Ladies’ Code Profile

Ladies Code's 'Stranger" promotional picture.

Ladies’ Code (레이디스 코드)





Ladies Code's Ashley 'Stranger" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Ashley (Choi Bit-Na)
  • Hangul: 애슐리
  • Code Name: Global Code
  • Position: Leader, Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 91.11.09
  • Nationality: Korean-American
  • Height: 166cm (5ft 5in)
  • Weight: 48kg (105lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Sub-Unit: N/A

Ladies Code's So Jung 'Stranger" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Sojung (Lee So-Jung)
  • Hangul: 소정
  • Code Name: Funky Code
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 93.09.03
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 163cm (5ft 4in)
  • Weight: 43kg (94lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Sub-Unit: Solo

Ladies Code's Juni 'Stranger" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Zuny (Kim Ju-Mi)
  • Hangul: 주니
  • Code Name: Pretty Chic Code
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 94.12.08
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 165cm (5ft 4in)
  • Weight: 44kg (97lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Sub-Unit: N/A

Honorary Member:

Ladies' Code's Rise "KISS KISS" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Rise (Kwon Ri-Se)
  • Hangul: 리세
  • Code Name: Pure Code
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 91.08.16
  • Death: (Y.M.D): 14.09.07
  • Nationality: Korean-Japanese
  • Height: 166cm (5ft 5in)
  • Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Sub-Unit: N/A

Ladies' Code's EunB "KISS KISS" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Eun B (Go Eun-Bi)
  • Hangul: 은비
  • Code Name: Lovely Code
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 92.11.23
  • Death (Y.M.D): 14.09.03
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 164cm (5ft 4in)
  • Weight: 44kg (97lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Sub-Unit: N/A

22 comments on “Ladies’ Code Profile

  1. Hello! You made a typo in the Korean spelling of Ashley’s name. You wrote 애술리 when it should be 애슐리 (difference being the ㅜ and the ㅠ). Have a nice day!

  2. Hey guys, comments are closed on the request thread so I thought I’d come here since the companies are related. It isn’t even so much of a request as it is an inquiry: are you setting up a page for LOOΠΔ anytime soon or are you waiting for their debut next year?

    I know you guys are super busy so no worries or anything, just wondering.

    • We have closed comments on the request page because currently we are not accepting requests. As of right now we no plans to make a profile for that group as this is the first time we are hearing about them. If you would like to request a profile for them. Once we open requests please feel free to do so then. ~James

  3. Why are Rise and EunB’s death on different days? Didn’t they both die on the same day in the car accident?? :(( :OOOO

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