Evening Who’s Who / Discography

Here is the Who’s Who index for each of Evening’s promotional videos!

Here is the full Evening discography

Album art for Evening's album "Parallel Steps"

  • Undreamed Happiness (낯선 행복)
  • Lost Myself (멀리 돌아가도 좋아)
  • Star (별)
  • Shimmering (아른거리는)
  • I Hope You’re Professional (그대가 나의 전문가가 되어주었으면 좋겠어)
  • First Night (첫 밤)
  • Back In The Evening (저녁의 위로)

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Album art for Evening's album "Two Peoples Worlds"

Two People’s World (두사람분의세상)

Album art for Evening's album "Always A Child"

  • Time Traveling Girl (시간팔이 소녀)
  • Always a Child (언제나어린애)
  • Two People’s World (두사람분의세상)
  • Daydream (백일몽)
  • Do You Want To Say (하고싶은 말)

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