2018 New Debut Who’s Who / Disc.

Here is an index of the Rookie debuts from 2018

Groups will be listed as such “Group Name [alternate spelling or name] – Debut date” in the order of their debut

**Profile information may be lacking for some groups.  Groups will only be added when debut appears fully set.**



Migyo – 19












10 comments on “2018 New Debut Who’s Who / Disc.

    • Yes I know, but as I have said on our homepage we are not making any new profiles until September, so we will not be able to add his information until then. Please be patient and we will get things updated as we have time to. ~ James

  1. I don’t know if you know, but in 170216 debuted Awesome with Topping Girl and in 170217 debuted Sunny Play with song Alice.

    • Currently, it is not on my list of profiles, we have a lot of end of the year/new year beginning up keep to get to.
      If you would like to wait a few more weeks you can request a Dorothy profile when our request page is open
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I do believe so as well, we just haven’t updated their page yet, but I think i saw on their fancafe that their debut is the 19th. Thanks for the reminder~! James

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