7 comments on “24K Hey You Who’s Who

  1. My prays have finally be answered and I’ve now seen Jeunguk without glasses and it was worth the wait, he is so beautiful

    • Hahahah, I know, when I first saw the pics on IG a while back I had to call up Manwon^^ and ask her if I was dreaming. So I hope they don’t torture us with these mystery members now.

      • He has such sexy eyes! And me too, because they are really sexy, some reason I have a feeling they maybe between 92 to 95 or so. Anyway, have you seen the new JYP project? Sixteen

  2. those two mistery members are really official members? Because the sites tell us that they only have 5 members. ^^

    • I have read in various news articles here that they have two mew members and their melon profile picture includes the them in the group picture. If it turns out they are not in the group ill remove the picture of them. This was the best way I could think of to cap the video for the time being

      • I saw that yesterday on their Facebook. I’m so happy they didn’t make us wait a whole year. I’ll be updating this page once i return from my vacation and finish moving. ~James

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