5 comments on “A.Cian Stuck Who’s Who

  1. You can find it here: *Removed by Kpopinfo114*
    I think this is the only official upload you can find, also the only one on that channel. But can be wrong so take it with reserve.

    • Unfortunately I cannot verify that that is an official page, the channel had been inactive for over a year (up until last week when a new video was posted). They don’t have any links to a company page or anything which is common for most official pages to have, and the fact that the video was subbed in multiple languages seems strange to me (though very appreciated if I can ever verify that it is an official page.)

      Because of this I will not be updating this page, I hope you understand. ~James

      • The only thing that make me think it could be right is the same logo they had in video and channel. But its also true that that channel seems long time abandoned. Maybe they changed company or merged with others. It wouldn’t be first time a pages domain wouldn’t be extended for another year or something like that. Anyway, it was just suggestion.

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