1. Must be a promoting or upcoming group. (primarily promotes in Korea)
  2. Needs to have released music in Korea within the last 2 years. (Including OST’s, Project Releases, Digital Singles – military service being the exception)
  3. We will not make profiles for Racing Models/Sports Models/Car Models etc.
  4. 1 group/artist requested per person per request opening
We fulfill requests in order so the further down on the list the longer it will take to complete.

Please know currently we are working on profiles for:

Current Request Queue:

  1. AGirls
  2. Monsterz
  3. Aisle
  4. Samuel Seo
  5. 2U
  6. Dice
  7. Tymee
  8. Fantagio Girls (i-teen)
  9. Kay-G
  10. Hong Jin Young
  11. One
  12. Nemesis
  13. Awesome Day
  14. INA
  15. Laybacksound
The groups below have been requested but we are unable to fulfill them due to either a lack of information, a lack of promotions in Korea, disbandment, etc.

6Aces, 7492, 84LY, Aziatix, B.C.the.G.S (Boys Charge The Games), Bambino, BGH to, Chi Chi, Clinah, EVE (girl group), Girl Story, Girls 5 In 1, The Gloss, Goddess, HAM, I-Ren, I.M.U, Iconize, M.I.7, Mr. Slam, Peach Girl, Purplay, SMASH, TWS (TEEN WOLVES), V.N.T, White Knight

Finished Requests:




Samuel Seo




Fantagio Girls (i-teen)


Hong Jin Young



 Awesome Day






54 comments on “REQUESTS!!!!!!!!!!

  1. IPease make a profile for INA and Kanto!

    INA DEBUTED this jan. 3 2017 with her song ‘Rainbow’ under TAJOY ent.

  2. Excuse me it’s a doubt, but EVE (이브) if I’m not mistaken released songs recently, so why couldn’t you do a profile for them? I’m just curious 😊

    • Wrong EVE, I believe you are talking about a band – the EVE we are referring to is a girl group who only ever debuted in China, and then seemed to disappear. I will update our requests page to make that clearer, for future reference. But it does appear that you as, Jessie Nomur, have requested a profile for Nemesis, so you will to wait to request EVE (the band) until the next time we open requests. (Unless we are mistaken and you two are not the same person, but you just happen to have the same ip address and commented around the same time)
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. Hey! Can I request One (OnePunch’s ex-member) profile? He hasn’t debuted yet but I think it would be nice to see a profile of him.

  4. Hi guys I hope I’m not late for requesting! Anyway can I request a profile for Loona? Thank you very much!
    P.S. If it’s a problem for you or anything else a Hong Jin Young profile would be fine though 😀 (but my first choice is Loona)

    • So, I am very concerned that we have four requests from this same ip address, three of which requests are asking for groups who have disbanded already (HAM, and BGH to), and one asking for Live High (under the user name Meena). I have every reason to believe that all four comments come from the same person trying to cheat the system – since this seems to be the case we will not be completing any of the requests from this ip address at this time (or in the future if this ip address tries to cheat the system again).
      ~ Manwon^^

    • We don’t do disbanded groups for our sanity. There are way too many disbanded groups for us to worry about groups who are no longer together. So we will not be able to fulfill your request for HAM who are disbanded.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • They haven’t released music since 2012, and are disbanded breaking two of our rules, so unfortunately we can’t make a profike for them.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Due to our personal morals, we will not make a profile of I-ren. We just cannot support a group that sells sex and so blatantly objectifies women in such a manner. ~James

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