11 comments on “Look Out Groups Male

    • I haven’t updated this list since before they debuted. I’ll do that once I get all of the profiles up. I have about 15 more to go before I’m caught up (not including any December groups)~ James

  1. theres a new group called inx; theyre from na entertainment and they’re 5 (maybe more) members, debuting on august 2nd!

    • We have a profile for INX already…though its way out of date…as it has the original 4 members…when we have time we will be updating their profile with the current line-up ~James

  2. Hey there ^^ Is it true that Big Hit Entertainment will have two new Boy Bands? Read it a few days ago. One will be called 6ACES – 여섯 에이스 and the other Twister. 6ACES already has a Facebook page – but I just can’t find an official confirmation (and Debut date). It is also said that Big Hit will air a trainee survival show this year. Any News or confirmations about these things?
    LG, Maya

    • I have never heard any rumors about Twister. But there have been rumors about 6ACES since last year. We unfortunately can’t do much profile wise in the way of either group if there is no official releases. I’m going to guess that if Big Hit is really doing a survival show then, 6ACES and Twister may probably be scrapped in favor of the show. Hopefully we hear something soon. ~James

  3. YNB Entertainment is coming out with a new group. KNK.
    ***Edited by kpopinfo114 to remove unofficial site link***
    Here is an official link for KNK: facebook

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