How to join a DAUM Fancafe (Tutorial)

Here is how to join a DAUM fancafe.  For the most part joining a DAUM fancafe is the same for each group.  This is the most simple of fancafes to join.

Need a DAUM account click here for our tutorial: (How to sign up for a DAUM account)


For this tutorial I have chosen to join SPEED’s cafe.  If you would like to join theirs click here.

SPEED – Official Fan Cafe

You can also search for a cafe in the Daum search by typing in the groups name. For most Hangul or English will work. To make sure it is the official cafe for the group look for the word “공식” after the groups name which will most likely also be written in Hangul.

How to join a fan cafe step 1


For most fancafes joining the cafe will follow these questions

How to joing a fancafe step 2

When you choose your nickname make sure to follow these simple rules (Most cafes use the same rules)

  1. No special charcters: Hearts, Stars
  2. Do not mix Hangul and English writing
  3. If you write in hangul do not only write consonants (ㅂㅈㄷㄱㅁㅅㄴㅇㅋㅌㅊㅍ)
  4. Do not use artist from this group or any celebrity related names: “IAMTAEWOON” “MrBaekhyun” “비스트요섭이”
  5. If you write in hangul you can use up to 8 characters


Note: Some cafes may ask other questions, if you come across that Google translate will help you figure out what the question is asking if you don’t know.

The most common extra questions I have seen include:

  • Who is your favorite member?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • What song was most recently promoted?
  • How did you find this cafe?
  • Why do you want to join this cafe?
  • When did the group debut?
  • Write a message to the group

63 comments on “How to join a DAUM Fancafe (Tutorial)

  1. How to level up your account? ‘Cause I barely understand a thing in the cafe. Im only using a phone.

    • Every single fan-cafe is different for how to level up. you need to look for either the room that says level up or 등업신청 and then follow their instructions. ~James

  2. i want to level up my membership of EXID’s fan cafe but i don’t understand the questions
    ① 이름(실명)
    ② 다음아이디
    ③ 생년월일
    ④ EXID L.I.E 첫 방송&막방 스케치 영상을 보고 문제를 풀어주세요.
    4-1. 마무리 멘트하는 정화를 방해한 멤버는?
    4-2. 하니의 인이어를 체크해주는 멤버는?
    4-3. 본인 스스로 노잼 멤버라고 한 멤버는?
    4-4. 대기실에서 웃음을 지으며 게임을 한 멤버는?
    4-5. LEGGO분들이 멤버들에게 선물한 물품은?(음식 제외)
    4-6. 머리카락이 길어져 기분이 좋은 멤버는?
    4-7. 정화가 생각하는 유잼(신흥 강자) 멤버는?
    4-8. 혜린이 소개하는 엘리가 좋아하는 3가지는? | 등업도금스탭

    • I can try to help, but you might be better off searching an EXID fan page or tumblr to see if there are better instructions/translations. My korean is not good enough so i’m relying a lot on google plus my limited knowledge

      1. Name (Real name)
      2. Daum ID
      3. Birthday in YYMMDD format
      4. You need to watch the First and last promotion sketches for L.I.E and answer the questions.
      4-1: Which member interferes/interrupts Junghwa during her ment.
      4-2: Which member looks in Hani’s ear (this one is probably wrong, but if you watch i’m assuming some member does something special to Hani)
      4-3: Which member says that they are no fun.
      4-4: Which members play a laughing game in the waiting room?
      4-5: What presents did LEGGO give to the group (not including food)
      4-6: Which member likes the feel of long hair? (or which member looks best with long hair)
      4-7: Which member does Junghwa say has the strongest personality (유잼)?
      4-8: What 3 things does Hyerin introduce that LE likes.

      Make the post secret.

      I Hope that helps you. Good luck ~James

  3. Omg sorry for bothering you but I tried to level up in a fancafe and someone sent me this message that I don’t understand after translating >< the message is: 전체쪽지 받음으로 설정 바랍니다. Do you know what they might mean?

    • I believe what this is asking. That in the space under the nickname they want you to check all of the boxes (see picture for step 2 of my tutorial). Even if you don’t want the e-mails and notifications some cafe’s might not let you level up unless those are checked as well. If that doesn’t work send me a link to the fancafe you are trying to join, if I’m not already a part of it I can join it from my second account. ~James

      • I’m pretty sure I already checked it but idk where I can see if I did or not… it’s the ASTRO fancafe (

      • I don’t know I just joined it from my second daum account and had no problems. There are two boxes to check and I checked both. For the question I typed in “youtube”. Try doing that, and if that doens’t work it may be your nickname you can try changing that. ~James

      • Oh, I think there’s a small misunderstanding 😅 I had no problems with joining the fancafe (thanks to your amazing guide up here) but I got that message from the company when trying to level up

      • Ahhhhhh, Then you need to check you mail settings and make sure that they are set properly.

        So first where it says “네 정보” click the down arrow to show more details.
        Then click “수정” which should be right next to your nickname.

        I believe you need to change these three things

        Change them from 회원 공개 to 운영진 공개 (that makes it so that only cafe admins can see that information instead of everyone)

        Then double check that for “수신설정” both boxes are checked. and try to level up again.

  4. helli ~!! can you help me with Topsecret Fancafe Question ? i think it says there debut date but everytime i write 20170104 this page open saying :
    앗! 정답을 잘못 입력하셨네요.
    다시 퀴즈에 도전해 보세요.
    다른 카페를 찾으시려면 카페찾기를 이용해 주세요.

      • We may have their debut date wrong then. We went with their album release date since that was what their “D-” countdown was for. But perhaps they consider their official debut date the 3rd which was their showcase. Let us know if it is the 3rd so we can update that with what the group says is their debut. Otherwise we have to wait for their 100days anniversary to check for the correct date. ~James