15& / Baek Yerin / Jimin Park Profile

15&'s "Sugar" promotional picture.

15& (피프틴앤) –  15 (Members Ages at the Time of Debut) And (Continuing Into The Future)

  • Debut (Y.M.D): 12.10.07
  • Label: JYP Entertainment
  • Music Videos (Official Videos): I Dream, Somebody, Sugar, Love Is Madness (사랑은 미친짓)
  • Discography: I Dream (digital single), Somebody (digital single), Can’t Hide It (티가 나나봐 – digital single), Sugar, Love Is Madness (사랑은 미친진 – digital single)
  • Fan Club: N/A
  • Symbol: 

15& logo.



15&'s Yerin "Sugar" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Baek Yerin (Baek Yerin)
  • Hangul: 백예린
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D):  97.06.26
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 165cm (5ft 4in)
  • Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Sub-Unit: Solo

 15&'s Jimin "Sugar" promotional picture.

  • Name (Real Name): Park Jimin (Park Jimin)
  • Hangul: 박지민
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D):  97.07.05
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 160cm (5ft 2in)
  • Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Sub-Unit: Solo

7 comments on “15& / Baek Yerin / Jimin Park Profile

  1. idk if it counts but jimin is in a soundcloud group called MOLA (make our lives awesome) with Uniq’s Seungyoun (LUIZY) and her friend Nathan. and she also goes by Jamie

  2. Well, 15& debuted for 2 years already and I think JYP should have been more focus and invole in debuting this group. If he handle it well, they could be the next Davichi. Jimin should be on diet when she is older if she stays this height and weight. But I wish you two the best an always remember to have fun, hwaiting!

    • Well the group is currently promoting ~ they made a comeback a few weeks ago with the song “Can’t Hide It” and they are currently back with the song “Sugar” ~ They haven’t released videos for either song…but they are on the music shows promoting a lot right now^^

    • They also just released a MV for sugar earlier this afternoon. They are both very talented young ladies so it’s great to see them back after such a long time. ~James

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