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First off James and Manwon^^ would like to apologize to all the Kpop fans.  This site is currently and will forever be a work in progress.  We are doing our best to keep everyone up-to-date on all their favorite Kpop groups and singers.  As there are new rookie groups and comebacks on a weekly and sometimes daily basis some of our information may be slow to get posted.  We do have jobs to go to and unfortunately need sleep, but we will try get everything up in the most timely manner.

The purpose of this site is to act as a starting point for information about as many currently active groups in the world of K-pop.  We will be focusing on basic profile information for groups and members, as well as providing a who’s who guide for all group videos.  All of our information is double checked and triple checked, and comes from as many OFFICIAL sources as possible.

This is a massive undertaking on the part of just us two kpop fans.  please be patient and we hope to have your favorite group’s information available a.s.a.p.

**if you have a currently active group that you would like info for feel free to drop us a comment and we will try to help you out**

Thank you and love always from James and Manwon^^

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14 comments on “About the Site

  1. This is a great site, but there’s some things wrong about ZiA:

    The second Picture, before her real name, is Hwayoung Ex-TARA. ZiA rarely appears in her MV.

    After Voice Of Heaven there a copilation named “”The Violin”. Before the single “I Thought” there are 2 digital single: If you Loved Me (With Lee Haeri of Davichi) and Loved You (With Seo In Guk).
    And before “Have a Drink?” there’s the song Bad Habit.

    And also Is missing some MV:
    Bad Habit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTbnaZTfTwE
    If you Loved Me (With Lee Haeri of Davichi) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcBRwaQOmK8

    And there’s no MV for ” Abentmindedly (물끄러미), My Heart is Like a Star (내마음별과같이), I Love You, I’m Sorry (사랑해미안해), Choked with Grief (뭉클), I’m Happy (내행복해)” Actually, there are 6 videos. 3 videos for all the song of the first album, and 3 videos for some songs of the second album.

    *EDITED BY KPOPINFO144: Links to unofficial MVs have been removed*

    Love Point (사랑끄트머리), Yet (그런다면서) are the same MV, actually, is missing Feel Like Exploding (터질 것 같아), 3 songs in 1 MV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIb4dmGiQ3M

    Blood Type = B

    • Thanks for letting us know about the pictures. We will get that changed^^

      We will check out the MV’s you’ve linked us to, but we don’t add links to videos unless them come from official websites (we’re really careful to only provide official, unstolen video links)^^ That also goes for the blood type – if you could send a link from an official site/source we would be happy to add it, but we won’t add it unless we know it comes from an official source ~

      As for some of the songs which are missing if you check out our FAQ you can see that we don’t add compilations, collaborations OST songs, or project songs. We will check the songs you mentioned to see if they fit with what we deal with or not, and add them if we overlooked something^^

      Thanks for all the information, I hope we have maybe cleared up some of the missing information for you, and we appreciate your help

    • I just wanted you to know that I checked the songs, and “Bad Habit” is on our list already (it was released in 2010), while “Have a Drink” was released in 2009, so they are in the correct order there^^

      Also in regards to the MV story/movies according to Melon they are all separate MV’s, so we are treating them as such. If you would like to check Melon, here is the link: http://www.melon.com/artist/video.htm?artistId=227595

      We did get the picture changed for ZiA, so once again thank you for that^^

  2. First of all Thank You for all your hard work, I haven’t found a site that had such a complete archive about the kpop groups. I have a small request to make. I was looking on this website for info about AKMU, unfortunately you don’t have enough info about them yet. I came across this website and wanted to share that with you guys in the hope that you would adjust your current page about AKMU: http://tuneuplyrics.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/profile-akdong-musician-akmu/
    Thanks again

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks for letting us know! We will work on confirming this information before adding it ~ On the sites that were linked for that website there is no profile information listed, and we try to only use official sites to provide our information, so if we can’t verify information through official sites we don’t add it ~ but we will add whatever we can verify^^
      Thanks again for letting us know!

    • I just wanted to let you know, that after doing a lot of digging, and seeing that information pop-up all over the internet today, we did add it to the profiles ~ and I wanted to once again thank you for bringing this information to us^^

    • We are still working on getting the site pulled together fully^^ Super Junior should be up by the end of this week ~ I just got the ‘S’ male artist profiles today, so look forward to Super Junior coming soon

  3. Hi there…i was just browsing your site and i found very informative on all the groups i loved,especially their birthdays and heights…thanks btw… ^^
    However,i was slightly disappointed i couldnt find a page for SS501…i really hope you’ll put a page soon on them cos i am super curious about them..

    • We weren’t planning on making a page about SS501 since they’ve already disbanded ~ we’ve started putting up their solo pages (since each member is now a solo artist – Heo YoungSaeng’s page is up) – but since you’ve requested it ~ we will definitely make a SS501 page^^
      They are one of my favorite K-Pop groups ever so I am really excited to do their page too – Manwon^^

  4. Hi first of all great website, keep up the good work, it’s nice to see people to try their best to keep up with all the new group, while trying to also post the profile of older group.
    I know it’s not a lot, but I thought to give you the info about Shinhwa -http://saphirya.com/2012/08/08/shinhwa-member-profile/ – it missing some of the info that you are including like the height, but is a beginning ^_^. If you need anything feel free to drop me a line ^^ I’ll be more than happy to give you a hand.

    • We do appreciate the help, but we do only use information from official sites like their home page, daum cafes and sites like that. We will post their profiles soon

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