10 comments on “D.I.P Fizz Who’s Who

  1. Wait wait wait hold up
    Is that Boys24 Suhan?
    Man he debut fast hahaha and he was the first to be eliminated
    It is still hard to understand his Rap though, I know he is Korean-Canadian, and Korean may not be his first language, but he doesn’t pronounce properly and mumbles
    I’ll still give them a chance, he may improve

    Look at VAV bad debut, but now brilliant

    • That is Boys24 Suhan ~ he’s been floating around the kpop world for a few years now, he was supposed to debut in Lose Control before Boys24 which is how he ended up in D.I.P knowing the memebrs from Lose Control who moved to D.I.P
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Oh, then maybe Insoo could debut again, since he already technically debut. By the way, I have a question, with the final line up of Boys24, what will happen to ones that won’t make it, will they still debut or is that it to them. It is so sad to see good talent just go like that

      • I am pretty sure that once the final line-up is made in September that the ones who don’t make it will have to find their own way to debut. The company hasn’t given any indication that they will be keeping the members who get eliminated.
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Wow, that’s harsh. The company is just putting them on pedestal. Well, I hope they all debut one way or another. But it will be hard (former trainee 10years)

      • It is harsh but its the same thing that will happen to the Produce 101 boys, and the same thing that happened to the Mix & Match trainees that didn’t join iKON, the Sixteen trainees that didn’t join TWICE. It’s all part of the program. I’m just now super invested in the 27 final Boys24 members having seen and met them a number of times. ~James

      • You are so lucky to meet them. It would be my dream to meet Inho, I would also love to meet Insoo from Produce 101. Haha, actually you made my friend’s group profile on your website, as well my friend’s friend’s profile. (My friend is friends with a kpop idol)

      • Inho is so sweet every time I see him, his eyes bug out of his face, hahahah. I would kill to meet Insoo, I have been a fan of his since A6P debuted. Which profiles are your friends? ~James

      • My friend is That’s Right Ji Hoon and then my friend is friends with the Boss Hyunmin, while my other friend is friends with Produce 101 Euiwoong

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