is one of my absolute favorite songs of 2015, I seriously can’t stop listening to it.  There is nothing that I don’t love about this song.

3. Pray – FTISLAND

This is another of my absolute favorite songs, its a different from a lot of other FT songs, but I think this song and style fits the group so amazingly.  I really wish this song had done better on the charts.  This is one of those songs that I can’t walk and listen to otherwise I start pretending to be Minhwan / Seunghyun / Jonghoon. (usually Minhwan) and there is no better way to get a lot of strange looks than air drumming an FT song.

4. Young, Wild & Free – B.A.P

FINALLY THEY ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was seriously the perfect song for them to come back with, its so fantastic.  B.A.P doesn’t release any bad songs and this entire album was amazing from start to finish.  Though if I were using non-title tracks I would have chosen “Blind” over this.

5. Ah Yeah (아예) – EXID

Okay, so this song started out as a guilty pleasure for me, and I really wanted to hate it, but that totally didn’t happen.  I loved the big F-U that the group was giving about censorship, and the song is just a fun song.  Up & Down pales in comparison to this song, though I know most of Korea disagrees with me.  I wish I were as awesome as LE, could sing as well as Solji or be as gorgeous and smart as Hani.

6. Stand Up – BASICK feat. MAMAMOO

I had to make an exception for “Stand Up” as this song was never really actually promoted but really you can’t beat the combination of BASICK and MAMAMOO, though it was incredivly hard to choose between “Stand Up” and “Oppa Cha”  (see what I did there! XP)  Really the top rappers of SMTM were all fantastic and so many great songs came from this season.

7. I Need You – BTS

Another one that was a next to impossible choice.  I have debated back and forth for ages about whether “I Need You” or “Run” was the better BTS song, and realized that it truly depends on the minute, even as I write this I keep thinking maybe it should be “Run”.  “Dope” could have also totally have been on that list.  Conclusion…BTS kills it everytime

8. You’re Beautiful (예뻐서) – Yoo Seung Woo

I adore Yoo Seung Woo.  I adore Kihyun.  I adore Jeongmin.  How could this video/song not be something I would deeply love.  I still can’t get through this video without crying.

9. FM – Crayon Pop

“FM” really surprised me.  I did not like Crayon Pop before and can’t stand “Bar Bar Bar” but FM is like my jam.  It feels a bit nostalgic with the references to Sailor Moon, and feels a bit power rangery, and what beats Bornus as Tuxedo Mask…That’s right absolutely nothing!  This song is insanely catchy and super fun!

10. Beautiful A+ (비율A+) – KIXS

Sparkly eyebrows, need I say more?

11. Beautiful Liar – VIXX LR

Not only one of the greatest songs of 2015, but one of the best songs probably ever, and definitely one of the best VIXX songs, even if it is only Leo and Ravi.

12. Fire (화) – Mad Clown

This song really cemented my love of Mad Clown even more than it had already been.  The song is simply amazing.

13. Trace (흔적) – The Legend

Another song that I am simply obsessed with.  This song to me epitomizes The Legend and showcases the group perfectly.  I’m super disappointed that critics of K-Pop and The Legend don’t see what truly makes this group special.

14. Bae Bae – Big Bang

Another way overdue comeback, and Big Bang did not disappoint in the least.  I personally thing the M releases were the best and picking between “Bae Bae” and “Loser” was another difficult choice.

15. My Type (취향저격) – iKON

As much as I love iKON their pre-debut track is still the best of all of the tracks that they have thus far promoted, it is a a great blend of all of the members and feels like how iKON should feel.  If I were doing non-promotional tracks though M.U.P would have made this list instead for the same reasons.


Alright, so I had a super hard time figuring out how I would narrow down my list, and I ended up deciding that the first 10 of the artists on this list would be artists that have little popularity in Korea (though some of the 10 have lots of popularity outside of Korea) – and the last 5 songs are from widely popular artists.

Also, let me tell you, this was super hard to narrow down my list from 28 songs to only 15, and there are a few songs missing from this list that should definitely be on it, I just don’t have 28 spots to add songs, unfortunately.

And like all of my lists prior I don’t have an order to these.

1. Royal Pirates – “Run Away”

Alright so this group owns a soul of mine (yes one of many souls), and I don’t think they are going to let go anytime soon, beyond the video being absolutely stunning in it’s portrayal of loss and overcoming that loss, the song is just an amazing rock song. You can probably expect “Dangerous” to be on my list of 2016 songs ~

2. Legend – “Trace (흔적)”

Legend is simply amazing – and this song is stunning.  It’s so gorgeous and it just replays in my mind all the time.  Legend just makes me so happy, even when they make me sad singing a ballad ~

3. Kixs – “Beautiful A+ (비율 A+)”


Ok, so I have more to say than just glitterbrows – I love Kixs, I loved him as Jeesu in DMTN, and I love him now as a solo, his voice is unique and amazing and his talents aren’t nearly recognized enough in the industry.  Plus, those glitterbrows that smile ~

4. 24K – “Superfly (날라리)”

I’ll admit it took a bit for this song to grow on me, but holy hot hannah did this song grow on me.  I listen to it all the time, and I just adore it – the group now has so much talent, they composed, an wrote the lyrics and choreographed the entire album!  I think 24K need way more love, they are super talented ~

5. UNIQ – “EOEO”

This song gets stuck in my head all the time! It’s just such a fun, yet darker song from these boys – I really love it ~


This group makes me walk around singing about being a hotshot…so of course they have to be on this list!  But really, this group hasn’t released a song that I haven’t liked yet, and this song just get’s stuck in my head all the time!  I hope this group always gets lots of love ~

7. HeartB – “Remember (밥 한공기)”

Wow this group just slays.  They slay – dare I say they are maybe my favorite ballad group, sorry 2AM, but they slay.  Just take a listen ~

8. Madtown – “OMGT”

Madtown, hh my god thanks for this song, and for the dance!  It’s amazing, and just so much fun ~

9. Bigstar – “Full Moon Shine (달빛소나타)”

Bigstar makes me so happy – though I must admit this song is probably one of my least favorite from them…I like their dance songs best.  This song is still totally awesome though ~

10. Day6 – “Congratulations”

Alright, Day6 is awesome af, they make music that touches me to my core, and their voices give me the shivers.  There’s no way this song could have been skipped ~


11. B.A.P – “Young, Wild & Free”

It’s B.A.P.  It’s B.A.P’s long awaited comeback.  It’s B.A.P ~

Ok – so again I have more to say than B.A.P.  This group owns another one of my souls, let’s be realistic they own two of my souls, they are so amazing.  And to have them comeback with such a strong anthem like song, I just have no words with how happy I am.

12. Vixx LR – “Beautiful Liar”

This song is so hauntingly, and devastatingly gorgeous.  The video is simply poetic ~

13. Taeyeon – “I”

The only female to make it on my list – this song is just…I lack appropriate words for how atmospheric this song it – it just comes on and I immediately get transported to a happy, sunny place ~

14. BTS – “I Need U”

BTS owns a soul too.  This song just is amazing!  It get’s stuck in my head on loop and I just love it when it does!  It’s amazing ~

15. iKON – “Airplane”

This could probably have been any of the songs released by iKON this past year…but “Airplane” kind of gives me a nostalgic feeling when I listen to it, and it makes me feel very many mixed emotions on top of that.  iKON in general makes me happy ~


Wow there was so many awsome song that it was kinda hard to narrow it down to 15 songs.

Those who read my updated bias/favourites lists can notice that this list kinda reflects to those list because it was thanks to these songs that those groups could appear on my bias/favourites lists.

The first 12 song is like a monthly chart for me as I tried to pick my favourite song in every month. The last 3 song has a very special place in my heart so that’s why I featured them here.

1. GFriend – Glass Bead

They bring a breeze of fresh air into the K-pop scene and much to my suprise this song became my January jam.

2. Rainbow – Black Swan

When it comes to DSP I always prefered Rainbow over Kara and they didn’t failed my expectations with Black Swan. I just hope that now that Kara is gone they will finally get the attention they deserve from DSP and the much deserved recognition from the public 🙂

3. Fiestar – You’re pitiful

Another painfully underrated group that I love is Fiestar. Though I have to admit that I’m in a
love-hate relationship with their releases but this song is clearly one of the best Fiestar song.

4. Cross Gene – Play with me

Okay, if I ever have to be locked in an asylum please lock me up with this guys. I swear I won’t
suffer from mental illness anymore…..cuz I would enjoy every moment of it 😀

5. Romeo – Love Sick

Another group that suprisingly captured my heart though they will be a guilty pleasure for me as
they are so young compared to me T_T

6. Melody Day – Love me

This song wasn’t an instant favourite for me but slowly sneak among my favourites. The MV is
kinda weird but the dance is so cute so that’s why I chose the Special Clip instead of the MV.

7. Nine Muses – Hurt Locker

“The Best Summer Song of 2015”. I was so obsessed with this song that this was my ringtone
for months.


“The Most Anticipated Comeback of 2015”. I’m so glad that Sidus finally let the girls out of the
dungeon. I almost thought they disbanded but I’m happy they didn’t because they proved again how amazing they are. I really hope that they won’t disappear for another 2 year and continue making awsome songs.

9. Seventeen – Manse

I really can’t help but love these cutiepies. They are insanly talented and it’s clearly visible that they have so much fun on stage that all I can do is jumping up and down everytime I see or hear them.

10. Monsta X – Hero

Yes I’m a late-bloomer Monsta X fan as this was the first song from them that catched my attention.
Of course I knew they are talented but didn’t really paid attention to their debut song. Than they
started promoting this song and every single member was oozing with so much charisma that it was hard not to notice them.

11. M.A.P 6 – Storm

As I wrote it in the Rookie list this group really took me like a storm. Honestly I had doubts due to the fact that they are former A-Prince members (and I paid zero attention to them during their cutesy A-Prince days) and I wasn’t sure about Dream T either as they never had a boy group
before and they struggled a lot with Girl’s Day at the begining. Now I have to say that it seem that Dream T learned a lot and did a wonder with the members who are now able to show their real talents 🙂

12. Laboum – Aalow Aalow

My current ringtone 🙂 This also wasn’t an instant favourite but the Laboum members are so charming that they were able to turn it into one of my favourite songs as I watched them on music shows.

13. Kim Feel – Stay With Me

A handsome Korean guy with a husky voice asking me to stay with him….How could I say no to
that??? I just wish there would be a guy like him near me!!!! 🙂

14. Davichi – Cry Again

I insanely love Davichi and this MV is so special to me because they shot it here in Hungary 🙂
Chain Bridge is one of my favourite places in our capital and it goes so well with the mood of this song…..I’m weeping a little everytime I listen it.

15. Miwoo – Broken Doll

Finally I can express my love for this awsome lady and thanks her for this healing song. As I’m
battling with depression I often found myself listening this song and somehow it always lifts my
mood up a little bit 🙂

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