1. Must be a promoting or upcoming group. (primarily promotes in Korea)
  2. Needs to have released music in Korea within the last 2 years. (Including OST’s, Project Releases, Digital Singles – military service being the exception)
  3. We will not make profiles for Racing Models/Sports Models/Car Models etc.
  4. 1 group/artist requested per person per request opening
We fulfill requests in order so the further down on the list the longer it will take to complete.

Please know currently we are working on profiles for:

Current Request Queue:

  1. Elado
  2. 7th Street
  3. Miso
  4. W24
  5. Kriesha Chu
  6. 4X
  7. Sweet Revenge
  8. Monogram
  9. Double Eight
  10. KissN
  11. Muzie
  12. Girl’s Alert
  13. Flossom
  14. Black Mamba
  15. Abry
  16. Bloo
The groups below have been requested but we are unable to fulfill them due to either a lack of information, a lack of promotions in Korea, disbandment, etc.

6Aces, 7492, 84LY, Aziatix, B.C.the.G.S (Boys Charge The Games), Bambino, BGH to, Chi Chi, Clinah, EVE (girl group), Girl Story, Girls 5 In 1, The Gloss, Goddess, HAM, Honey Popcorn, I-Ren, I.M.U, Iconize, M.I.7, Mr. Slam, Peach Girl, Purplay, SMASH, TWS (TEEN WOLVES), V.N.T, White Knight

Finished Requests:


7th Street



Kriesha Chu


Sweet Revenge


Double Eight


84 comments on “REQUESTS!!!!!!!!!!

    • We will not be adding who’s who pages for soloists. Our plan has been and will be to cap group MV’s and make who’s who pages for those and just post discographies for soloists. ~ James

  1. Not sure if this counts since they haven’t debuted yet, but could you make a profile for LOONA? 🙂

  2. I Request ANGELS they are one of the most beautiful debut in 2016 and i really want to know more about them

    • Angels we put together solely to promote an MBC mini series – and are, unfortunately no longer together. I am so sorry but we can’t make a profile for this group! Do you have another group you would like to request?
      ~ Manwon^^

      • I will add them to my private list of to-do profiles to get done since you had requested earlier and we couldn’t fulfill that request ~ but I’m not going to add it to the list here since we have closed requests and I don’t want to confuse other kpopinfo114ers ~ so please know we will get this done!
        ~ Manwon^^

    • I’m really sorry, but since Kris.K seems to mostly promote in Taiwan and it’s been two years since he made his debut in Korea and he hasn’t made a comeback we’re not going to be able to make his profile at this time. If he ever has a comeback in Korea let us know, and we can make a profile then, but at this time it doesn’t feel like he is focusing in Korean music. Please feel free to make another request since we can’t fulfull this one! Again I am so sorry about that!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Oh ok! Thanks so much! If I find a replacement for that one. I’ll let you know! 😀😄😊☺

    • Unfortunately I just can’t find information on this group at this time, I am not even able to find the members names which makes it really hard to make a profile for them. I am so sorry about that! If there’s another group you’d like to request please do!
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. Can you guys please make a profile for Double Eight? They’re a boy group with 5 members and officially debuted in 2017 with the MV Booster (though in 2015 they released a single called Don’t Let Me Go)