Male Twitter Accounts

Here are all of the twitter accounts that we can find for the Male idols.  Our list only features twitter accounts for active male idol groups or soloists in K-pop (as of the start of our site).  Since this list is so long please use “ctrl+f” to search for your idol

A name with no twitter account next to it means that either that person doesn’t have twitter or we were unable to find and verify one.

If you find one that we don’t have please let us know and we will try to verify the account.  Manwon^^ and I personally try to verify all accounts even if Twitter has verified it as well.






Group @14u_official_


Lu Ha

Go Hyun




Woo Joo

Do Yul

Do Hyuk

Hyun Woong

Young Woon


Se Jin

Kyeong Tae