J-Walk Profile

j-walk 2

J-Walk (제이워크)

  • Debut (Y.M.D): 2002.03.
  • Label: A&G Modes
  • Music Videos (Official Videos): Suddenly, Someday, Sunshower J Beat Mix (여우비 J Beat Mix), Sunshower (여우비), My Love, Shout out love (사랑한다 외쳐요), Painfully (애써)
  • Discography: Suddenly, Someday, Sun Shower (여우비), My Love, Shout Out Love (사랑한다 외쳐요 – digital single), Get On The Floor (digital single), Frappuccino (프라프치노 – digital single), First Snow (첫눈 오는 날 – digital single), Love…Painfully, The Rain (비나이다 – digital single)
  • Fan Club: N/A
  • Symbol: N/A




  • Name (Real Name): Kim Jae Duc (Kim Jae Duc)
  • Hangul: 김재덕
  • Position: Vocal, Rap
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 79.08.07
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 174cm (5ft 8in)
  • Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Sub-Unit: N/A
  • Also In*: Sechs Kies


  • Name (Real Name): Jang Su Won (Jang Su Won)
  • Hangul: 장수원
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 80.07.16
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 176cm (5ft 9in)
  • Weight: 52kg (114 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Sub-Unit: N/A
  • Also In*: Sechs Kies

4 comments on “J-Walk Profile

    • They are both back to performing with Sechs Keis, I don’t know if either of them have any plans to promote as a duo again anytime soon, but for now i think everyones focus is the group. ~James

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