Produce 101 Season 2 Contestants



Here is a compilation of all of the Produce 101 contestants grouped together by Company.  Due to the large number of participants we are not going to make full profiles for each member.  If we have a profile up for a boy already we will link to his profile page.  Please click each boy’s name for his MNET profile.

The boys are grouped by Company and listed as “Name (Hangul Spelling) Age”

If a trainee has an “[X]” after their name it means they have either quit the show or been eliminated.

Here is how to read the MNET profiles of each participant

How To Read the Produce 101 Profiles

**We believe all ages to be Korean age as of the start of 2017**

Click the trainee’s name to be taken to their mnet profile!

Wanna One (워너원) Members

Yoon Ji Seong (윤지성) – 27 [MMO]

Ha Seng Un (하성운) [HOTSHOT as Sungwoon] – 24

Ong Seong Wu (옹성우) – 23 [Fantagio]

Hwang Min Hyun (황민현) [NU’EST] – 23 [PLEDIS]

Kim Jae Hwan (김재환) – 22 [Independent Trainee]

Kang Daniel (강다니엘) – 22 [MMO]

Park Woo Jin (박우진) – 19 [BRAND NEW MUSIC]

Park Ji Hoon (박지훈) – 19 [MAROO Entertainment]

Bae Jin Young (배진영) – 18 [C9]

Lee Dae Hwi (이대휘) – 17 [BRAND NEW MUSIC]

Lai Kuan Lin (라이관린) – 17 [CUBE]

101 Trainees

2Able Company(투에이블 컴퍼니)

Ju Won Tak (주원탁) [Underdog as Roel] – 22  [X]

2Y Entertainment

Lee Ki Won (이기원) – 22 [X]

Ardor & Able / Star Crew ENT (아더앤에이블現 스타크루이엔티)

No Tae Hyun (노태현) [HOTSHOT as Kid Monster] – 25 [X]

Ha Seng Un (하성운) [HOTSHOT as Sungwoon] – 24

Banana (바나나)

Yoon Young Bin (윤영빈) – 25 [X]

Blessing (블레싱)

Im Woo Huyk (임우혁) – 24 [X]

Yu Jin Won (유진원) – 21 [X]

Brand New Music

Lim Young Min (임영민) – 23 [X]

Kim Dong Hyun (김동현) -20 [X]

Park Woo Jin (박우진) – 19

Lee Dae Hwi (이대휘) – 17

Brave Entertainment

Arredondo Samuel (김사무엘) [1Punch as Punch]- 16 [X]

C2K Entertainment

Kim Seong Lee (김성리) – 24 [X]

C9 Entertainment

Bae Jin Young (배진영) – 18

Choon (춘)

Jin Longguo (김용국) – 22 [X]

Kim Shi Hyun (김시현) – 20 [X – Withdrew due to health issues prior to broadcast]

Cre-Ker Entertainment

Joo Hak Nyeon (주학년) – 19 [X]

CS Entertainment

Cho Jin Hyung (조진형) – 22  [X]


Lai Kuan Lin (라이관린) – 17

Yu Seon Ho (유선호) – 16 [X]

Fantagio (판타지오)

Ong Seong Wu (옹성우) – 23

FENT (에프이엔티)

Lee Jun Woo (이준우) – 20 [X]

FNC Entertainment

Yoo Hoe Seung (유회승) – 23 [X]

Genie Stars Entertainment (지니스타즈)

Kim Do Hyun (김도현) [X10 as Konan]- 26 [X]

Park Hee Seok (박희석) [X10 as K-Bean]- 26 [X]

Wang Min Hyuk (왕민혁) – 24 [X]

GNi Entertainment (지엔아이)

Jeong Si Hyun (정시현) – 27 [X]


Hong Eun Ki (홍은기) – 21 [X]

Hanahreum Company (한아름 컴퍼니)

Kim Tae Min (김태민) – 23 [X – withdrew prior to second elimination]

HF Music Company

Park Woo Dam (박우담) – 23 [X]

Jo Yong Geun (조용근) – 23 [X]

Jung Wan Chul (정원철) [Former A6P as Ado] – 22 [X]

Woo Jin Young (우진영) – 21 [X]

HIM Entertainment

Park Sung Woo (박성우) – 30 [X]

Hunus Entertainment

Kim Sang Kyun (김상균) [Topp Dogg as A-TOM] – 23 [X]

I.ONE Entertainment

Kim Yeon Kuk (김연국) -23 [X]

Nam Yoon Sung (남윤성) – 22 [X – Withdrew due to health issues prior to broadcast]

Choi Hee Soo (최희수) – 21 [X]

Ryu Ho Yeon (류호연) – 20 [X]


Cho Gyu Min (조규민) [Former Alpha:Bat Duo]- 25 [X]

Independent Trainees (개인 연습생)

Kim Sang Been (김상빈) – 23 [X]

Kim Jae Hwan (김재환) – 22

Kim Chan (김찬) – 22 [X]

Lee In Soo (이인수) [ Former A6P as Jaguar] – 22 [X]

Choi Dong Ha (최동하) – 22 [X]

IT Entertainment

Han Min Ho (한민호) [Pure Boy as EnL] – 21 [X]

Lee Seo Kyu (이서규)  [Pure Boy] – 20 [X]

The Jackie Chan Group Korea (더젝키찬그룹코리아)

Kim Chan Yul (김찬율) [JJCC as Yul, Formerly A.T.O as Ri Han] – 26 [X]

Choi Ha Don (최하돈) [JJCC as San Cheong] – 25 [X]

Jellyfish (젤리피쉬)

Yun Hee Seok (윤희석) – 21 [X]

K-Tigers (K타이거즈)

Byun Hyun Min (변현민) – 19 [X]

Kiwi Media Group (키위 미디어 그룹)

Kim Dong Bin (김동빈) – 17 [X]

Maroo Entertainment (마루기획)

Kwon Hyeop (권협) – 20 [X]

Han Jong Youn (한종현) – 20 [X – withdrew prior to broadcast]

Park Ji Hoon (박지훈) – 19

Media Line

Lee Woo Jin (이우진) [The Eastlight]- 15 [X]


Yoon Ji Seong (윤지성) – 27

Joo Jin Woo (주진우) – 26 [X]

Choi Tae Woong (최태웅) – 24 [X]

Kim Jae Han (김재한) [Former OneVoices as J.Han]- 24 [X]

Kang Daniel (강다니엘) – 22

Namoo Actors (나무엑터스)

Lee You Jin (이유진) – 26 [X]

Narda Entertainment

Kim Tae Woo (김태우) [Rion Five as Taewoo] – 25 [X]

ONO (오앤오)

Jang Moon Vok (장문복) – 23 [X]

OUI Entertainment

Jo Sung Wook (조성욱) – 22 [X]

Jang Dae Hyeon (장대현) – 21 [X]

Kim Dong Han (김동한) – 20 [X]


Lee Ji Han (이지한) – 20 [X]

Pledis Entertainment (플레디스)

Kang Dong Ho (강동호) [NU’EST as Baekho] – 23 [X]

Kim Jong Hyeon (김종현) [NU’EST as JR] – 23 [X]

Choi Min Gi (최민기) [NU’EST as Ren] – 23 [X]

Hwang Min Hyun (황민현) [NU’EST] – 23


Lee Gun Min (이건민) – 22 [X]

Choi Jae Woo (최재우) – 21 [X]

Lee Keon Hee (이건희) – 20 [X]

Yeo Hwan Ung (여환웅) – 20 [X]

Son Dong Myung (손동명) [M.A.S 0094] – 19 [X]

S How entertainment (에스하우)

Jung Dong Su (정동수) [Offroad as Rio] – 27 [X]

Kim Nam Hyung (김남형) [Offroad as Kino]- 25 [X]

Star Road Entertainment (스타로드)

Takeda Kenta (터케다킨타) – 23 [X]

Starship (스타쉽)

Jung Se Woon (정세운) – 21 [X]

Lee Gwang Hyeon (이광현) – 20 [X]

STL Entertainment

Choi Jun Young (최준영) [AFOS as Jooen] – 22 [X]

Thevibe Label

Seong Hyun Woo (성현우) – 22 [X]

Kim Tae Dong (김태동) – 21 [X]

Ha Min Ho (하민호) – 20 [X – withdrew between 1st and 2nd elimination]

Yoon Jae Chan (윤재찬) – 19 [X]

Totalset (토탈셋)

Yoo Kyoung Mok (유경목) [Former BTL as Yu.A]- 24 [X]

WAYZ Company (웨이즈 컴퍼니)

Jeong Joong Ji (정중지) – 26 [X]

WH Creative

Seo Sung Hyuk (서성혁) – 19 [X]

WIDMAY (위드메이)

Kim Ye Hyeon (김예현) – 19 [X]

Wings Entertainment

Kim Yong Jin (김용진) [Former Underdog] – 21 [X]

YG K Plus (YG케이플러스)

Lee Hoo Rim (이후림) – 26 [X]

Jeong Hyo Jun (정효준) – 26 [X]

Kwon Hyun Bin (권현빈) – 21 [X]

Kim Hyeon Woo (김현우) – 20 [X]

Yuehua (위에화)

Zhu Zheng Ting (정정) – 22 [X]

Ahn Heong Seop (안형섭) – 19 [X]

Choi Seung Hyeok (최승혁) – 19 [X]

Lee Eui Woong (이의웅) – 17 [X]

Justin (저스틴) – 16 [X]

4 comments on “Produce 101 Season 2 Contestants

  1. why you dont have the profile of choon`s longgio&sihyun ?
    they debut already ?
    and the 2 brand new music trainee ?

    • We are not doing full profiles for any of the produce 101 contestants until the final group line-up is released and then we will make a group profile like we did for I.O.I. For now the Produce 101 page is just what mnet has given. ~James

      Also, I am pretty certain that that is not Justin’s twitter. A lot of the photos that are posted are fan taken, and it was active during the program, which is a HUGE no-no for Produce 101.

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