2 comments on “Fiestar You’re Pitiful Who’s Who

  1. The main course to “You’re Pitiful” sounds A LOT like B.A.P’s song “Stop It” it drove me crazy and i kept thinking what “You’re Pitiful” ‘s course reminds me of, and in the end, its my favorite boy group’s song. Now i can stop thinking so much when i listen to that song. — still though, its an okay song ^-^ other than the fact that the course is a lot like “Stop It”

    • I don’t know about that B.A.P song, but for me the lyrics of You’re pitiful” really reminded me to another song and it also drove me crazy that I couldn’t recall the title of that song but now that you shared your oppinion it suddenly popped into my mind: it was Dramatic Blue’s Tearfully Beautiful (an old SBS Gayo Daejun song) 😀 – Katie

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