Ask the Gurus: Who did you want to debut from No.Mercy?

Asked by Kjen: Who did you hope would debut through No.Mercy?

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Kjen’s answer: I want Kwangji back, too! My ideal group is Kwangji, Kihyun, Yoonho, Jooheon, Shownu, and Minhyuk.  I think it will be Shownu, Jooheon, #Gun, Wonho, and Kihyun to debut.

Do you think it is unfair for Nu Boyz to be included? Does that give them too much of an advantage, since they have debuted before?

Manwon’s^^ answer:

Since I am now writing a more detailed answer after it has been announced that there will be seven members, and not just five (like I had originally thought, I will answer based on this new information…plus the addition of I.M on the show)

First off I want to say I would love to see everyone from the show debut, even the members cut from before ~ I would have loved to have seen them debut just as they were. (SM proves constantly that huge groups are do-able, heck Topp Dogg is one of my favorite groups ever and they had 13 members! [now down to 12])  With that being said my line-up as of right now would be:  Jooheon, #Gun, I.M, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Seokwon, and Wonho
Jooheon is an amazing rapper and definitely deserves a spot on the group. He slays every time he is on stage, and basically is an all around bad-ass performer.
#Gun, while not the best rapper, is an amazingly emotional rapper – I feel everything he raps about, and go on the emotional road with him as he presents his stories. #Gun not only touches my soul with emotions, he freaking owns my soul.
**If Jooheon and #Gun don’t debut together I will rage quit this group, and probably send a strongly worded letter to Starship**
I.M – Starship intentionally threw him into a shitty situation putting him between a rock and a hard place, and yet he’s managed to over come it, and he’s a great rapper.  I really adore him.
Minhyuk has great vocals and matches with Kihyun well I think – plus Minhyuk has one of those sweet personalities that’s hard to hate on.
Kihyun, like Jooheon, is amazingly talented, and if he doesn’t make vocal of this team there is just something wrong with Starship and the fans who voted.
Seokwon is, in my opinion, more talented than the other vocals left to be in the group, plus Seokwon has shown immense growth from the first show to now, so I know he’ll continue to grow in the future.
Wonho, I can’t even begin with Wonho, I adore him.  I think he’s got great vocals, and he’s talented/comfortable on stage – he captures my attention during performances.  More than any of that however, I think Wonho is the only member who is capable of being a truly great leader for this group.  Everyone respects him, and he seems to have a way of leading practices that builds teamwork, and the esteem of everyone in his team.
To answer your second question: I don’t mind that the guys from Nu Boyz are part of this group – they never technically debuted, so the only advantage that they have is having been on the stage before, but they don’t seem to be getting any special treatment from the judges ~ I think Starship always intended Nu Boyz to simply be a way to introduce some of the members of No.Mercy – and that Nu Boyz was never going to debut 

James’s answer:

Like Manwon^^ I would love to have all of the eliminated trainees back and everyone end up in the final group.  Especially if I could I would bring back Minkyun.  I know how the fans feel about him, but maybe I saw something different or saw past his singing, but he was my pick to win from day one, and I still can’t think about him without practically crying.

Now obviously I can’t bring back any trainees.  So here are my picks for the final seven members of No.Mercy since as of my writing this its about 2 hours before what I believe is the final episode, and they have announced that the final group will be 7 members.

Jooheon: So Jooheon is such a beast!    Like seriously, Jooheon all the way!!!!  He has been a consistent player this entire time starting with #3, and then going up all the way to #1 and then staying there.  Basically Jooheon is pretty much a guaranteed member (unless the fans really hate him, and I don’t see that happening either).

#Gun:  Again another beast, I know my love Mad Clown isn’t so impressed with #Gun but hey lets agree to disagree.  #Gun got me with his very first rap, it was so emotional and really hit home for me.  He is a total cutie and when you throw Jooheon into the mix you get one of the best adorkable duos that remind me of my relationship with Manwon^.

If Jooheon and #Gun are not in this group I swear I will rage quit the entire group.    Take away my Minkyun, fine I can live with it.  Take away Yoonho and Kwangi, I’m not too happy but hey I already lost Minkyun, this is just pushing the knife a little further.

Kihyun:  Pretty much another sure-fire member of the group.  I have such a strong love for Kihyun’s voice.  At first I had reservations about how he would blend with the rest of the group, but after watching Team Giriboy I didn’t have any more doubts.

I.M:  I’m thinking a group of 3 rappers sounds good.  At first I was very annoyed when I.M was added to the cast (See Minkyun), but then he really won me over with his rap and his attitude.  I hope that being such a late addition doesn’t hurt his chances but…

Minhyuk: I really don’t have any specific reasoning for wanting Minhyuk in this group, except for liking his personality.  Minhyuk is one of the members who I never forget, is he the best…no, but wouldn’t you rather have a member who you always remember in the group than one you literally always forget.

Wonho: Like Manya I agree that Wonho definitely seems like the best leader.  He really has the respect of all of the members, and has helped lead both of his teams to victory.

Seokwon:  Seokwon seems to be very much my style when it comes to idols.  I tend to like what I have affectionately deemed “Babo-Style”.  See the very first episode of No.Mercy.   He also has a very bright personality, and likes to have fun.  I think he would be a great member to help promote the group on programs.

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