2 comments on “D.Holic I Don’t Know Who’s Who

  1. I don’t know why you have wrong the link of this MV…there is 3 sites where you can find this MV !!!…

    1) AsianDreamVOD (oK, it’s a semi-official channel…AsianDreamVOD is a semi-official channel where you can enjoy HD music video, there will be exclusive and unseen video.)

    2) Entertainment Hmate (Official site of the Discographic House !!!)

    3) D. HOLIC 디홀릭 (Official site of the Band !!!)

    Please… FIX IT !!!

    **Edited for length**

    • We try not to use AsianDreamVOD because they frequently get shut down because of copyright, and their videos don’t count towards the charts. The only group that I have ever seen acknowledge as link to their video is MR.MR for their debut song. The link I had was once correct, youtube doesn’t tell me when videos are deleted or go private. ~James

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