Ask The Gurus: What Are Your Opinions On Kim Hyun Joong’s Scandal

Question asked by Veronica: May I ask you on your opinions for the Kim Hyun Joong Scandal?? I’m not too sure what to think about it, do you think Kim Hyun Joong will not come back in the group?? Do you want him back? I want to hear other opinions 😯😯😊

Be aware that there may be strong opinions provided below, it is not our intention to offend anyone but these are our honest opinions.


After talking in length over the last several months about this with Manwon^^ especially, I have come to the conclusion that Kim Hyun Joong is a deplorable human being.  That being said, all the articles about his ex/baby mama, don’t really give me the happy feelings either.  There are 4 sides to this story: Kim Hyun Joong’s Story, the Ex’s story, what the media reports, and the truth.  Unfortunately we may never know the truth, but from what I have gathered I do have very strong opinions about this case.

  I personally believe that violence against another person is ABSOLUTELY NEVER ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!  I am also never one to say someone deserves violence against them in a situation like this, or that a victim is lying about their abuse, and anyone who says anything puts is essentially saying its okay to treat people like that.  That being said, the Ex has changed her story so many times I don’t know exactly what to believe.  Do I believe that Kim Hyun Joong has hit/beat her, yes I believe that that has happened.

Now to where I am incredibly confused…if he has been that horrible why is she only suing for money.  I know that sometimes (quite often)  it can be very hard to escape that kind of situation so perhaps that is it.  However, if the situation is as bad as she says it is and I were in her situation, I would make sure his a** gets sent to jail for a long time to spare any other woman the same treatment.

Now onto Kim Hyun Joong’s future.  Despite the fact that Kim Hyun Joong made some really great music in the past, he’s worked his way into the Chris Brown and Bobby Brown territory for me.  I will no longer support him should he return to the music scene and I don’t even really want to listen to his music.   I don’t think he has much of a chance after he returns to have a career anything like he used to have.  SS301 / SS501 will be much better served without him and his black stain of a heart.  I don’t want to punish the rest of the group members should they take him back into the group, but I would make me seriously question them and their morals as well.

I wish I could be more eloquent and properly explain the disgust I feel towards Kim Hyun Joong, but just thinking about makes me so angry that my blood boils and I have to keep trying to calm myself down.


I am a bit torn over my feelings of Kim Hyun Joong.   I want to make this perfectly clear from the beginning however:  beating anyone, harming anyone is NOT OK.  An abuser will forever be on my shit list.

Let’s start here: I know that people who are in abusive relationships often find it hard to leave that type of situation for many various reasons.  I also always to want believe the victim because too many victims never get justice, and too many people just sit back and are ok saying “well it was probably faked” or “they had it coming” or “they behaved in a way that put them in that situation” – NO ONE EVER DESERVES TO BE IN THAT SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!

Next it needs to be said: This type of case is large, and impossible for me to cover fully in the way I would like to – there’s a lot out on the internet about this case – way too much to even begin to cover here (and soooo much of it becomes twisted and exaggerated – KHJ fans are thirsty for her blood and willing to any and all twist evidence against her, while Choi seems to not know exactly what her story is, every time she holds a press conference she adds more and changes her story).

I also have very strong emotional attachments to SS501 – they are my first true obsession in K-POP, and of course KHJ was my first crush in K-POP. So this is very difficult for me to shuffle through emotionally, and to try not to let myself be blinded to the facts of the case.

With that being said – I actually believe that both parties in this case are shitty ass human beings. Choi changes her story every time her side holds a press conference – which is not how you make me believe you. Hyun Joong straight up confessed to fighting with her and even admitting it broke a few of her ribs. They both willingly took part on a toxic relationship continuously – even getting back together after breaking up. I actually want to support Choi in all of this since she is a victim of at least one fight – but I can’t support her for just as many reasons as I can’t support him.

I don’t hate KHJ, I am just going to wait this one out and read the full evidence reports after everything is said and done to make my final judgement call on KHJ. I think I would hate him more if I felt more empathy toward Choi, but again, I feel that they are both equally shitty in this particular case.

As for SS501, I doubt he will return to SS501 ever, but I don’t think that would have happened with or without the scandal. It will be much harder for him to return now, but I think he will be able to return to his career. I think it also depends on how the trial ends to find out how if he would even be able to return to SS501 or not.

So, there are my complicated feelings on Kim Hyun Joong.


Like my fellow Gurus I’m also quite torn between feelings about this case.

As a late-bloomer K-pop fan I have to admit that I know almost nothing about SS501 and I don’t know Kim Hyun Joong enough to properly judge him.

Based on what I read in Allkpop and Koreaboo articles the whole case has more questions than answers for me. It seems like quite a mess that these two supposedly adult people caused.
I strongly believe that the true victim of this case is the poor child. I’m afraid that thanks to his father’s questionable character and his mother’s questionable actions his whole life will be really difficult and we can only hope that this won’t cause him pain and suffering.

As for the future of KHJ and SS501 I kinda agree with Manwon: It already seemed very unlikely that KHJ will ever go back to the group regardless of the scandal and even after the case will be over it will be hard for him to get back the fame and glory he used to have.

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