Favorite 2015 Debut Artists

Since 2015 has come to a close here is the guru’s picks for favorite new artists from 2015.


So I came up with a list of the 10 artists that debuted in 2015 that left the biggest impression on me.  For the most part this list is in order from most favorite on down, though towards the end the line gets blurred more and more.

1. Monsta X

Main Bias: I.M

Favorite Song(s): Hero, No Exit, Rush

Lets start off with one the the most obvious ones on this list.  I have been waiting with baited breath for Monsta X to debut since No.Mercy aired last year.  Yes my original bias was eliminated but then I.M walked on and it was love.  This group has made some amazing music and they only have the two mini albums (though this is more than other debuts this year).  Monsta X has quickly become one of the groups that has ruled my life that forces me to buy everything they release.

Monsta X' "Hero" promotional picture.

2. iKON

Main Bias: Donghyuk (then Bobby, Chanwoo)

Favorite Song(s): Wait, Climax, M.U.P My Type

Get ready for some ctrl+c/ctrl+p – I have been dying for them to debut since WIN.  I have loved almost every song on their debut album, with the exception of maybe “Anthem” as I firmly believe that that song should not have been just Bobby and B.I.  I can’t wait to watch them continue to make music and I relish every time Chanwoo gets more than just “Na Nana Na Na Na Nana Na” even though that part is my favorite part of Rhythm Ta.

iKon's "Apology" promotional picture.

3. A6P

Main Bias: Yaho, Jelly P

Favorite Song(s): Face Off

This group had me from Go.  Yes they have one song and yes I don’t know exactly what Ado looks like.  I need this group to make a comeback to confirm my love of this group, because right now my feels for them are boarderline unhealthy.

A6P's "Face Off" promotional picture.

4. HeartB

Main Bias: Jin Wook

Favorite Song(s): Shine, Remember, #Song For U, Lies…

This group is kinda like my Legend from last year.  Find me a song from HeartB that isn’t fantastic and amazing.  You can’t.  They have the most beautiful voices.  HeartB has a lot of what 2AM had that made them one of my favorite groups ever.  I see great potential here!

HeartB's "A Song For U" promotional picture.


Main Bias: KIXS

Favorite Song(s): Beautiful A+, Birthday

Why is KIXS here, 1 because he is KIXS, 2 he had sparkly eyebrows, 3 he is KIXS need I say more.  Although when he was Jeesu he was not my DMTN bias (CURSE YOU INATI), post DMTN he is.  I love KIXS’s voice and his debut song was inSan.ely catchy (hahahah se what I did there!)

KIXS' "Beautiful" promotional picture.


Main Bias: Jungyeon/Sana

Favorite Song(s): Like Ooh-Ahh

Despite my disappointment that the two girls who I really really really wanted to see in this group didn’t make it in.  (SOMI KILL IT ON PRODUCE 101!!!!!!) .  I was really excited to see them debut.  Originally  I did not love this song out of the gate, but it has ended up as one of my favorites this year.  TWICE has the advantage of being on JYP where I love all of the groups, and not relying on sex sex sex to sell music or being too cutesy.  They are a perfect balance of what I like to see in a girl group.

Twice's "Like Oooh Aaah" promotional picture.

7. G.Friend

Main Bias: N/A

Favorite Song(s): Me Gustas Tu, Glass Bead

On the other end of the girl group spectrum is G.Friend.  They are a lot like APink in that ordinarily I would not be a big fan of this group but there was something that I liked.  They are great dancers, have catchy song, and almost to sugary sweet cute.

G.Friend's promotional picture for "Flower Bud"


Main Bias: Joonhyeon

Favorite Song(s): Sugar

Ohhhhhh All-Star.  My love of this group goes all the way back to B.O.i.  Hooray for Dal and Joonhyeon and Noah getting a second chance.  I love that they have joined up with a former NewUS member, and former Penta-G member as well to make a song that I love.  Unfortunately they are from such a small company I don’t see great success for them in the future, but they have one incredibly loyal fan in me.

All-Star's promotional picture.


Main Bias: Yunsung, Seunghwan, Kyle

Favorite Song(s): Target, Love Sick

Romeo Romeo where for art thou Romeo.  Curse your Romeo, you have come in and stolen my heart.  I was perfectly content with Kyle as my bias, then Yunsung happened then Seunghwan lied to me and I was okay with it.  This group is just adorable and they seem to really truly love what they do and their fans.  They have this childlike wonder about everything and its just…I love it.

Romeo's "Zero In" promotional picture.

10. PLO

Main Bias: E.Kyun

Favorite Song(s): LALALA

I didn’t love PLO’s debut song as much as I would have liked having been excited for them to debut since the beginning of this year.  I’m still waiting on the MV for the song.  But this group is so tightly wound around my heart that they were actually one of the first groups I thought of for this list.  (Maybe if I didn’t have almost near run-ins with E.Kyun at like half the concerts I go to…).

P.L.O's pre-debut picture.


Like all my lists prior to this one, there’s no real order to any of the artists on the list.  These are just my ten favorite artists who debuted this year (and let’s be honest…I have a habit of cheating, so really it’s 11)

1. Day6

Day6's "Congratulations" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Young K

Favorite Song(s): Colors

Day6 debuted with “Congratulations” and they had me immediately.  But it was the song “Colors” that hit deep in my soul.  Every time I hear it I start to cry, it is a beautiful song with so many layers to the lyrics that it’s hard to describe how much it means to me.  I used to suffer from depression, and this song beautifully brings hope to me now through it’s amazing lyrics.


KIXS' "Birthday" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Beautiful

KIXS is an amazing singer!  And to see him come back now after DMTN ~ it was so exciting!  I love that he is back now and I also love his glittery eyebrows…cause who doesn’t love glitter eyebrows?

3. iKON

iKon's "Apology" promotional picture.

Main Bias: iKON (picking a favorite in this group is impossible)

Favorite Song(s): Apology, MUP, Airplane

iKON is amazing ~ though I must admit I was a Team A fan during WIN (I always end up cheering for the underdog) – but I love iKON as well and I fell in love with them during Mix and Match.  This group is so talented!  I truly love these talented young men.

4. Snuper

Snuper's promotional picture.

Main Bias: Suhyun

Favorite Song(s): Shall We Dance

Snuper was a debut that I was super excited for.  They went for a cute / sweet concept with their debut, which was refreshing since 2015 seemed to be a year of “tough guy” debuts.  I also really enjoy that they seem to be friends with Korean model Hong Yoon Jae.

5. Romeo

Romeo's "Zero In" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Seunghwan

Favorite Song(s): Love Sick, Smile, Target

Another boy group who debuted with a cuter/sweeter concept.  Again, I think Romeo stood out so much, and became one of my favorite groups because they debuted with a concept that I haven’t seen a million times this year (or last year for that matter).  Plus it doesn’t hurt that Seunghwan told me I’m his favorite person ever, in the whole world….granted he did say the same thing to James…so…take that as it is ~ hahaha

6. Twice

Twice's "Like Oooh Aaah" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Momo, Sana

Favorite Song(s): Like Oooh-Aaah

Twice made me happy.  They are an amazing group and they debuted with such a fun and energetic concept that they’re impossible not to love.  Plus Sana is just hilarious to watch both during Sixteen and now in Twice.

7. Monsta X

Monsta X' "Hero" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Wonho

Favorite Song(s): Hero, Broken Heart, Exit

Ok, let me be honest here. I love Monsta X…but Wonho kind of put blinders on me ~ I barely notice there are other members in that group most of the time…though sometimes Hyungwon and Kihyun steal me attention too.  That aside, Monsta X has been a group that I have been in love with since their No.Mercy days (despite the fact that #Gun getting cut almost made me rage quit the group).  I do love their tough image ~ especially coming out of Starship Entertainment ~

8. HeartB

HeartB's "A Song For U" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Dojin

Favorite Song(s): Any noise their mouths make

HeartB is such an amazing ballad group!  I remember hearing their little radio programs from last year and I loved their voices immediately.  Now, with their debut we get to hear even more of them and see them too^^  They are super talented and I adore them so much.

9. Iron

Iron's "blu" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): Blu

Ok, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that Iron hasn’t had more songs released this year.   Blu was an amazing song, and it just sucks that there hasn’t been more to his debut yet.  I hope he gets so much more work in 2016 ~

10. Owol

Owol's "Dream On You" promotional picture.

Favorite Song(s): It’s Taehyun….does it matter?

I will forever support and love my Wonder Boyz boys ~ and seeing them all doing their own solo work makes me happy!

11. Seventeen

Seventeen's "Boys Be" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Joshua, Jeong Han

Favorite Song(s): I don’t know if I have a favorite song

Ok, so I am cheating, and on top of that Seventeen is a group that I actually hate to admit that I like…this is mostly because this group is made up of babies and I try to avoid groups that are too young…I don’t mind if one member is young, but Seventeen is just so freaking young in general!  But this did not stop me from liking them…and they deserve a spot on my list.


Another year has came to an end and we saw again an enourmous number of idol groups who made their debut in the K-pop scene.

As for me this year was the “Year of Groups from Small Companies” because these groups sometimes did a lot better than I expected and lot better than groups from bigger and more well-known companies.

I decided that just like last year I’ll try to be fair and gather my Top 5 girl and Top 5 boy group into a Top 10 list:

1. G.friend

G.Friend's promotional picture for "Flower Bud"

Main Bias: Yerin ( closely followed by SinB and Umji)
Favourite song(s): Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu

A breeze of fresh air on the K-pop scene and a fresh start for Source Music after Glam’s controversial disbandment.
It was a love at first sight with G.friend. I like how they combine the innocent concepts with powerful dancing without appearing too cute.

2. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl's "Closer" promotional picture.

Main Bias: YooA
Favourite song(s): Cupid, Closer

Their debut song gave me a serious After School vibe but of course in a younger and cute version, but really liked the rhythm. Closer wasn’t an instant favourite for me as it sounded too strange for a K-pop song but then I realized that it probably reminds me those New Age songs I used to listen a lot (like Enya) and I slowly came to like it too.

3. Twice

Twice's "Like Oooh Aaah" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Sana
Favourite song(s): Like Oooh Aaah, Truth, Like a Fool

Probably the most anticipated girl group debut this year which clearly visible with the lot of record that their debut song broke. I had my favourite line-up in my head right when Sixteen started and I had mixed feelings about the final line-up: I was sad that Jiwon and Minyoung doesn’t made it, I was confussed about how should I feel about Momo (who was suddenly brought back when I already cried my eyes out for her loss) and I still don’t understand why Mina is in the group.
But as a true JYP fan I think I now overcame these emotions and I’ll support Twice as a whole 🙂

4. CLC

CLC's "First Love" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Seung Yeon
Favourite song(s): Videos): Pepe, Eighteen ,Like

Pepe was one of the catchiest debut song this year and I loved everything in it. I love that CLC has it’s own color which is very different from 4minute.

5. MyB

MyB's "Ddoddo" promotional picture.

Main Bias: G-Won
Favourite song(s): My Oh My, DDODDO

MyB is just like G.friend: A cute group that mix the cuteness with the right amount of powerful dancing. I just hope that Maroo Ent. won’t let them disappear like 1PS and will have a better luck with MyB.

6. Romeo

Romeo's "Zero In" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Hyunkyung (Closely followed by Yunsung)
Favourite song(s): Love Sick, Target

The group that took me by suprise because I never thought I would ever fall for a typical “flower-boy” group……and curse you Romeo for introducing me my new offical youngest bias (I’m embarrassed to admit exactly how much he is younger than me T_T)

7. Seventeen


Main Bias: Jeong Han (Closely followed by the rest of the Vocal Unit :D)
Favourite song(s): Adore U, Shining Diamond, Mansae

I can’t help but do what the said in their debut song and adore them. They are so talented, their songs are really catchy and they seem to have so much fun whenever they are on stage.

8. N.flying

N.Flying's "Awesome" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Kwangjin
Favourite song(s): Awesome, Lonely, Reason (from their Japanese album)

The boy group debut that I probably waited the most 🙂
I fell in love with them when I first saw them in Cheongdamdong 111 and I was a bit disappointed that they had to delay their Korean debut.
N.flying brought back my old Linkin Park days with their hip-hop influenced rock music and this earned them a place in my heart.

9. Monsta X

Monsta X' "Hero" promotional picture.

Main Bias: Jooheon (Closely followed by Minhyuk)
Favourite song(s): Hero

Originally Monsta X was lower on my list because I didn’t really liked their debut song and therefore I didn’t give a lot of attetion to them. Rush was also a mediocre song for me, but then they started promoting Hero and that one song was able to skyrocket them into my Top 5 (It’s also largely thanks to Jooheon’s charismatic stage performances)

10. M.A.P6

Map6 pre-debut.

Main Bias: Sun
Favourite song(s): Storm

The group that took me by a “Storm” 🙂
As a late bloomer K-pop fan I didn’t pay a lot of attention to A-Prince and the one comeback that I witnessed from them also was far from noticable (not to mention that with the same hair color I couldn’t even tell the members apart :P)
But I have to say they did the right move when they moved to Dream-T because that company made a wonder with them. This concept and song suits them more and feels like their real talent was greatly supressed in A-Prince.

Please don’t forget to comment and tell us who your favorite 2015 debuts are!!!!

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