Co-Ed Artists YT Accounts

Here are all of the Co-Ed YouTube Accounts that we can find for the female idols.  Our list only features YT Accounts for groups in K-pop who have profiles on our site.  Since this list is so long please use “ctrl+f” to search for your idol

A name with no link means that either that idol doesn’t have a YT or we were unable to find and verify one.

If you find one that we don’t have please let us know and we will try to verify the YT.

Since YT’s are no longer used by disbanded artists, we will not be posting YT for the disbanded groups.


Akdong Musician


Clazziquai Project



Five Run Strike



Lapis Lazuli


Nasty Nasty

Plan C

SM Rookies

SM the Ballad

South Club

Theories of Youth

Togeworl (Lim Kim)

Triple H

Trouble Maker

Two Song Place

Urban Zakapa


W Project

Yery Band

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