Top 10 Favorite Idols (Males)

Manwon^^, James and Katie pick their favorite 10 idols!!!!!



Well this was the most difficult list for me to narrow down to just 10 favorite idols.  Chances are this list will not be the same tomorrow as it is today.  Hahaha really this list should contain roughly 100-300 biases one for each group but…lets just stop at 10.  1-3 tend to stay pretty much there, but 4-10 who knows.

1. Xia Junsu (JYJ)

Xia Junsu has been my greatest love from the very first time I watched a TVXQ video (Triangle way back in 2006) until he was dethroned by L.Joe last year. AAAAND  now my love for him has come back with a deep, unrelenting vengeance. I think his plan is to kill me for being un-loyal to him with L.Joe for too long.  There are countless reasons why I love him.  Junsu has one of the greatest voices in the world, he is an amazingly talented dancer, and one of the most handsome men on the planet.

Xia Junsu's selca from September 18 2004

2. Jin (MR.MR)

Jin has all of the qualities that I look for in a Bias: Attractive, Talented, and Quirky.  He is one that just rocketed up (along with his group) from completely unknown last spring to number 3 by the end of Summer.

Jin (MR.MR)'s selca from July 19 2014

3. L.Joe (Teen Top)

L.Joe is the Rapper who somehow went from a casual and periodic love of mine to the top of my biases in the blink of an eye (Unless you ask Manwon^^).  I can’t honestly say why I love him (Aside from how handsome he is, and cute, and adorable, and wonderful.), I just know that I adore him.

Ljoe's selca September 15 2014

4. Hansol (Topp Dogg)

Another one with a massive leap.  Hansol stole my heart from the day he was announced as a member of Topp Dogg.  I have also been fortunate enough to have met the Topp Dogg members a few times at fan sign events.  Hansol has such a great personality and is so sweet and adorable.  Not to mention everytime I tell him how amazing he is he always has a great response, such as asking if he is a “sexy boy”.

Hansol (Topp Dogg)'s selca from September 12 2014

5. I.M (Monsta X)

I.M is one of the great turds of my personal K-pop fandom.  I have been in love with I.M from the moment he joined the No.Mercy trainees.  I.M seriously owns my entire soul when it comes to Monsta X.  So much so that, though I hate to admit it he may still be my bias even if my great love Minkyun had made it into the group.  The moment I.M says “I.M what I am” I melt into a little fangirl puddle.

I.M from Monsta X

6. Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook is probably the greatest turd that Kpop has ever seen.  Forget the fact that he is the golden maknae, and yes I seem to like maknaes.  I have tried and tried unsuccessfully to pretend that Jungkook does not deserve a space on this list (even though he should have been on this list last year) purely because I’m afraid to admit how much I love Jungkook.  Jungkook has been the bane of my existence for going on 4 years now, as he is my original bias from the beginning of BTS.  I have tried to both deny Jungkook my love and deny the fact that I am older than him than I care to admit.

Jungkook (BTS) Selca

8. Mad Clown

I am so in love with Mad Clown’s nerdy sexy style.  Add to that he is insanely talented.  And then he is a major video game geek, my gamer girl side is drooling.

Mad Clown

8. E.Co (JJCC)

I’m not sure what it is about E.Co that put him into the top 10 but, anytime is see anything JJCC related, if E.Co is not there I’m sad.  If he is there all of my focus goes straight to him, and I have no clue what any of the other members say.

E.Co from JJCC


9. TaeHee (M.Pire)

What is there not to love about a guy who names himself Taehee Prince?  Add to that his ridiculous obsession with anything leopard print and Rilakuma and we have ourselves a winner.  There is something very intriguing about this one.

Taehee (M.pire)'s selca from September 18 2014

10. Sungyeol (Infinite)

I have no clue how the F this has happened.  I have tried to swear off the group as a whole but as I realized that people were going to be removed from this list and who would go up in their place, I was shocked to realized that Sungyeol was a contender and that once I thought about him I forgot about all the other people who I had thought would go up on this list.  Curse you Manwon^^ for getting me into this group.

Sungyeol (infinite)

11. Minkyun

Well this is probably the worst instance of cheating that any of us do, cuz Minkyun doesn’t even count, as currently he’s not rumored to be in any upcoming group, but I had to do it.  Minkyun was my original bias from the No.Mercy TV show, and if you have read my posting and opinions about the show you know that I near rage quit the whole group when he was eliminated, I still think about it and want to cry.  Who knows how things would have played out had he never been eliminated.   Someday he will debut and I will be his number 1 fan.

No.Mercy's Minkyun.


So, unlike James, who can fairly easily put an order to her biases (at least 1-3), I literally change my number 1 based on the last time I have seen a picture, heard a song, or watched an MV by a specific group/person.  So the numbers here mean pretty much nothing ~ Well, let’s get started (I should also add here that  I terrible and flat out ignoring this whole “10” thing…)

1. Jun.K (2PM)

bias m's jun-k

This man has been in my bias list from the beginning – and he’s the only one to survive from years ago to now.  I’ll say this now, because you’ll quickly see a pattern – I like grumpy, grandfather-y artists who think they are way more tough than they actually are.  Jun.K is the perfect combination of talent, attractiveness, and grumpy oldman-ness ~

2. Yongguk (B.A.P)


Yongguk is my bais in B.A.P because I love the things he stands for, and how active he is with promoting and doing charity work – he impresses me all the time not just with his talent, but with his amazing heart of gold.  He is just an outstanding man who makes me extremely proud to be a fan.

3. Feeldog (Bigstar)

bias m's feeldog

Feeldog just waltzed into my life, and decided he was going to remain there permanently.  He’s absolutely adorable, a really talented dancer, and a great rapper.  Plus he’s amazing at art, and a great leader!  You’ll also notice another trend in my bias list – I tend to love leaders.

4. Eunkwang (BTOB)

bias m's eunkwang

Another leader, chalk that up to three, and another man who acts like an old fart despite being young.  Eunkwang is the perfect balance of weird, funny, talented, and “mature”.  After having blow me a kiss, and getting a chance for a quick “hi” – Eunkwang definitely deserves a spot on this list.

5. Sunggyu (Infinite)

bias m's sunggyu

We’re now at four leaders, and four men who are too “mature” for their own good.  Sunggyu just makes me happy – there’s just that something about him that kills me inside.  He’s amazing, and he just wins me over every time I see him.

6. B.I / Yunhyeong (iKON)



Making me pick a favorite in iKON is like trying to drive a stake through my heart…it’s painful, and I won’t do it…so yeah….that’s a thing.  I also don’t have anything to specifically add to why I love these dorks…

7. Moon (Royal Pirates)

bias m's moon

Moon is amazing!  Talented, funny, and simply put – fantastic!  I honestly don’t have much to say because he is just so wonderful.  And words won’t do it justice.

8. Suga (BTS)

bias m's suga

Suga is just such a cutie pie, and he’s so lazy and slightly grumpy (he’s like half way to being a grandfather type – he’s not quite as old as Jun.K or Sunggyu yet ㅋㅋㅋ)  He’s also a really talented rapper, and he’s learning to compose songs too ~ he’s like the baby version of Jun.K, just more adorable!

9. Kidoh

bias m's kidoh

Kidoh was one of those members of a group that I was drawn to (even competing against 12 other guys for my attention), and I don’t really have an explanation to it.  I mean, he’s a great artist who can do a bit of everything, and he’s really great at rapping, but there seems to be something else that just draws me to liking him.

10. Xero (Topp Dogg)


So apparently, B-Joo did not hold my heart as firmly as I thought he did.  Xero won me over completely and fully after having the awesome chance to actually meet Topp Dogg.  He was so sweet, and just seemed comfortable chatting with me…he quickly won my heart!

11. Wonho (Monsta X) & Young K (Day6)


So with new groups debuting come new untested biased.  These biases haven’t been road tested with time yet, and since that is the case (and yes I realize that iKON also debuted this year…but my journey with iKON started with the TV program WIN)  I am allowing myself a little cheating room here.  These two biases have become strong contenders for replacing some other people on this list and while I don’t know if they will yet or not, they are definitely worthy of making a note on.


I think my taste is closer to Manwon’s as I also like members with the grumpy old man personality, but as you will see I tend to fall for the main vocalists.(and some cases for the maknae despite me being a noona-fan :D)
So here is my list (not really in a proper order because I also fequently change it based on the new promotions :D)

1. Jun.K (2PM)

2PM's Jun.K "No.5" promotional picture.

My very first bias and still my # 1 (2PM brought my attention towards Korea back in 2011 with an anime ending song (“Take off”) but back than I only listed to their Japanese songs, and started to listen their Korean songs in 2013 when they came out with their 3rd album “Grown” and started to discover their older songs too….then other JYP artists……then other agencies……and here I am now :D)

2. Hongki (FT. Island)

Lee Hongki

I could listen to his voice all day long without ever getting bored of it. I’m simply in heaven everytime I hear him.

3. Leo (VIXX)

Vixx' Leo "Eternity" promotional picture.

I really don’t know why he became my bias instead of Ravi or N, but I find something mysterious in his always so silent personality, probably that’s what attracts me 🙂

4. J-hope (BTS)

j-hopeI had hard time to choose a bias in BTS, but somehow it’s him who my eyes always follow (but Jimin, V and Jungkook also attacking my bias list :D)

5. Hoya (Infinite)


I think I love Hoya ever since I first saw him in Dynamic Black (which featured 2 more of my favourite singers), than he charmed me with his acting in Reply 1997 but it wasn’t until this year’s Infinite and Infinite-H comebacks that he solidified his place among my biases.

6. C.NU (B1A4)

B1A4's CNU promotional picture for "Who Am I"He is also an attacker who successfully kicked Gongchan out of my bias list…….But I find him more handsome if he doesn’t wear glasses (like during Solo Day promotions)

7. Minwoo (Boyfriend)

boyfriend minwoo

OMG I sweared myself many times that I won’t fall for another maknae but no matter how hard I tried I simply can’t resist him (especially his eyes)

8. Dongjun (ZE:A)

DongjunI think he deserves the title of “The Most Dangeorus Maknae of the World” He also has a killer smile with a killer body not to mention he is a very talented vocalist and actor 🙂

9.Youngjae (GOT7)

Got7's Youngjae "Girls Girls Girls" promotional picture.The newest addition to my list. Talented vocalist with a cute eye-smile….I think he has the potential to be my next Jun.K 🙂

10. Jinwoon (2AM)


I don’t know how could I left the ‘King of Eye-Smile’ out of my list last year but I found myself still following his Instagram despite his departure from JYP. I can’t wait him to release a solo album hopefully in G Minor style because I need more K-rock artist 🙂

Lets us know in the comments who your K-POP biases are!  We are always curious about who all you lovely people like!

7 comments on “Top 10 Favorite Idols (Males)

  1. 1 – N FROM VIXX! When I first saw VIXX, I liked Hyukkie. But…I QUICKLY switched to N because of his dorky personality, and his HAIR OH MY LLAMA HIS HAIR. He is the funniest leader I’ve had the pleasure to witness lead, and I love how he shows his affection towards the other members.

    2 – G-DRAGON! I LOVE GD SO MUCH. His hair is so cool, I wish my mother would let me do my hair like GD’s in Heartbreaker! I love GD as a solo artist, and he is amazeballs in BIGBANG too. He has one of those unique voices you dont forget and dont WANT to forget. Then his MV’s are…wow.

    3 – Siwon from SJ. Okay. I dont know much about Siwon, I will admit. But…I saw him in the Taiwanese drama Skip Beat!, which is one of my ALL TIME favorite dramas, Kdramas and all. He is such a great actor, and an amazing singer. I love all the memes of him and his funny faces! XD

    4 – Ken from VIXX. I used to not like Ken. Like…at all. But, just a little while ago (Like, yesterday), he SHOT UP INTO MY BIAS LIST. NUMBER THREE! Ken attacked my list! How dare he! And like…I dont even know. Something about him…just drew me to him like a little magnet. He is so funny and I love watching him and N argue XD

    5 – Kangjun from C-Clown. Oh my llama…Kangjun…he is such a cutie. I saw him in Justice and fell in love (DONT LET MY BOYFRIEND KNOW!!) I love how he makes the dances seem so easy, yet they hold the difficulty that keeps me from trying to perfect them and allows me to avoid tripping and falling on my face. X3

    6 – P.O from Block B. P.O was my original favorite from Block B. He’s so…interesting. I have a video of him freaking out on a pirate ship XD And in Conduct Zero, I noticed he didn’t have any girls around him. My first thought was “OML OPPA LOVES ME BACK!!”

    7 – Jungkook and RapMon. YES IM CHEATING. You can’t have Kookie without RapMon. THEIR SHIP IS KOOKIEMONSTER FOR LLAMAS SAKE! They are my biases from BTS…so is J-Hope but he’s 11…Anyways. Kookie and RapMon. Kookie caught my little eye in War Of Hormone, and RapMon in Boy in Luv just…BAM SLAM MY BIAS LIST IS REKT.

    8 – HENRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Henry is so amazing! He is SO talented in his instruments and his singing and his dancing! I truly think he is one of the best solo artists out there! (GD being my fav of course…)

    9 – Kwangmin from Boyfriend. Okay. When I first saw Boyfriend’s Witch, I WAS SO CONFUSED. I WAS LIKE “WHY ARE THERE TWO OF THIS ONE?!” THEN I got on here and saw that they were twins…lol…oops. But now, Kwangmin is my favorite. He’s so…intriguing. I love it when he raps or laughs. His voice is so sweet, yet…strong.

    10 – Xia Junsu from JYJ/Zhoumi from SJ. Oh my…so…I first heard about Junsu on a video labeled “Strangest Kpop Videos”. It was Tarantallegra. That is now one of my favorite songs. And just…he is so gorgeous. Now…Zhoumi. REWIND. I LOVE ET. SO MUCH. I cheated on 10 XD IM SORRY DONT HURT MEH. I COULDNT DECIDE! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    SO YEAH. Those are my 10 (12) biases! WOOT! *sigh* Im probably gonna make a new list in about a hour or so. OH WELL. I BETTER POST THIS BEFORE I RETHINK IT ALL! PEACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. Wawawaaa~ ur list are gooddd pickingss really. To be honest, i avoid getting too much biases coz as you all experienced it sooooo hardddd tp list and pick and all~ but i tried so hard(just kidding) and this is my bias list ;)))

    1. MIN SUGA~!! (BTS) HAHAH IDK WHY but somehow, even if i knew his minus points and bad sides, I JUST FELL IN LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM ESPECIALLY HIS BAD SIDES, seriously, his bad sides makes me fell deeper until he cant move from no1 since forever<33333

    2. KWON JI YONG (BIGBANG) of course you know him so well~ but actually, i recently fell in love with him although its 9 years late because he's just so hot a hot bad boy and when i saw him in around 2009-2011, HE'S SO MY TYPE OF PERSON and somehowww his voice at tht era was SO MY TYPE OF VOICE which is like Lee Hong Kiiiii FT islanddd awwwghh pls

    3.KIM TAE HYUNG(BTS), Key (Shinee), Hongki(FT island) OKAY IM A CHEATER TOO BUT OH WELL i cant pick seriously theyre on a war fighting for this place in my heart wow. Gosh i love them af i feel like melting. By the way i cant stand taetae's existence coz he's just..ARGH dang it so perf. And actually the only bias i have that i feel he is my oppa is ONLY Key oppa~ trust me im so young im in my 10s right now but every bias i had i feel like im a noona to them except Key oppa. He got that special little place in heart<3 and hongkiiii awgh he's just so bluntly adorable altho his group arent much popular anymore now but he got into my heart by his personality not my MVs or songs, then i heard his voice and i just cant say much, but, THAT IS MY TYPE NOW MARRY ME HONGKI. (Ok sorryy talking to myself)

    4. JIMIN, JUNGKOOK(BTS), JACKSON (GOT7) wel actually, the first kpop group i liked was got7, and my no1 eternal unmoving bias was Bambam even if i knew his bad sides, he stil wont go downnn bzz, until one day, i found bts and actually, jhope was the 1st one who catches me eyes WOW i only want to see him in shows i dont really bother other bts members at tht time not even suga. Hobie was also hard to move until i got a little mad of him and somehow i found suga and now he wont move EVER. Now im kinda over with bam hobie so Jackson got SO UP OH AND MARK TOO he was so hot i barely stand it wow imagining him just makes me melt oh no
    MARK(GOT7) too

    5. WOOZI (SEVENTEEN) AWWGH DONT GET ME STARTED HE'S JUST…….UGHHH. So at first im this type of girl who cant and dont want to have more biases…but accidently i watched mcountdown while waiting for BTS to show up i saw seventeen on stage with ADORE U and i think i saw SUGA there but oh comeon how can suga be in another group right? So i ignored it and forget about it. Then i watched another episode of mcountodown also waiting only for my biases to show up then i saw them again with adore u and i cant believe my eyes woozi is soo similiar with suga i searched it up and owhhh HE WAS JUST CUTEE he excel at singing and dance nono dats so my type pls stahp. dats why i love woozi, started off from me mistaken him as suga lol

    6. SUNGJAE(BTOB) awwwww he's just a cute dork i love since Who are you 2015 he's awesomee he can sing so well nyaaaah luv his voice so muchhh such a hot cutie dorky pie<333

    HAHA DONE. pretty simple isnt it ok it isnt. Anyways, i knowww im a cheater but seriously they're on the sams level i cant divide them. All my biases i love them too much i knew them too much i hated them on some point seriously. And sometimes, when they act dumb, all i could feel is "what the f r u doing. Ew. Not buying it. Srsly. Shoo. Ka." But at the same time they wont go down not even a bit from the list. EW. How can a person really not buying it while she's loving that idol so much she cant feel much? Lol

    Anyways thanks this is just how my biaslist goes.. Quite long isnt it haha
    And seriously thanks for your listsss i love it even tho aint my style much( my style is quite complicated wow) i appreciate you making this yayy
    I wish u goodluck thenn~ jaa~

  3. First I need to say that you guys are really great. You inspired me so I made my own list of my favorite male bias. 😀
    It was very difficult and there are toooo many I want to put here, too, but I can’t. So here’s my list! Hope you like it! ^^

    Number One is Kyuhyun (Super Junior): From the very beginning until now he’s my absolute unchangeable number one. Because of Super Junior I became into Kpop and started to like it. I searched for more different idol groups and that’s how it is now. 😀
    Kyuhyun likes to play around with others and I really enjoy it. I can’t help but fall for him. And he’s also really good looking and has such a great voice. I love hearing him sing.

    2. Jackson (Got7): I love him. He always makes me laugh and I think he’s just like me. Really, I’m as funny and crazy just like him! ❤
    He's the first rapper on my list and you guys will see, that he won't be the last. I don't know why, but I tend to like rappers the most. ;D

    3. Baekhyun (EXO): I don't care about his girlfriend, because it doesn't matter. He will be the same person with or without girlfriend that's why he's still one of the idols I really adore. He has such a great voice and a really unique way of singing. Did you saw it, too? It's fun to watch. 🙂
    He's good looking and really funny. I especially like EXO's Showtime. I really love guys who can make me laugh. That's really important for me and a reason why they are on my bias list.

    4. Ilhoon (BtoB): I don't know why, but I really, really like him. His rapping, dancing, appearance (not always ;)) and his personality.

    5. Mark (Got7): I love his voice. *-*
    At first he may seem shy, but he talks a lot. And he's sexy. And a rapper. 🙂

    6. Hyunshik (ZE:A): His voice is adorable and he's also a good actor. I really like him a lot and also his character. I especially enjoy watching Immortal Songs or Hello Counselor. You guys should watch it, too if you don't know. It's really good! 😀

    7. Rap Monster (Bangtan Boys): He's a really good leader and always looks cool with sunglasses, but without them he's just so cuuuuuuteeeeee. :3
    And he's also a very good rapper. You can see it every time, for example on Weekly Idol (Doni&Coni are the best!). Adorable! ^^

    8. C.A.P (Teen Top): I'm falling for his voice. *-*
    Really, I can't help but like him. He's so cool and sexy and good at rapping. 😀

    9. Zelo (B.A.P): Although I like Yongguk too, I chose Zelo, because Zelo is more cute than Yongguk. 🙂
    And Zelo is more good looking and better at dancing.

    10. Joon Jung Young: He's the best rock singer I know. I really love listen to his voice or watching his appearances at many shows. He's always the same crazy person with much luck and without any talent, if you watch Weekly Idol. 😀
    He's really crazy and makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. 😀

    The End ~
    This was my list. I would like to hear what you think about it, so let me know! 😀

    • You have such a fun list! You really do like guys with fun personalities! I love watching Weekly Idol, I haven’t seen much of Immortal Song or Hello Counselor though I know of both ~
      If I could have cheated more I would have simply made all of B.A.P my bias ~ but I couldn’t cheat that much hahaha – it’s really hard to make the lists only 10 people! Jackson is my bias from Got7 too ~ and Ilhoon is my second favorite (tied with Hyunsik) from BTOB ~ thanks for sharing with us!


      • Yeah, I know. 😀
        I also always try to make the people around me laugh with me. 😉
        Hahaha, no, you can’t cheat! ^^
        No problem. I enjoyed making this list or readind who you guys like compared to me. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I have quite a few biases. I can’t order my guys, they are just in the order that I discovered them: G-Dragon(Big Bang), Key(SHINee), Zelo(B.A.P), JR(Nu’est), JunQ(MyName), Kai(EXO), Seungjin(A-AJAX), Jinyoung(B1A4), Minhyuk(BtoB), Jaehyo(Block B), Changbum(100%), Dongwoon(B2ST), Soohyun(U-Kiss), Dongwoo(Infinite), Ken(VIXX), Rome(C-Clown), Daeil(24K), JungKook(BTS), L.Joe(Teen Top), Joon(MBLAQ), Yejun(F.Cuz), Minsu(Boys Republic), Kyungil(HISTORY), Jin(MR.MR), Xero(ToppDogg), Changhyun(Shu-I), Taecyeon(2PM ~ He was one of my first biases, but my friend didn’t start liking 2PM until recently), Master One(WonderBoyz), Seunghoon(WINNER), Mark(Got7),, Jinwan(LU:KUS ~ I followed him from X-5), Benji(B.I.G), and Daeryong(Tasty ~ formerly known as Tasty Pink, my friend likes Tasty Blonde(Soryong)). I don’t listen to many girl groups. I have a favorite – Dara(2NE1) – but the rest are about the same: Gayoon(4Minute ~ followed closely by Jiyoon), Hyolyn/Hyorin(SISTAR), Sulli(f(x)), Min(Miss A), Raina(Orange Caramel ~ I don’t know or listen to After School but I know Orange Caramel), Jimin(15&), Wendy(Red Velvet ~ this might change, but currently she’s my favorite), and Eunjung(T-ara ~ I don’t know T-ara very well or listen to very many of their songs, but I enjoyed her in Dream High). My list is just going to grow, for guys and girls.