Ask The Guru’s: Who are you most excited to see debut? (iKON, Monsta X, SM ROOKIES)

Asked by Yoo Eun: Who is the best out of iKON, Monsta X, & the SM ROOKIES?  Who are you most excited to see debut?

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James’s answer:

This is a tough one, I’m really excited for both iKON and Monsta X to debut.   I really have not paid much attention to SM and their artists since 2009 (though I still support the groups that existed at that time, DBSK, SUJU, SHINee, SNSD and F(x)), but the music the company as whole has put out hasn’t really hit it for me.  Though of course I would love to see everyone succeed.

Now for the tough part, iKON / Monsta X / iKon / Monsta X / iKon / Monsta X.   I feel like i need to start picking off petals of a flower to decide this one, considering these are the 2 groups I am most excited to see debut this year.  If we have to split hairs though…


Mainly i’m more excited for iKON because 1) I have waited longer for them, 2) B.I!!!!  3) Minkyun and # Gun

1) Though I didn’t watch WIN:WHO IS NEXT! and MIX & MATCH until well after they originally aired, I was all about Team B based on their pictures, and was very oddly disappointed that they didn’t win WIN.  But then once I finally started watching the program I really really really really wanted them to win and it killed me a little knowing that they would eventually loose.

2) B.I is an amazing talent.   Wait (기다려) is seriously one of the most played songs on my iTunes (and i only added it a month ago.  I have about 10,000 songs with the most played songs being played about 100+ times).  B.I can rap, write music and is an amazing leader for those guys.  And then there are all the rest of the members, Jinhwan is such a sweetheart omg I love him, Bobby is just OMG!!!!!, Junhoe has my favorite voice in the group, Yoonhyung is another great voice and so caring, Chanwoo is like the worlds 2nd greatest maknae (Jung Kook is the 1st), and Donghyuk who for some reason kind of owns my soul a bit.

So even though I love all the iKON members B.I for his song writting skills has me way super excited.  I love Monsta X already, but NO.MERCY didn’t really show more than singing/rapping/dancing skills.  So iKON moves a head here.

3) I am still upset over the eliminations of Minkyun and #Gun.  HOW DID #GUN NOT MAKE IT!!!!!!!!???????  Like seriously WTF!!!!!!  Again I fully understand Minkyun, I just have a way irrational love for the guy that refuses to go away.   But #GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really was going to rage quit this group but apparently my feels for Jooheon, IM, and Minhyuk and the rest are slightly stronger than those for #Gun.  That and again I want to see everyone succeed.

So there you have it, buy the imaginary hairs on my chiny chin chin I am more excited for iKON to debut.

Katie’s answer:

hmm what an interesting and hard question. To tell the truth I didn’t watch neither of the survival programs so I don’t know the groups as deeply as I should to answer this question but I listened some of the songs they released so far so may final decision is based on these song.

You might noticed that I didn’t mentioned SM artists on my favourites lists and that’s because I consider myself a massive SM hater……well maybe hater is a bit strong but I agree with James: so far SM failed to relase anything that could catch my attention. All the groups and songs sounds pretty much the same for me so I doubt that I will ever feel differently about SM Rookies than about the already existing SM group.

On the other hand Starship is one of my top 10 favourite company: Sistar never fails to make me crazy with their catchy songs and Boyfriend also slowly wrap me around their finger. Based on the songs I heard from the No.Mercy trainees I think Monsta X will be able to follow the footsteps of their senior groups.

But among the 3 the group the one that I’m most exited about is…..


YG is also wasn’t my most favourite company so far but I don’t hate them as much as SM so I’m always willing to give them a chance to make me their fan. But to tell the truth their music is somehow not my piece of cake 😦  (maybe I lack the necessary swag in me to like 2NE1 or Big Bang……..though I like Taeyang’s solo songs) Winner’s debut also left me a bit disappionted as I only liked “Don’t flirt” from the 3 songs they promoted on music shows. But something deep inside my heart says that iKon might be the one meant for me 🙂

(P.S: 5live hwaiting!!!!!!! :D)

7 comments on “Ask The Guru’s: Who are you most excited to see debut? (iKON, Monsta X, SM ROOKIES)

  1. i can’t wait for IKON ~~ i have been watching them since who is next ~~ although i wished they won its okay i will wait 기다릴게 아이콘 ❤
    after watching SMTM 3 i loved ikon even more and so proud that bobby won!! hope they debut soon!! 아이콘 화이팅!!! 사랑해애애애 ~~~~

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