Favorite Songs Of 2016

Here are the gurus pick for their favorite songs released in 2016.


You would think that with how difficult it was to find 10 groups to add to my favorite debut artists this list would also be next to impossible to make.  You would be correct, but that is because there were too many songs that really impressed me by already established artists.  While many on my list probably won’t surprise long-time viewers hopefully I haven’t become too predictable.  *Wink*

1. Rock The World – Xia

Like this man would not appear on this list, it would be unthinkable for that.  It was really difficult to choose between “Rock The World” and “How Can I Love You” especially since the later was Junsu’s first #1 charting song, but to keep some sanity I chose to ignore OST songs.  (If I hadn’t then Mad Clown x Kim Na Young’s song from Decendents Of The Sun would also be on here.

2. Platonic Love (지켜줄게) – Snuper

Gah this earworm of a song is one of the most wonderful things I have ever heard in my life.  When It’s Raining was released I thought Platonic Love may have just lost out because that song is also a magical wonderful thing, but in the end it has to be Platonic Love.  The only thing wrong with this song is I don’t want my love with Snuper to be Platonic at all!

3. Skydive – B.A.P

Another group that made it really hard to choose which song would make the list.  All year I had expected Feel So Good to be on this list but then Skydive was released.  This song edged out Feel So Good purely because of the MV.  Its a 10 minute mini-drama that literally stopped my heart and made me cry.  B.A.P, and by that I mean Youngjae (WHO ISN’T EVEN MY BIAS) needs to stop making me cry.  It’s not fair!

4. Pain – SS301

When I listen to this song I feel no Pain at all.  The chorus is one of the catchiest things ever, if you do not sing along to “So Pain So Pain woo woo wooo…” then you are not a human.  This is a must listen to!  I just wish that this song brought SS301 back to the spotlight like they had been before their never ending hiatus.  I WANT JUNGMIN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  There because he is not here I’m so pain.

5. Taller Than You (1cm의 자존심) – MAMAMOO

When has MAMAMOO released a song that wasn’t less than amazing?  Taller Than You is my favorite out of all of the songs that they released, and is another song that I just see the groups name I start singing this song.  If I weren’t limiting this list to one song per artist half of this list would probably be MAMAMOO songs.  (Is that a bad thing?)

6. Touch (손이가요) – A.Cian

And I’m crying again, because of Lo.J.  Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?  At least A.Cian released an amazing song that I both love and loath.   Love because it is super fun and catchy and wonderful and amazing.  Loath because…I think you can guess why.  Listen to this song.  Love this song.  Live this song.

7. Letting Go (놓아놓아놓아) – Day6

I regret not putting “Congratulations” on my list last year, but I won’t make the mistake of not including Day6 on my list again.  I don’t know what it was about this song, but this song just touches my soul, I love it.  It might be my favorite song from Day6 and I don’t know why.

8. Get Down – Boys’ Republic

This song is the perfect get out of bed song, and has been one of my alarm songs since it was released.  I really with Boys’ Republic got more love, but at the same time more for me!  And Minsu is just delicious in this video (and every other video they have ever released)

9. Save Me? Blood Sweat And Tears  (피땀눈물)? – BTS

GAH THIS GROUP IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously I can’t choose which song is more amazing!  This group can do no wrong.  I was only able to take “Fire” out of the running because J-Hope + Flame stove is scary AF.  I hate this group.  I hate Jungkook. **Those two statements are totally not true, but my love for this group is really becoming an very unhealthy obsession with me and I need to say something to myself so that I don’t go insane.  Please someone Save Me from the feels, I can’t take it much more. (So I’m going to break my own rule and cheat because this is my list and I can)

10. Stuck (너게만 집착해) – Monsta X

*Bashes head against wall*  Why has this group taken control of my heart like this.  I am obsessed with the full album for The Clan pt 1, its everything I dream of.  And by that I mean dreams of I.M.  *regrets life*   Stuck in my opinion is on par with the awesomeness of Hero.  Everytime I hear it I start “dancing” along with it, and it doesn’t matter where I am.  Though I am such a bad dancer I’m sure no1 would recognize what song I was listening to.

11. Miro – Romeo

Ear worm! Ear Worm! Ear Worm!  Romeo please leave me alone!!!!  My love for this song is similar to my love of Snuper’s Platonic Love.  I can’t not sing this song when I think of Romeo, or a certain cat.  It randomly pops into my head at the most inappropriate times.  Imagine talking to your boss about something important and then all of a sudden your sings “넌 미로 미로 말오냘 슈 옶눈 노…”

12. Take Me Now – FTISLAND

Hunky One!  FTISLAND is yet another group that never fails to impress me.  I love everything they release and this song is no exception.  There was no doubt in my mind that this song had to be on this list.

13. Russian Roulette – Red Velvet

Now this song surprised me.  I really don’t like anything that this group has released up until now.  Their red songs are obnoxious in my opinion and their velvet songs, though not so obnoxious really leave no impression on me.  Russian Roulette however, from the moment I first heard this song I loved it.  Its like FM from Crayon Pop last year.  Totally unexpected.  GRRRR SM you win this time.

14. TT – Twice

I love the halloween concept of this song.  I love the “TT” Dance.  I just love this song.  It’s the first Twice song that I didn’t need time to grow to love.  I just Loved it.

15. Baby Baby – WINNER

Finally YG let winner out of the dungeon and they didn’t disappoint.   They were another group who made it really hard to choose just one song that I loved.  Because I loved Pricked (eliminated because there was no MV) I loved Taehyun’s solo (eliminated because Mino is not in the MV).  And then I loved Sentimental and baisically that song could easily be substitued for Baby Baby, just my fingers typed Baby Baby.

16. Pick Me – Produce 101 / I.O.I

Manwon^^ is going to hate me for putting this song on here.  I had eliminated this song because its the theme song to Produce 101, but I couldn’t publish this list without it.  This song is so addicting, I made it my ringtone.  <.< >.>.  I really really hope the boy version of Produce 101 gives me a song as awesome as Pick Me.


Ok – so this year I had a lot less criteria for than last year – the songs on this list are the songs that I always search for when I start to play my playlists on shuffle.  I love these songs so much and while making this list it was hard to narrow some songs down – it was not hard to pick my top 15 songs for 2016. These songs are some of my all time favorite songs ever.  They are n no particular order ~

1. Jung Joon Young – Sympathy (공감)

This song.  What can I say about this song?  It is moving, it is gorgeous, it is devastatingly beautiful.  I will let this song do the talking for itself:

2. B.A.P – That’s My Jam

Am I a cliche yet? Did you really think B.A.P wouldn’t be on my list?  Honestly I feel really torn about which song I want on here for this group (Feel So Good? That’s My Jam?  Skydive?) – they all have such a different vibe to them, and they are all so wonderful ~ but That’s My Jam just makes me want to dance, and makes me so happy! (plus James already talked about Skydive and Feel So Good – hahahaha)

3. BTS – Blood, Sweat, Tears (피 땀 눈물)

(Save Me)

It is really hard to pick between Blood Sweat Tears and Save Me – both songs are constantly running through my head, and I like it.  Though for me Blood Sweat Tears wins in the MV department (though I constantly curse Jimin for that opening scene in Save Me) – but B.T.S just wins because the MV is just a masterful piece of artistry all on it’s own.

4. Monsta X – All In (걸어)

This song came out and instantly got stuck in my head (side note I also really love the song Stuck, and did not intend any puns).  When I think of Monsta X this is usually the first song my mind goes to now – and it will be a song I love for a very long time.

5. Snuper – It’s Raining

Snuper, let’s just say I really love Snuper.  I, like James, was torn between which song of theirs to put here.  Both songs are so 80’s tastic and there’s so much to love with it ~ I just happen to love the manlier version of Snuper hahaha, because Snuper are men damn it!

6. INX – Alright (오나)

How the hell? This group…I just…they release only one song, and this one song was enough to make me super happy ~ and love them with a freakish passion that feel unwarranted at this point ~ but still! Gah!

7. BTOB – I’ll Be Your Man (기도)

So, this song is just everything I want BTOB to be – vocally stunning, the rap parts are great, and I just BTOB – this is the song I’ve always wanted from them!

8. SHINee – Tell Me What To Do

Shinee, dear dear Shinee ~ I have loved Shinee for a long time, and have loved seeing them grow and evolve – this song, this song is where all that evolution was going ~ it is simply a stunning song, and I find myself constantly humming it and playing it every chance I get.

9. Day6 – Letting Go (놓아놓아놓아)

Can this be a surprise at all?  I gush so much about Day6 all the time ~ they just hit me every time they sing – one of the most vocal genuine groups I’ve heard in a long time – I just FEEL every word they sing.  This song is just amazingly gorgeous, and wonderful!

10. Ladies Code – Galaxy (갤럭시)

When this song first came out I was constantly listening to it – and even now I am constantly listening to it ~ it is amazing, and I just love this song so much.  It’s just beautiful.

11. Bobby – Holup (꽐라)

Yep, we’re going to go from a song with total chill to a song with completely no chill.  Damn, Bobby just wins me over with this song (don’t worry James he isn’t even close to dethroning B.I) but I really love this song when I want a song with no chill ~

12. NCT U – Without You

Again, this song was on constant repeat when it first came out – and I still go searching for this song constantly when I am starting up a random shuffle of songs.

13. FTIsland – Take Me Now (테이크 미 마우)

Is this a surprise either?  This was the year of the rockers for me ~ I love this song so much!  It definitely deserves a spot on my top fifteen for the year ~ check it out below!

14. EXO – Monster

So this one surprises me – I am an EXO fan, but I haven’t been a huge fan of their last few releases.  Monster however is simply magical.  I LOVE this song, and I listen to it a lot – like a lot a lot…too much a lot…

15. Mamamoo – Taller Than You (10의 자존심)

Yep, this song is freaking awesome ~ if you haven’t heard it yet – you better get on that!  It truly is amazingly wonderful.

16. Royal Pirates – Dangerous

James cheated – so too will I ~ this song technically came out in 2015, but the MV was released in 2016!  And I really enjoyed this song so much!  So here is the 2016 released MV for Royal Pirates:

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