D-UNIT Who’s Who / Discography

Here is the Who’s Who index for each of D-Unit’s promotional videos!

Here is the full D-Unit discography

Album art for D-Unit's album "Welcome To Business"

  • Crush
  • I’m Missin’ You
  • Late (늦잠)
  • Turn The Lights On
  • Stereo
  • Goodbye TaTa
  • LUV Vision
  • Anniversary (기념일)
  • Before This Weekend Comes (주말이 오기전에)

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The album art for D-UNIT's album "Affirmative Chap. 1"

  • Survival (살아남아)
  • Talk to My Face (얼굴보고 얘기해)
  • Lockdown
  • Alone
  • Late Pt. 2 (늦잠 Part.2)
  • Scarecrow (허수아비)
  • Luv Me

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Album art for D-UNIT's album "Thank You"

  • Thank You
  • Thank you (song ver)
  • Thank You (inst)

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Videos Not released on an Album

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town (This video is the two girls of D-Unit in the studio singing, so it was not capped)

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