Top 10 Vocalists in Groups

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 vocals!!!!!

Here are some of the greatest Vocalist in K-pop, or at least vocalists who are in a group.  If a vocalist is only a soloist, they don’t count.  This also goes for those who were in a group, left the group and are now solo…Sorry Hyunseung.   The other rule is they must be a vocalist, but were not being specific about main, lead or sub vocal.


So, as usual this list is very male heavy.  This does not mean that female singers are not good I just don’t really pay attention to who is singing in girl groups so I can’t really pinpoint who the voice belongs to.  Unlike with my true passion…boy groups.  I may not have something to say about every person on this list because lets face it, their voices speak for themselves.

1. Xia Junsu (JYJ)

Surprise Surprise, Xia Junsu is on another James list.  Junsu is by far my favorite voice in the world.  For me he has the most recognizable voice and in any song you will catch me singing along with his parts, even his adlibs.  I could listen to his voice all day every day for the rest of my life and be happy.

JYJ's Junsu "Just Us" promotional picture.

2. Jonghyun (SHINee)

Taemin may be my favorite member of SHINee but Jonghyun has the best voice.  I love the tone of his voice and the quality of his voice.

Shinee's Jonghyun "Married To The Music" promotional picture.

3. Daehyun (B.A.P)

Don’t you love that every teaser for B.A.P songs is one line from Daehyun.  He has worked his way into my heart because of his voice.

B.A.P's Daehyun "Carnival" promotional picture.

4. Jaejoong (JYJ)

Sexy, Rocker style…Yum!

JYJ's Jaejoong "Just Us" promotional picture.

5. Taeyeon

Ooh look a girl…I kinda hate Taeyeon because her voicals are so amazing…but not really

SNSD's Taeyeon "Party" promotional picture.

6. Cory (24K)

My favorite “24K song” is Bye Bye Love, which should technically be a Cory solo.  He has the most distinct voice in the group and everytime I listen to a song I can always pick him out.

24K's Cory "Super Fly" promotional picture.

7. Taeyang (Big Bang)

Does this one really need an explanation?

Big Bang's Taeyang's "M" promotional picture.

8. Sunggyu (Infinite)

Who wouldn’t love his voice?

Infinite's Sunggyu "Season 2" promotional picture.

9. Tey (Mr.Mr)


MR.MR's Tey "Out" promotional picture.

10. Honggi (FTISLAND)

Honggi’s has one of the sexiest voices ever!

FTIsland's Honggi "Puppy" promotional picture.


Aright, so this list is not just vocals I love, but vocals who I hear their voice and I instantly recognize them.  Here are the vocals who stand out and give me the chills with their amazing vocal power. (Again, no particular order)

1. Sunggyu (Infinite)

Infinite's Sunggyu "Infinite Only" promotional picture.

Kim Sunggyu has one of those voices that I love, and could listen to forever. I love his voice ~ and him and his voice and him (am I repeating myself? it’s only because it needs to be repeated!)

2. Hongki (FTIsland)

Lee Hongki

Holy smokes talk about a power vocal!  This man can just hit it ~ and his vocal range is just amazing, and his voice has such a unique color to it! Hongki’s voice is life ~

3. Youngjae (B.A.P)

B.A.P's Youngjae "Carnival" promotional picture.

Gah! Youngjae just gives me the chills every time I have seen them live (although Himchan is getting pretty chill inducing now too – damn you Himchan) But this list needs to have Youngjae on it, his vocal is so recognizable, and amazing!

4. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

SNSD's Taeyeon "Lion Heart" promotional picture.

Oh wow! I knew she could sing, but it hasn’t been until she’s released her solo albums that I’ve really started to admire her vocals (her solos really let her vocals shine, while the group songs have to let all the girls shine). I am envious of her voice! Simply beautiful!

5. Onew (SHINee)

Shinee's Onew "1 of 1" promotional picture.

While I love Jonghyun’s voice, and Jonghyun has a very unique voice too, Onew is my pick from SHINee.  Onew’s voice just makes me shiver in the best way possible – I love his voice so much!

6. Chen (EXO)

EXO's Chen "Lotto" promotional picture.

Ok, so this is a mini SM list at 4 – 6 here ~ but holy hannah all of these vocals need to be on this list.  Chen just has a vocal tone that I love.  He’s got powerful vocals, but also an amazing range with a unique color to it, more so than any other member in EXO (EXO-L please don’t kill me, I know you all love Baekhyun) ~ but I am a Chen Chen girl!

7. Hyolyn (Sistar)

Sistar's Hyolyn "I Like It" promotional picture.

Smoky, sexy vocals?  Hyorin’s got it!  Powerful vocals?  Hyorin’s got it!  She is the full package!  I adore Hyorin, and she just is amazing ~ I definitely couldn’t make this list without mentioning her!

8. Cory (24K)

24K's Cory "Still 24K" promtional picture.

Cory, Cory, Cory ~ this man is just amazing!  His vocals are amazing!  I would recognize his voice in anything at any time.  He just has a quality voice that no one else in kpop has – so unique and so beautiful!

9. Sandeul (B1A4)

B1A4 Sandeul's "Sweet Girl" promotional picture.

Oh my derp ~ he may be king of the derps, but he is also king of the vocals ~ when Sandeul does adlibs in B1A4 songs I melt every time.  EVERY TIME!  Then I watch him be derpy and cringe again ~ but I truly adore him and his voice is amazing!

10. Leo (Vixx)

Vixx's Leo "Hades" promotional picture.

Ok, seriously, Leo.  Do I need to explain more? Leo.

**honorable mentions: Yoseob (Beast), Sungjae (BTOB), Yun (Lunafly), G.O (MBLAQ), Gunwoo (MYNAME)**


OMG This list was so hard because there are so many amazing vocalist in K-pop groups. I tried to be fair so I picked 5 boys and 5 girls. Those who read my previous list might know how much I love some underrated girl group so every similarities with the contestants list of Girl Spirit is purely coincidental ;D

1. Jun.K (2PM)

2PM's Jun.K "No.5" promotional picture.

My #1 bias and mainly because his outstanding voice, though I admit I love him better when he sings R&B or ballad songs (His “True Swag” is not my style :S)

2. Hongki (FT Island)

Lee Hongki

Hongki’s husky voice always sends chill down my spine….I could listen him all day long.

3. Leo (VIXX)

Vixx's Leo "Hades" promotional picture.

Leo has this mysterious aura around him and even his voice sounds like something from the outer space…..or is it coming from heaven????

4.Youngjae (GOT7)

Got7's Youngjae "Mad" promotional picture.

As I said before he has everything that is neccesary to replace Jun.K in my heart (well at least as long as he will be in the army), but I feel that my poor Youngjae is often outshined by the JJ duo which makes me very sad because he can clearly reach higher notes than JB and Jinyoung

5. Eunkwang (BTOB)


He is not even my BTOB bias and he is so dork that most of the time it’s hard for me to take him seriously but whenever he gets a singing task on a variety show he blows me away with his voice and reminds me that his high notes are no jokes.

6. Hyorin (Sistar)

Sistar's HyoRin "Shake It" promotional picture.

Ever since I watched Dream High 2 I’m obsessed with Hyorin. As Manwon said this girl is really a full package as she can pull of dreamy ballad songs, husky and sexy songs and lately she successfully proved that Sistar have a hidden rapper 🙂

7. Bohyung (Spica)

Spica's Bohyung "Secret Time" promotional picture.

My love for Bohyung started with Crazy Girl a bit before I really discovered Spica…..and true to her song she constantly proves how crazy talented she is.

8. Uji (BESTie)

BESTie's Uji "Love Emotion" promotional picture.

She has a voice that can successfully deliver ballads, cutie or sexy pop songs but also can blow your mind away when she switches to R&B songs and all this combined in the body of one of the most beautiful K-pop idol. She wasn’t cast into Dreamgirls for no reason….SHE REALLY IS A DREAM GIRL!!!!

9. Kei (Lovelyz)

Lovelyz Kei "Lovelinus" promotional picture.

I’m still not a Lovelyz fan but this girl keeps surprising me with her versatile voice and how easily she can pull of songs from different genres.

10. Eunji (APink)

APink's Eunji "Pink Revolution" promotional picture.

I’m also not a Pink Panda but Eunji’s voice is so uniq and her high notes are so insanely high that it’s hard not to notice her……and I have to admit I kinda like her girl-next-door/country bumpkin image because it also makes hard to be jealous of her or hate her.

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